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A Totally Tubular Tuesday Begins With a Few Fantastic Photo Finds!

Totally Tubular Tuesday Photo Find #1

A carousel vintage capture of culture in photography.
Tumblr and Flickr image promotion and integration, I am digging your abilities more and more with each passing week.

Isn’t this a great photo?

This photo was taken yesterday.


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Totally Tubular Tuesday Photo find #2

Aline Zanella

Photo by Fabio Bartlelt

Criativa Magazine May 2011
Discovered on


Totally Tubular Tuesday Photo Find #3

The Trifecta

Status: Compete

“Awesome swimwear line (along with some dresses & leggings) by an Australian design team We Are Handsome, who has a love for the beautiful things in life. I’m wanting to visit Australia more and more these days…”

-via Rumors Boutique: Blog Entry, ‘Memoirs’

*Thanks Again, Flickr and Tumblr!*

Your Photo Finds Have Brought Smiles to Minds and Eyes!


Raymond Lee Jewelers

Style Special via Refinery29: Rag & Bone’s Summer Collection

Via Refinery29 and all the fashion glory that entails…

Summer Style That Won’t Expire!

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    Everything you need for a summer of style. Follow this link for the sizzling summer special!

sizzling summer shoes!

Old Hollywood Glam, Complements of!

A Video Tutorial to Vintage Touches, Complements of: Old Hollywood Glam

Here’s a simple way to get a vintage inspired look. Eventually we’ll be going into more advanced looks, but some of you may have never tried this look before and we don’t want to scare you off! Pair this video with the “Hint of Vintage” photo tutorial for the ultimate loveliness!

Tools: Foundation, foundation brush or sponge, translucent powder or light-weight powder, blush brush, bronzer, black liquid liner, black mascara, red lipstick

•      Start by applying an even layer of foundation to your face being sure to cover any redness, blemishes or dark circles.

•      Lightly dust your face with powder for a velvety finish.

•      Comb through your brows and fill them in using a brown pencil one shade darker than your natural color.

•      Sweep bronzing powder starting directly under your cheekbones, across your hair line and under your jaw line.

•      Now apply black liquid liner to your lids and extend the line beyond the corner of your eye for added drama.

•      Next apply two coats of black mascara.

•      To complete the look, apply red lipstick.

Wild Watch of the Week Award!- watch sell

watch sell

Breitling Superavenger

As a Gemologist I ordinarily do not write about watches but sometimes something so insane comes into our store that I cant help but talk about it.  What I am talking about is the Super Avenger (model #
A13370)  from Breitling.   Breitling is known for watches that make a statement and this one is no exception.  In fact if Super Avengers were a group of people this particular version would be the leader of the pack.-watch sell

What makes this model so special is that it has been decked out to the point at which there is no mistaking it for anything but amazing.  First it has been treated with a PVD coating to make it pitch black.  Then it has been completely encrusted in black diamonds all around the case and bracelet.  To top it off the bezel also has larger black diamonds channel set all around the dial.  The total carat weight is 40ctw.  This piece is suited for the guy who has everything.  Someone who lives life and lives it well.  If you party like a rockstar and have an extreme sense of style then this watch is for you.  Feel free to call me, Richard, your South Florida Jewelry Guru, if you have any questions or you want me to send this bad boy out to you right away.

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The Rolex Day-Date Or Is It President?- Collateral Loan

Collateral Loan

Collateral Loan

The Rolex Day-Date is one of the most popular watches in Rolex’s history. Popularized by both politicians and movie stars, the Day-Date has become a symbol of wealth and power. Now many of you may know about this watch but you may not know what to call it. President, Day-Date or Presidential?

The real name for this model is Day-Date and it was released in 1956 as a niche model. Rolex was suffering a drop in sales and the Day-Date was quietly released, not many expected it to put an end to stagnant sales. Fortunately for Rolex the Day-Date’s popularity exploded and sales rose significantly. The early models due to the complexity of the watch, with its automatic movement, additional day and date discs was a very large and had a bulbous case back. This differs quite dramatically from the slim profile we have become accustomed to today.

The nickname, President, did not come into existence until later when Rolex changed the bracelet of the Day-Date to a gold-linked bracelet with a concealed clasp the is called “the President wristband.” Rolex perhaps trying to expand recognition for this watch in the U.S, capitalized on the wristbands name and gave one to then President Dwight Eisenhower. Rolex succeeded perhaps a bit too well because here in the United States the nickname the President (Presidential would gain popularity as well) overtook its actual name. In Europe and abroad, asking for a Rolex President will get you quizzical stares since the Day-Dates’ nickname never grew as popular as it did here. Collateral Loan.

The Day-Date or President has undergone only slight changed over the years. In 1972 a hack feature was introduced which allowed the second hand to be stopped instantly. Also around this time the “Quickset” feature was introduced, this allowed the wearer to change the date by pulling the button out half way and turning it. A great improvement over the old method where the crown would have to be turned round and round in order to manipulate the date.  Besides these internal changes the President is still holds the classic beauty that originally made it a hit among consumers.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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The Breitling Emergency: Able To Send A Real Distress Signal!- Watch Sell

Watch Sell

Watch Sell

The Breitling Emergency is a quite frankly one of the most unique watches I have ever come across here at Raymond Lee Jewelers. With a though titanium case, coral dial and titanium Professional bracelet or a rubber sporty bracelet, the Breitling Emergency screams luxury while maintaining a rugged look. This is exactly what Breitling intended when they designed the Emergency, a watch sell that could survive the highest depths, the thickest jungles or the hottest deserts. and not look out of place at the opera. Legendary survivalist Bear Grylls from the show Man Vs. Wild wears a Breitling Emergency with a yellow face and rubber strap. We here at Raymond Lee Jewelers have the same exact watch for sale.

One of the most amazing features of the Breitling Emergency is its ability to send out a 121.5 MHz distress frequency for aviation or a 243.0 MHz distress frequency for military users. To activate the micro-transmitter one only has to unscrew a protective cap and pull out the antenna fully and activate the signal. This signal can be picked up by search plains flying at 20,000 feet and has a range of 90 nautical miles in normal flat terrain or calm seas. This astounding watch can be a life saver in the event of a flood, plane crash or if your lost at sea.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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The Miami Beach Antique Jewelry & Watch Show- Jewelry Trade Fair

Jewelry Trade Fair

Miami Beach

Miami is know for its beautiful beaches and its beautiful people but for a couple of days in October it will be known for its beautiful jewelery! The 18th Annual Miami Beach Antique Jewelry & Watch Fair is set to open to the public October 15–17 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Jewelers and the public will have unprecedented rare access to some of the world’s most impressive antique and watch collections.  Show hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 15, and Saturday, Oct. 16, and 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 17. There is a one-time admission fee of $15 that’s valid for all three days of the show.

Raymond Lee Jewelers will be heading south and attending the Miami Beach Antique Jewelry & Watch fair along with more than 100 dealers from various countries around the world. We will be bringing plenty of new, pre-owned and estate jewelery as well as luxury watches all at discounted prices to the show, so be sure to stop by our booth. There will be gemstones, pearls, signed pieces, cameos, brooches and many items previously owned by celebrities and royalty that will be available for this three day event. Modern, antique and vintage time pieces from Bulova, Rolex, Mavado, Waltham, Hublot and others will be present as well. Jewelry Trade Fair.

Raymond Lee Jewelers will be there all three days at booth # 2511 showcasing our beautiful pieces.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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If You’re Buying a Watch Online, Watch Out for Replicas

Watch websites

watch websites

There’s more websites than ever, and although I don’t know exactly how many, I do know that there are a generous amount of Watch Websites. Due to the fact that I’m in the industry writing about jewelry and watches all of the time…  I see so many sites that it makes me dizzy. Here’s what I’ve learned about some of them: A  good number of these sites are starting to deal in “replica” or “fake” watches. While it’s not illegal or anything, it borders on unethical when they try to hide the fact that they are selling replica watches. You might not know it unless you dig really deep on the site. In fact there’s reviews online from people who have fallen for this deception.

So if you see a Rolex or some other brand watch for only a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay, be aware! Read the fine print and you just might save yourself a lot of head-ache.

If you need a bargain, do what I do and shop for pre-owned luxury watches. They are inspected and sometimes even re-built by certified watch makers and in all aspects they are so like-new that unless you knew better, you’d swear they had never been worn before. The only person who will know it wasn’t actually bought new is YOU! I shop at, of course… It’s one of the watch websites take trade ins of your old watches, too. And that makes an already incredible deal, even better!

Raymond Lee Jewelers

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How To Make Sure You Buy Watch That Is Genuine

buy watch

buy watch at Raymond Lee Jewelers

While the Internet can be a safe venue for a lot of transactions including shopping, there are risks still that you have to be watchful for. Scam, frauds, fakes, whatever you call them, these are things you should be very careful with.

When you think you’re going to buy watch online, there are certain things you should keep in mind to make sure you are buying a genuine timepiece: buying a new watch only from authorized retailer and checking the serial number of the product with the manufacturer (serial numbers are engraved on the outside of the watch). This way it can be cross-checked with the company’s records.

And as always, when web shopping, it pays to read reviews about the sites you are interested in purchasing any product. The information shared by previous customers will help you determine whether the site you are dealing with are reputable ones and will provide you only with the authentic products.

Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Raymondleejeweler – A Great Review!


Watch Repair

“My husband recently damaged his watch while walking hurriedly towards his car one morning. He banged his wristwatch on the door and there on the floor lies pieces of the bracelet. It was his most valuable accessory and he always wore it anywhere he went. I suggested that he take his watch to a raymondleejeweler and have it fixed. I came across the name in the internet.

Good thing I took note of it, probably I was anticipating that something like this would happen. And it sure did. When my husband came home from the watch repair shop, he was ecstatic and his smile was from ear to ear. He showed me his newly-repaired watch and lo and behold, it was just like brand new! The craftsmanship was so excellent you couldn’t tell that it was broken a couple of days ago.

Satisfied with the result, my husband rummaged through his drawer and took out other watches he bought years back which stopped ticking for some reason. He said he’s going to take these to the watch repair shop ratherl than just throwing them away.”

This is from an anonymous online review in a blog. We hope you will take advantage of the many online resources that allow you to review our proud company!

Staff Member, Raymond Lee Jewelers

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World’s Largest Coin Sells For $4 Million in Austria

What weighs 220-pounds, is made from the purest 999.99/1000 gold, and sells for $4 million? The world’s largest coin.

The coin bears a large image of Queen Elizabeth II on one side, while the other side has three maple leaves. Originally on loan to the “Munzkabinett” of the Kunthistorisches Museum in Vienna, which houses one of the world’s largest coin collections.

Aside from the coin’s enormous size, what was responsible for such a high sales value? The rocketing price of gold  ($1162 / oz as of 7/28/10). The face value of this coin is worth “only” $960,000, but gold’s market value has increased the worth of this coin to up to $4 million. The patron responsible for paying this hefty value was Oro Direct, a Spanish precious metal trading company.

By Raymond Lee Jewelers.

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Water Resistance in Watches

No doubt you are familiar with watches that have the additional benefit of being water resistant.  This resistance can vary all the way from 50 meters to 1,000 meters depending on the type of watch. There are several features that make a watch water-resistant. The gaskets are the most important, gaskets are basically o rings made of rubber, nylon or Teflon which form a watertight seal at the joints where the crystal, case back and crown meet the watch case. If a water-resistant watch has chronograph features these chronographs will have their own gaskets as well. Secondly, water-resistant watch cases are lined with a sealant which keeps water and moisture out.

Other features that contributed to water-resistance is the thickness and material of the case. Steel or titanium cases can resist the high pressure of deep waters. Solid gold cases can be water resistant if they are thick but likely will not be much use if you are looking to go deeper then the depth of your standard pool. Also, a case back that screws-in rather than one that pushes in contributes to a watch’s water resistance. Many divers’ watches have a screw-in crown that help prevent water from getting into the case through the watch-stem hole. When it is screwed down it forms a water tight seal.
One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a water-resistant watch is the manufacturer’s recommended depth is theoretical. For example a watch that is labeled “water-resistant to 50 meters,” will keep water out at 50 meters if both watch and water are perfectly motionless. Of course these conditions are never met in real life because the movement of the wearer’s arm through the water and the movement of the water increases the pressure on the watch dramatically. Don’t let this keep you from enjoying the pool or shower though, a watch labeled resistant to water for up to 50 meters is plenty safe for these activities.

Now if you are looking for a watch that can go into deeper depths without any damage you would seek out watches labeled with water-resistance of 100, 200 and even 1000 meters. A 100 meter watch can be used for snorkeling. A 200 meter watch is able to be worn while scuba diving and a 1,000  meter watch can go to depths of roughly three-fourths of a mile! 1,000 meter watches can endure the pressure of deep-sea diving easily. Some even have valves that allow the wearer to release gases that have seeped into the watch so the case is not damaged as the diver ascends to normal atmospheric conditions.

One vital piece of information to remember is that water resistance is not permanent. Gaskets can be damaged or misshapen, cases can be dented through normal use or crystals loosened or cracked. In order to preserve the water resistance of a watch you must be sure to do preventive maintenance. At least once a year you should take your watch in for service, so that it can be tested and ensure that their are no leaks.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

One of South Florida’s leading watch sellers.

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