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Rolex Watches: Time to Invest

Exquisite Timepieces.. Ahead of Their Time 

Rolex watches have been an icon of ingenuity, precision and craftsmanship since the early 1900’s. It was over a hundred years ago that Rolex wristwatches designated the ultimate compass of quality and design in timepieces. Over a century of accomplishment and innovation by Rolex watch designs include chronometer certification, self-winding mechanisms, automatic time calibration and quartz movement. A name synonymous with luxury and precision, Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand and among the 100 most valuable global brands.

Rolex Deep Sea

Founded in 1905, “Wilsdorf and Davis” began manufacturing and distributing wristwatches to jewelers in surrounding areas of London. Hans Wilsdorf and brother-in-law, Alfred Davis officially changed the trademark to “Rolex” in 1908 and opened an office in Switzerland. Rolex received the first ever Official Chronometer Certification to be awarded to a wristwatch just two years later. Becoming the first in 1910, Rolex remains the record holder today for most certified chronometer movements in wristwatches.

Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis continued breaking records with the exceptional precision of Rolex wristwatches, awarded with a Class “A” precision certificate in 1914 from The Kew Observatory in Great Britain. The flawless designs of remarkable engineering are seen as clearly today as they had been recognized on those infamous early decades of the 20th century. Rolex wristwatches are certainly standing the test of time, with continued innovation and impeccable quality.

A previously-owned Rolex watch has been revered and suggested as one of the wisest investment choices in both England and America. With retail prices for brand new models rising, there has been an increased popularity and availability of previously-owned Rolex watches. Rolex watches, particularly GMT-Master, Daytona and Submariner models have proven to maintain, and often rise in value over time.

Rolex Wristwatch

As consumers, we may never see a more fitting time to invest in a classic timepiece by Rolex. With jewelry retailers offering previously-owned Rolex watches with CW21 certification at remarkably affordable rates, it is undoubtedly time (no pun intended) to invest in a previously-owned luxury Rolex watch. The time to invest in a Rolex is at an all time high for luxury previously owned models. Raymond Lee Jewelers prides itself in being an industry leader in luxury pre-owned watches.  Located in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida, Raymond Lee Jewelers can offer the best value high end watches on the web.

Whether purchased for a loved one (this includes you), or for future use as a family keepsake, there has never been a better time to invest in a previously-owned Rolex wristwatch. As the ultimate emblem of innovation, accomplishment and cultural heritage, a previously-owned Rolex watch is not only a wise investment, but a sentimental and symbolic one as well.


Since 1983 Raymond Lee Jewelers has been a leader in buying and selling luxury preowned watches. Every watch Raymond Lee buys and sells is fully inspected and serviced by a our on-site certifed watch technician. At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we are able to provide the best prices on the web because of the volume of high end watches watches bought and sold.

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Tudor Daytona: Preowned Luxury Watches

Preowned Luxury Watches

Rolex Tudor: Preowned Luxury Watches

As Rolex gained popularity throughout the years their demand skyrocketed. Along with an increase in demand comes increase in prices. Rolex watches are now the most sold luxury Swiss watches in the world.

Because Rolex’s demand a high price tag a market opened up for more affordable watches with the same styling.  In 1946 Hans Wilsdorf started the Tudor line which were a more affordable option to Rolex.  Most Tudor’s were modeled after their Rolex counterpart.

One of the most popular preowned luxury watches that Tudor made was the Daytona.  Rolex also makes a watch that they call the Daytona and they have very similar looks and functions.

Both watches are designed around the chronograph function which makes it possible to time seconds and minutes, up to 30 minutes.  They both have a tachymetre bezel which can measure speed over a given distance.  They also both share the name Daytona which is reminiscent of a race.

Where the watches differ are in their prices.  The Tudor Daytona retails for around $5,000 while the Rolex Daytona retails for over $10,000.

Tudor recently stopped selling watches in the United States in 2004 due to a decrease in demand.  However, they are still sold all around the world in places that include Europe, South America, and South Asia.

Tudor watches still have a high residual value in the world of preowned luxury watches and are a more affordable option to Rolex.

by, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Rolex Air King: A History- Watch Sell

Watch Sell

Watch Sell

The Rolex name has always been synonymous with quality and luxury. Often times these two words come at a high price, Raymond Lee Jewelers is here to change that perception. We offer modern and vintage Rolex wristwatches for incredibly low prices. One such watch is the Rolex Air-King,a part of the oyster perpetual line, it is one of the least expensive wristwatch in the Rolex collection.

During War World II one of the most popular watches among British RAF pilots were Rolex wristwatches. Rolex had come to be known as very durable, water resistant and able to keep ticking even after the heavy abuse they received from pilots defending the British’s skies. Many pilots died defending their homeland with Rolex watches strapped to their wrists. After War World II, the founder of Rolex, German-born Hans Wilsdorf, was so moved by this fact that he introduced a new line of hand-wound watches called Air Tiger, Air Lion, Air Giant and the Air King. As time went on these watches were fitted with an Oyster Perpetual movement and slowly Rolex dropped the other “Air” lines and only the Air-King was left.

The Air-King is a great watch for those looking to get into the luxury watch market, it has a elegantly simple design at a low price.  Great for everyday use, watch sell!

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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