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George Clooney’s Watch in The American: Watch Sell

Watch Sell

Watch Sell

Last week when I was watching George Clooney‘s latest movie, The American, I was struck at how beautifully this movie was shot. Throughout this suspenseful thriller, the viewer is treated to amazing panoramic wide shots of George Clooney driving down twisted mountain side roads that stretch deep into the Italian countryside. The director really went out his way to have the cinematography tell the story as much as possible; there are many moments in the movie where there is no talking or soundtrack playing, there is only the great camera work and the real world silence we all experience everyday. Watch Sell.

It is in these silent moments that this movie truly shines. In one scene we see George Clooney quietly crafting a custom rifle in his workshop with the only noise coming from his tools and the beating of metal. I was so focused on this scene that I happened to notice the watch that was on Clooney was wearing. With the excellent camera work it was easy to identify that the watch was a Omega Speedmaster Professional with black leather strap most likely model number 3870.50.31.

It is no surprise that Clooney is wearing an Omega as he is one of their brand ambassadors and has worn an Omega brand watch in other recent movies. The Speedmaster Professional with the black leather strap has an amazing classic look. It features a powerful chronograph, which offers 12-hour, 30 minute and 1/10 second subdials. Distinctively masculine in design, it features a large, round silver stainless steel watch case with a tachymeter bezel in black with silver markings, and it measures 39.8mm wide.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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