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How and Where to Buy and Sell Jewelry, Watches and Diamonds

How and Where to Buy and Sell Jewelry, Watches and Diamonds

Selling jewelry in Boca Raton

Raymond Lee Jewelers Showroom

How and where to sell jewelry, watches and diamonds is a topic of discussion at some point in every ones lives. There are so many outlets to sell jewelry in Boca Raton and other areas all over the world.  Before making any rash decisions consider your options. The best possible option is to sell the item privately, to someone you know. That way you can get very fair market value for your jewelry. If this does not seem like a good option for you, you can always consider posting to the internet on multiple platforms. The best being Ebay. If you decide to try to sell your jewelry, watches or diamonds on Ebay make sure you have paperwork to go with it such as an appraisal. This will give credibility to the piece of jewelry you are trying to sell. Bare in mind that on Ebay there are many scams and items need to be refundable, so do your homework before listing an item on Ebay for sale. We do not recommend listing to Craigslist. The reason we do not recommend Craigslist is because it lets potential buyers know you have something valuable to sell and deals have to be done in person. This leaves you open to a potential robbery. The third and probably best choice is to visit your local jeweler. Get a few opinions and depending on the type of item you have for sale you can gauge its value by how much they are selling for online. Make sure you are paid on the spot and verify the funds are available in the jewelers account.




when I go to sell or buy it?”

Good question! 

Florida Jewelry Store


Here’s a quick checklist of knowledge you should have before you go shopping for expensive jewelry.

  1. What is a Karat? It’s a good idea to know that gold karat number varies with weight, design, finishing and country of origin. Finishing can be done by hand or by machine, and this makes a difference. 24 karat gold, or pure gold, is too soft for molding into wearable jewelry, thus it needs to be mixed with other metals to strengthen it. The metal used to mix into the gold can change its color. WHAT TO KNOW if it’s less than 10kt (roughly 42% gold), than it can’t be sold as gold legally. You’ll hear these terms: “fill”, “electroplated” or “overlay” and that means it just has a thin gold coat on the piece of jewelry.
  2. What are the four C’s? Don’t expect to read this and have a working knowledge of the four C’s, but I can at least acquaint you with the language. WHAT TO KNOW – the four C’s are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. If a jeweler can’t discuss these in great detail, they don’t know enough to be selling you jewelry, keep shopping.
  3. Be aware of chain stores who employ retail sales clerks AND have no actual jewelers on staff. WHAT TO KNOW  – Local jewelers will almost always have a more educated and knowledgeable staff.
  4. If you are going to purchase a really expensive piece of jewelry, USE A MAJOR CREDIT CARD AND HAVE IT APPRAISED immediately.

Now, you officially know more than most people about jewelry shopping! Enjoy ~

By Raymond Lee Jewelers. For information and news regarding fine jewelry and/or luxury watches!

Visit Raymond Lee Jewelers at Booth #1455: The Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show

Now through June 5th, 2011 Raymond Lee Jewelers can be found at Booth #1455 of The Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show, exhibiting an impressive collection of vintage watch and jewelry inventory!

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Thus far, all reports show that the 2011 Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show is an abundant success. With many visitors to the famous trade show, and the recent partnership with Polygon, Exhibitors and Attendees to this year’s Trade Show are being offered extended areas of service this season.

The Raymond Lee Jewelers Booth (#1455) was set up yesterday, and I was able to obtain this photograph.. (Pre-Setup) 🙂

Stay Tuned for Rapid Reporting Updates on the 2011 Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show!

Raymond Lee Jewelers: Booth #1455

This Spring’s Jewelry Trends- Sell Jewelry

Now that the new year has started, many of us are starting to update our wardrobes with this season’s latest fashions. Before you go out and clean our your closet remember that the perfect piece of jewelry can bring new life into an old outfit. Raymond Lee Jewelers is here to steer you in the right direction, here are some of this season’s top jewelry trends.

Mixing Vintage With Something New

This is one trend I have seen quite often over the last couple of weeks. Many of our clients come in looking for a signature vintage piece that they can mix with one of their newer pieces. As one of South Florida’s largest seller of vintage jewelry we have exquisite pieces for sale at low prices. Perhaps you can jazz up a great strand of pearls with a vintage broach or make your outfit truly stand out with a gorgeous pair of vintage earrings.

Sell Jewelry

Sell Jewelry

Big Mixed Cabochen-Style Stones

One of last year’s biggest trends was large vibrant jewelry pieces this has morphed into a more subdued look with jewelry that has mixed cabochen-style stones. Gold rings with a large enamel stone or a gold cuff bracelet adorned with multicolored cabochen stones.  If your really fashion forward you could try a bib style necklace with a mix of different colored stones. We have many designer pieces at low prices for you to choose from at Raymond Lee Jewelers. Sell Jewelry.

Tassels and Fringes

Many of the top designers like Chanel, Dior and Lois Vuitton are mixing that retro 70’s look with a modern touch by introducing tassels and fringes into their collections. This trend is especially popular in earrings where the large tassels can look great on any woman.

Sell Jewelry

Sell Jewelry

Rose Gold

In the world of gold there are not too many color choices to choose from. Over the last couple of seasons white gold was very in style now we are seeing a resurgence in the popularity of rose gold. The gents Rolex President looks amazing in rose gold and even though its meant for men it looks great on a ladies wrist. If you were looking for something not so extravagant Michael Kors has a lovely rose gold watch for sale under $300.

Layers and Layers of Pearls

Here at Raymond Lee Jewelers we have plenty of pearls for you to chose from wither it be fresh water, saltwater, vintage or even different colored pearls. All are sold at an affordable prices. Stay in fashion and get pearls by the yards or layer different colored pearls to bring a touch of class to any outfit.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Zac Efron’s Watch In Charlie St. Cloud- Sell Jewelry

Sell Jewelry

Sell Jewelry

Those of you with children approaching or in their teenage years have surely heard the name Zac Efron. For those of you who don’t, Zac Efron is a young actor, singer and dancer  whose popularity sky rocketed after his role in Disney Channel’s original movie, High School Musical 1, 2 and 3.  Lately the teen idol has been trying to expand his appeal by taking slightly more mature movie roles. This year he stared in Charlie St. Cloud, a sub par romantic drama based on a novel by Ben Sherwood. While the movie may not be amazing, the watch Zac Efron wears throughout is. Sell Jewelry.

Zac Efron can be seen wearing a Leonardo DiCaprio Edition TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S Regatta, this version comes with rubber blue strap. The Aquaracer was designed with boating in mind and is a suitable diving watch as well. What makes this watch unique is the fact that the hour and chronograph functions are displayed by the central hands. It features three different modes: “Hour”, “Chrono” and “Regatta.” These modes giver the wearer a stopwatch functions that is 1/10th of a second precise; elapsed time functions and a countdown Regatta timer that moves the hands counter-clockwise. This version of the Aquaracer Calibre S Regatta has a blue bezel and blue dial with with two half-moon counters at 4:30 and 7:30, which indicate different data depending on the mode the watch is in.

Currently this watch is being sold for $1,100. Raymond Lee Jewelers has many pre-owned TAG Heuer watches at amazingly low prices.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Orange Diamonds!- Sell Jewelry

Sell Jewelry

Sell Jewelry

In the past I have blogged about the different natural colored diamonds that are both extremely rare and valuable: red diamonds, pink diamonds and yellow canary diamonds! I have yet to cover the extraordinary and equally rare orange diamond.  Orange diamonds occur naturally by the presence of nitrogen and carbon lattice. All orange colored diamonds with a high intensity grade (Fancy Intense Orange and Fancy Vivid Orange) are extremely rare as the majority of orange diamonds have a yellow, pink or brown hue. Orange diamonds are so rare that most jewelers will likely never see one in person or own one. I for one have seen many diamonds come through Raymond Lee Jewelers but I have unfortunately never seen a orange diamond; out of all the colored diamonds, to me the orange is the most beautiful. To give you an example of how rare orange diamonds are out of the 100 largest diamonds in the world only one is orange. Sell Jewelry.

The most famous orange diamond is the Fancy Vivid Orange Pumpkin Diamond mined in Central Africa Republic and then imported into South Africa. The Pumpkin Diamond measured 5.54 carats and is light colored and very intense. It is currently valued at $3 million and was eventually purchased by Harry Winston who set it in a ring between two white diamonds. It was notably worn by Halle Berry for the 2002 Oscars when she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Monster’s Ball.

In October a 7.5 carat orange diamond was found in South Africa’s Northwest Province. What makes this orange diamond even more spectacular is the fact that it has flawless potential which raises its value considerably. The current owner is Namakwa Diamonds which has mining operations in Lesotho, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Namibia. Raymond Lee Jewelers may not have any orange diamonds at the moment but we do have fancy yellow, beautiful white and even a watch studded with black diamonds!

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers’

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Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso Line- Sell Jewelry

Sell Jewelry

Sell Jewelry

Tiffany & Company is known for creating dazzling jewelry pieces that continue to look stylish and chic even decades after being released. Tiffany & Co. works with the worlds top jewelry designers in order to insure that this trend continues. One of its most celebrated designers is Paloma Picasso, whose first line was introduced in 1980. Her use of mixed colors and gemstones in bold, chunky designs was an instant hit. Her pieces often incorporate naturalistic elements such as the dove, use whimsical shapes, links and weaves  and tend to showcase the color red. Sell jewelry.

Paloma Picasso first started designing jewelry while working as a theatrical costumier in Paris and caught the attention of theater critics when she impulsively created rhinestone necklaces from gem-set bikinis. Realizing her talents she perused formal schooling in jewelry. Before coming to Tiffany & Co. she honed her skills as a designer at the House of Zolotas. It was there that her reputation as a expert jewelry designer spread through the jewelry industry and caught the attention of Tiffany’s Design Director John Loring.

Mr. Loring decided to see Paloma’s skills first hand and invited her to present a table setting for one of Tiffany’s exhibitions. This one small presentation was all it took, a year later Paloma Picasso was introducing her first exclusive collection of jewelry for Tiffany & Co. Thirty years later and the world still can not enough of Paloma Picasso’s imaginative designs.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Her choice of whimsical shapes, links and weaves, together with her unique color combinations,
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O is for October and Opal!

Florida Jewelry

Florida Jewelry

With the month of October now underway today I am bringing you a brief lesson in Gemology.  Since the birthstones (that’s right there are two!) for October are Opal and Tourmaline.  While this article is focused mainly on Opal I will follow up with a second article about Tourmaline shortly.  Opals were revered by the ancient Romans as it was inspiring to them for its beauty was almost impossible to describe in words.  Romans simply called it “Opalus” a word that means “precious stone”.  One philosopher and scholar Pliny described opals as “they equal the deepest and richest colors of painters. Others simulate the flaming fire of burning sulphur…and even the bright blaze of burning oil”.  He was referring to Opals play of color ranging in colors as blue/green such as peacock feathers and vibrant reds and oranges like hot magma shooting out into the sky from a volcano.

One of the greatest things about opal is that the range in varieties and colors make opal such a versatile stone.   It ranges in color and qualities from the modestly priced white opals with a milky base color and soft play of color to intensely vivid black opals with color so intense it can look like it is on fire.    The patterns of the opal’s play of color can be categorized in one of three types; Pinfire, Flash and Harlequin.  Pinfire displays very small patches or “dots” of play of color, Flash displays large areas of play-of-color and Harlequin shows large, distinct angular patches of play-of-color with edges touching each other.

Opals are found all over the world.  White opals are the most common and are found in Ethiopia, Australia, and North and South America.  Fire opals known for having their intense orange and red colors are most widely found in Mexico.  Black opals are found almost exclusively in Australia.   One of the main mining areas in Australia is Coober Pedy.  The name comes from the aboriginal word “kupapiti” which literally means “white man in a hole”.  Because of the hot nature of the Australian outback miners there often live in underground housing to escape the heat.

With the current resurgence of victorian and vintage style jewelery designs, one cannot ignore the importance of opals in todays market.  Usually opal jewelry is offered at a commercial level with small white opals and low play of color but finer quality opals are beyond beautiful.  They have a rich glow to them that cannot be compared to by any other  gem.  At Raymond Lee Jewelers we have a wide selection of opal jewelry of fine quality.  Come in today to see our selection!.

by Richard your Boca Raton Jewelry Guru

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The Few. The Proud. The CW21 Watchmakers.- Watch Repair

Watch Repair

CW21 Certified Watch Repair

If you are looking to get your watch repaired or serviced, performing a  simple search online will inundate you with hundreds of watchmakers and jewelery stores offering their services. With so many options it is very difficult to know which watchmaker you can entrust to perform quality work on your luxury watch. That is why the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) with the cooperation of some of the leading premium Swiss watch brands (Rolex, Omega and Breitling), have created a series of certifications for watchmakers.

These series of certifications is known as the Certified Watchmaker Twenty-First Century or CW21 for short. In order for a watchmaker to become CW21 certified they must pass a written test involving watch gear calculations and theory in general as it pertains to the watchmaking profession. They also must repair a modern Swiss made automatic, chronograph and quartz watch with all the pertinent adjustments and know how to use a watchmaker’s lathe to perform hand-held graver turning operations. The CW21 certification is the highest and most rigid standard for watchmakers to achieve and maintain, so much so that there are only about 130 fully certified CW21 watchmakers in the United States. That number includes Raymond Lee Jewelers own CW21 certified watchmaker and watch repair specialist!

Our fully certified CW21 watchmaker provides only the most excellent service and is able to maintain this standard of excellence by possessing extraordinary skills and knowledge for servicing luxury watches. As a certified CW21, our watchmaker is c0nsidered to have the highest level of skills applicable in the watch industry. Remember only those who have passed the new CW21 exam can claim such a title. If you are at an other jewelry store and they claim to have CW21 certification and cannot provide proof they likely do not have a real CW21 certified watchmaker. Raymond Lee Jewelers is proud to have a CW21 watchmaker on staff and will always provide proof upon request.

– Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Selling Vs. Holding Estate Jewelry

Sell My Jewelry

Sell Your Estate Jewelry

This is an interesting topic. Whether to hold or sell your estate jewelry.

Is this a good time to sell? It’s obvious to most that we are not in the best times at the moment. This would lead you to believe that you couldn’t possibly maximize the estate jewelry you have for sale. This may be true in this country, but not everybody is suffering.

There is a certain demand for product in different country’s, mixed together with the exchange rate some of our product may be inexpensive for people in other countries to buy. So the answer is (in my opinion), if you have the right items in your estate and deal with the right people you may still be able to maximize what you get for it. If it gets sold in this country and is going to end up getting resold in this country. It may not be the best time.

Do some research, see who sells what where. Make a determination from there. Remember, when offering your estate for sale there is no obligation to sell.

Another article from the desk of Lee,

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