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Rado to Collaborate with Malan Breton for Fashion Week

With Mercedes Benz Fashion Week just around the corner, editors, bloggers and fashion fiends alike are gearing up for a whirlwind of fabulous shows. Designers will exhibit their creations solo and collaborate for high profile shows, and one that we’re very excited about is the partnership between Rado and Malan Breton.

Breton, also a columnist for OK! Magazine and contributor to the New York Times, will feature the Swiss watchmaker’s designs with each of the 33 looks he sends down the runway on September 13th.

Breton's Spring 2009 Show

Models from Rado’s classic collections like Sintra, Integral, D-Star and Ceramica will be paired with the designs, along with styles from Rado’s newest line, Rado True Thinline.

Rado thinline Raymond Lee Jewelers

Rado's new Thinline collection

 According to Matthias Breschan, brand president of Rado, “Breton understands the importance of using materials and techniques in new and different ways in order to create something uniquely beautiful. We are very excited about this partnership and to present our watches alongside Malan’s brilliant collections.”

Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers, your trusted source for pre-owned luxury watches.

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On August 21 st and 22nd, Los Anglees, CA

… will be host to the world of watch and jewelery dealers! Asia, South America, even your favorite retailer, Raymond Lee Jewelers!  So wish I could be there also! Nothing I love more than fun in the sun AND beautiful works of art in watches and jewelery design.

See What Other Events We Have Coming Up!

The Hilton Hotel at Universal City will be the main focus of all watch and jewelery dealers and resellers everywhere!  Many trends are discovered and “inspired” by these shows, and LA promises nothing less! Glamour in LA, where else can the center of the world bring everyone in to show off their very best!

mira dragonfly, luxury watches, raymond lee

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Maybe we will also see the some great pieces from the “New Boy on the Block”, Antione Martin.  His first watch with his own design of Swiss club-tooth escapement movement has finally hit the market and is all the rave among the exclusive watch enthusiasts! What a piece of art this new watch is!  There are so many new and innovative designs to keep the younger generation interested in buying and wearing a watch vs using the phone for their main time keeper.  Look at these ladies watches from Mira in the Celestial Collection.  AMAZING!


The Watches of “Two And A Half Men”

Can Two and Half Men go on without Charlie Sheen?

Is Ashton Kutcher dynamic and crazy enough to replace Charlie Sheen? Does he just have too much style?

 How are the writers of Two and Half Men kill off Sheen? Will the show still be entertaining?

Patek Philippe & Co. watch

Image via Wikipedia, Gorgeous Watches

I’ve been following Ashton’s passion for fine time pieces and now, if he hits my favorite show, he’ll have my whole heart! I think many of us felt like we were watching the real Sheen, and felt more like his reality show vs a “character” he was “acting” to be! It will be interesting to see what Ashton does for the show.

patek philippe, luxury watches

The Two Men producers have refused to comment on the many rumors, but seems Ashton will have a permanent spot in the new era.  After eight years, could a major change be a breath of fresh air, or the kiss of death?

Guess we will all find out on September 19th on CB S.

charlie sheen, patek philippe
What would be the perfect revenge for Lorre?  Being to actually daydream of the funniest, most “Un-Charlie Sheen” way to die? Getting sober? Haha, being killed by healthy living! Or maybe because he jumped a cliff chasing after his beloved watch? You know, the one he destroyed a hotel room in NY?  In his defense, the Patek Philippe is worth $165K!  Don’t think the Swiss family wants their watch to be known for the owner strangling an “escort” and accusing her of stealing it! Oh well, the price of fame and exclusivity.
By MK, writer for Raymond Lee Jewelers, Boca Raton’s premier Jewelry Store and Luxury Watch Store!

Rolex Unveils The Ladies Datejust Special Edition- Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Watch Repair

The Rolex ladies Datejust has seen many irritations over the years and has become one of Rolex’s most sought after watches. Its sleek design, elegantly petite case and classic femininity ascetics have aspired women all over the world to adorn their wrists with this stunning wristwatch. The Rolex ladies Datejust’s radiance is only matched by its near perfect time keeping abilities. This model could never have garnered such a following by relying on its resplendent looks alone; Rolex ensured that every Rolex Datejust was created with one of the most sophisticated and precise self-winding movements on the market.

Due to its popularity ever few years Rolex will release a special edition of this watch, these special editions tend to forgo elegant simplicity for an provocative intricacy. And this year is no different! Rolex has released the 2011 Ladies Datejust Special Edition encased for the first time ever in 18ct Everose gold. This bold new edition features a brand new dial design and materiel, creating an extraordinary one of a kind look.

One of the first new design change that really caught my eye was the 18ct Everose gold case, bezel and bracelet. The Datejust traditionally is found in 18ct yellow gold and stainless steel which is a very timeless air to it but does not stand out as much as the Everose gold. This seductive gold gives this watch a personality all its own; mixing serenity and vitality it is no wonder the special edition has watch enthusiasts clamoring for more.

The most significant change is the Datejust’s dial which has been transformed into truly outstanding piece of art. The regular dial was replaced with a Gold dust dream dial which is a mixture of mother-of-pearl and gold dust. The gold dust sparkles and releases stunning iridescent reflections that allow the mother-of-pearl to shimmer with every ray of light.  The dial design has also been updated with an angelic display of gold vines and leaves; the new dial is a complete departure from the customary Rolex models which normally have very stark and simple dials.

The Rolex ladies Datejust special edition has a 34 mm case set with 12 brilliant cut diamonds and is water resistant up to 100 meters. It also features bidirectional self-winding movement and a oyster five piece link band.

At Raymond Lee Jewelers, we offer luxury Watch Repair, as well as a wide selection of both ladies and mens Datejust Rolex wristwatch models.

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-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

A History: Baume & Mercier- Florida Gold Store

Florida Gold Store

Florida Gold Store

Baume & Mercier has always been known for its elegance as much as for its precision. Created over 170 years ago by Louis Victor and Pierre-Joseph-Celestin Baume in the small Swiss mountain village of Les Bois; it has since grown into one of the leading luxury watch brands on the market. Even after over a century and a half of innovative watch making, Baume & Mercier continues to release a plethora of ground breaking timepieces.

Baume & Mercier was originally a family run watch making business that would not become the company we have come to know until much later. In was not until 1844 when Joseph Celestin Baume traveled to England to create new business opportunities that this small family operation started to truly make a name for it self. There was an explosion of interest for their watches in England which allowed them to open more shops throughout Europe. With this new found interest in their watches Victor and Baume started to create less traditional timepieces and focus more on originality, an aspect that would come to greatly define this growing company in the future.

Over the next seventy years the company was successfully run by Victor and Baume’s descendents and had amassed a reputation for exquisite and precise watches throughout Europe. Yet compared to other luxury Swiss brands, Baume’s family run watch company was still relatively small scale. The year 1912 would be a turning point for the company. It was in this year that William Baume happened to meet the jeweler Paul Mercier. Six years later these two men would join together and create the luxury Swiss brand, Baume & Mercier.

These two men would use their ingenuity and business acumen to sky rocket to the top. Baume & Mercier has since become one of the leading luxury watch brands on the market. They have released such amazing models such as the Riviera, the Malibu, the Hampton Classic and the Classima. Raymond Lee Jewelers always has a great selection of Baume & Mercier watches on hand at great prices.

Raymond Lee Jewelers is

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers not only sells Baume & Mercier watches we are also one of the largest Florida Gold Store.

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Bedat & Co. No 8 Limited Edition Watch- Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Earlier today I wrote an article describing the growing trend towards more classic and slimmed down watches. In the past we have written countless articles on larger and thick cased timepieces, today instead I wanted to shine a light on a magnificent midsized watch. Bedat & Company have  released a limited edition watch called the No. 8 model number878.410.313.

This is truly a beautiful watch it has an 18 carat rose gold case, a unique black sunburst patterned dial, and rose gold markers. Like many classic midsized timepieces the dial has only a few features; there is the name of the brand on top with the, “Geneve” underneath it. The dial also has a seconds sub dial with the words, “limited edition” in the middle. My favorite feature of this wristwatch is the hand-woven alligator strap which you rarely see anymore and makes this watch really stand out.

Bedat & Company is a relative newcomer on the Swiss watch market that specializes in feminine luxury timepieces. Bedat & Co. is well known for mixing a contemporary modern look with a traditional art deco spirit. Many of their watches are crafted from stainless steel and feature diamonds set in the bezel. Founded in 1996 by Simone Bédat and her son Christian Bédat, Bedat & Co. has had a roller coaster story of success. Watch Repair.

Simone Bedat started her career at Lang SA a watch case manufacture in Switzerland; it is here that she gathered the majority of her expertise and experience that would eventually lead her to open her own company. Simone Bedat was head clerk at the age of 18 and worked for Lang SA for ten years until she moved on to Camy Watch Company in Geneva.

While working for Camy Simone Bedat worked closely with fellow entrepreneur Raymond Weil, they eventually both left Camy to create Raymond Weil watches in 1975. In 1996 Ms. Bedat decided it was her time to branch off on her own and created Bedat & Co. with her son, Christian. Their first collection featured classic timepieces that were made with Swiss precision and parts.

The models N°3, N°7.Ref. 304 and Ref. 314 were big hits and solidified Bedat & Co. place in the Swiss watch market. They only grew over the next four years attracting the attention of Gucci who acquired 85% of the business in 2000. Today Bedat & Co. is owned by a Malaysian based company called LuxuryConcepts Timepieces and continues to release beautiful watches with Swiss parts at a reasonable price.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Boca Raton, Home to Ulysse Nardin’s first US Store!- Florida Gold Store

Florida Gold Store

Astrolabium Galileo Galilei

Ulysse Nardin is a Swiss watch manufacture that has been producing high-end watches since the mid 1800s and is historically known for creating some of the highest quality marine chronometers (a device that allowed ships in the 1800s to determine longitude by means of celestial navigation). Ulysse Nardin did not truly enter the watch industry until 1983 when it was bought out by businessman Rolf Schnyder who reshaped the entire company’s structure and focus. The new owners decided that Ulysse Nardin would start to create complicated timepieces using modern materials and manufacturing techniques.

Some of their top watches have been the Astrolabium Galileo Galilei released in 1985. This watch had a great sophisticated style and displayed local and solar time, the orbits and eclipses of the sun and the moon and the positions of several major stars. Another amazing watch was released in 1992, the Tellurium Johannes Kepler, which enjoyed a significant amount of sales. Florida Gold Store.

Ulysse Nardin has enjoyed a high volume of sales in Europe and abroad. They have many stores in the old world but none in the new, that is until December of last year when Ulysse Nardin opened its first store in Boca Raton, Florida! This is the same city where you will find the equally impressive Raymond Lee Jewelers; Boca is known for its prosperous community and is a great fit for this luxury watch maker. Ulysse Nardin also opened their head office in Boca Raton as well which allows them to better meet the needs of their clients. This office will house ten Swiss trained watchmakers who can repair all watches in a timely manner.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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