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“Above and Beyond”

Cristina B. Boca Raton, FL

They go above and beyond to please the customer. Excellent service, I am impressed with the way I was treated.

“I recommend to all”

eBay buyer: unclemire

Excellent and honest seller, I recomend to all, hope make business another time.

“A wonderful transaction”

eBay buyer: hemcw81

A wonderful transaction from first to last.

“Great service”

eBay buyer: v*****g*****v

Great service, fast delivery, watch is beautiful, as described! Thank you!

“Great communication”

eBay buyer: nola618

Great communication, quick shipping and authentic pendant. Thank you!

“Highly recommended!!!! A++++++”

eBay buyer: cgyshops

Stunning bracelet!! Thank you!! Highly recommended!!!! A++++++

The Extra Mile

Andrea R. Chicago, IL

While I’m almost perfect, I do a few dumb things every year. Shocking, I know. I started off 2010 by deciding to try on my mom’s engagement ring. I have a gorgeous ring of my own, but I was curious to see how my mom’s ring looked on my hand. I got a very good look because I couldn’t get her size 4 ring off my size 5 finger for many many days. I tried everything to get it off:

Ice water- didn’t work

Masking tape- didn’t work

Crisco- didn’t work

Windex- didn’t work

KY Jelly- didn’t try it, but it did cross my mind!

After 4 days of pulling on my finger I was swollen, bruised and still had mom’s rock on my hand. I was leaving to go back to Chicago and out of time…so it was time for a bit of ring surgery. My mom wasn’t too thrilled about getting her ring cut and asked that I go to Raymond Lee because she trusts them. I called them, spoke to a very nice man named Richard and he said he’d be willing to perform my ring surgery.

I walked into their beautiful store and realized why my mom trusts these guys. Wow- they have some gorgeous jewelry! I almost forgot about the ring stuck on my finger as I started picking out an unbelievable cartier watch for my upcoming 30th birthday, sapphire and diamond bracelet for my anniversary and perhaps even that cool hermes chain necklace for Valentine’s Day. Just a few subtle hints for the hubby. A gal can dream…right?

Richard cut thru my mom’s thick band on her ring. Unfortunately when it was cut part of the setting fell out as well, but it was probably because it was loose anyway. It’s actually probably a good thing I decided to try on the ring because my mom could have easily lost her gorgeous diamond with a loose setting. The repairs ended up costing $100 buckeroos. $50 for sautering the ring back together and then another $50 for fixing the setting. While I would have much rather put that $100 towards one of my future jewelry presents, I was thrilled to get the ring off my swollen finger and back on the hand it belongs.

I hope the next time I visit Raymond Lee it won’t be for ring surgery, but to make a purchase.

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