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Feature Friday: Omega Speedmaster Schumacher Edition

Feature Friday

Omega Speedmaster Schumacher Edition Red Chronograph

Michael Schumacher has been an Omega Ambassador since 1995. This Feature Friday Omega Speedmaster Schumacher Edition Red Chronograph watch was unveiled in July of 1996 by Michael Schumacher at his go-kart track in Kerpen, Germany. A yellow version of the Omega Speedmaster Schumacher addition was also available new from 1996 through 1999.

The casing is intricate and truly impressive, with racing wheels & tires which can be pushed together to conceal the watch, and pulled apart to reveal it. To stop the tire from rolling, there is a small stand. The left tire is marked “OMEGA Speedmaster,” & the right tire has Michaels displayed on it.

Omega3 Omega4 Omega


Authentic Omega Speedmaster Schumacher Edition Red Dial Chronograph.


Omega Model:

Speedmaster Schumacher Edition


Between 1996-1999

Case Metal:

Stainless Steel

Case Measurement:



Red Leather with Tang Style Buckle




Stainless Steel






Chronograph, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds

Other Features:

Comes with Unique Wheel Design Case

Additional Details:

Band shows signs of wear, crystal is noticeably scratched

This your chance to own this Omega Speedmaster Schumacher Edition Red Dial Chronograph at an amazing price of $2,495 plus shipping Buy it Now or Best Offer.


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George Clooney’s Watch in The American: Watch Sell

Watch Sell

Watch Sell

Last week when I was watching George Clooney‘s latest movie, The American, I was struck at how beautifully this movie was shot. Throughout this suspenseful thriller, the viewer is treated to amazing panoramic wide shots of George Clooney driving down twisted mountain side roads that stretch deep into the Italian countryside. The director really went out his way to have the cinematography tell the story as much as possible; there are many moments in the movie where there is no talking or soundtrack playing, there is only the great camera work and the real world silence we all experience everyday. Watch Sell.

It is in these silent moments that this movie truly shines. In one scene we see George Clooney quietly crafting a custom rifle in his workshop with the only noise coming from his tools and the beating of metal. I was so focused on this scene that I happened to notice the watch that was on Clooney was wearing. With the excellent camera work it was easy to identify that the watch was a Omega Speedmaster Professional with black leather strap most likely model number 3870.50.31.

It is no surprise that Clooney is wearing an Omega as he is one of their brand ambassadors and has worn an Omega brand watch in other recent movies. The Speedmaster Professional with the black leather strap has an amazing classic look. It features a powerful chronograph, which offers 12-hour, 30 minute and 1/10 second subdials. Distinctively masculine in design, it features a large, round silver stainless steel watch case with a tachymeter bezel in black with silver markings, and it measures 39.8mm wide.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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The Extremely Rare Patek Philippe Advanced Research- Watch Sell

Watch Sell

Watch Sell

I have done many posts regarding luxury watches in the past; many of the watches I cover such as the Rolex Submariner, Omega Speedmaster or Breitling Chronomat cost $5,500 to $10,000 new. One type of watch that I have only touched upon but really have not covered are the super-luxury watches which often start at $75,000 and can climb up to $200,000. These tend to derive their high price from their extremely precise movements, which are seen by some as works of art. These type of super-luxury watches are crafted painstakingly by hand, have impeccable craftsmanship and many times are not adorned with diamonds or gems.

One such super-luxury watch is the Patek Philippe Advanced Research 5250, this is truly a work of art. Blending spectacular artistry and technical innovation, this watch was a very limited production with only 100 ever being made. In 2005 Patek Philippe was testing out a revolutionary escape wheel (the part of a watch’s movement where the timekeeping element is derived from) that was made from Silicium, the first time this material was placed in a watch. Silicium is anti-magnetic, super-smooth, nearly twice as hard as steel, three times lighter and highly corrosion resistant. What makes this material even more amazing is the fact that the faces of the Silicium wheel never need to be lubricated. This was a very experimental watch for Patek Philippe and an internal decision was made to only release a “test run” of 100 pieces. Watch Sell.

Patek Philippe has released newer models that have incorporated and refined this technology, such as Ref. 5350 and Ref. 5450. But for collectors those 100 originals are highly sought after pieces and part of watch history. The Advanced Research 5250 is currently estimated to be worth $120,000.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Omega Speedmaster: A History

watch sell

Image by Malenkov in Exile via Flickr

The Omega Speedmaster can trace its origins back to 1848 where Louis Brandt began to created a small work-shop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The first wristwatches were produced in 1899, while the Omega Watch Co. was founded in 1903. The name “Omega” comes from the last letter of the Greek alphabet, therefore representing “the ultimate.”

The Omega Speedmaster is so highly regarded that it  was the first and only watch to be worn on the moon. The  US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) searched for a timepiece that could stand up to its strict standards. Its quality is of such caliber that NASA has declared this timepiece to be its official chronograph. It is also slandered equipment for the Russian space agency NPO Energija.

Raymond Lee Jewelers, one of South Florida’s largest watch sellers.

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Rolex GMT-Master: A History

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The Rolex GMT-Master has been one of Rolex’s most popular watches. Based on the original design of the Submariner, the GMT-Master can show two different time zones simultaneously.

In 1953 Pan American Airlines came to Rolex and proposed the idea of making a watch that can show two time zones. Of course Rolex accepted the proposal and went to work. A year later in 1954 Rolex came out with the first GMT-Master, the model 6542. It had a 24-hour bezel in two colors and an extra hour hand. The extra hour hand had a small triangle at the end. As for the 24-hour bezel it was first made with transparent acrylic. Soon after it was found that parts of the acrylic bezel would flake off and it was replaced with a metal bezel.

Soon after the GMT-Master was released it became a huge hit. Most all airlines in the 60’s gave their pilots these watches. Along with airplane companies, many astronauts purchased GMT-Masters. Although NASA selected an Omega Speedmaster as the official watch to go to the moon, other astronauts preferred the GMT.

Later on in the 1970’s the GMT came with an option for a jubilee bracelet. This was the only sports model, at the time, that came with a jubilee band.

The GMT-Master remains one of Rolex’s most popular selling watches today with one of its most recent innovations, a ceramic bezel.

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