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Cartier Panther Collier with Emerald Eyes and a Black Onyx Nose: Feature Friday, Here We Go!

Cartier Panther Collier:

A Golden Feature Friday

Cartier Panther Collier

I once was wondering through a metallic forest, plagued with exhaustion and without a compass, when rapidly to my rescue ran…

A majestic golden panther that lit up the land.

Through a bewildered haze, I did hear him say, “Hello, my dear. I am Cartier”.  He said to rest, said that everything would be just fine. I awoke in my home, with no forest in sight. All I remember of the panther who saved me are his black onyx nose and the way it seemed to glow, with enchanting emerald eyes glowing as he delivered me to safety.

“I am Cartier”

Cartier Panther Collier

A premonition this dream must have been because…

Cartier has come back again!

This time, in the form of an incredible Panther Cartier Collier necklace, still watching the world through those bright emerald eyes and wearing a boldly vibrant black onyx nose. In 18k Yellow Gold, a 16″ Panther Cartier Collier Necklace exquisitely holds the regal Panther. With emerald eyes and black onyx facial accents, this Cartier piece weighs in total 65.7 dwt.

This Authentic Cartier 18K Yellow Gold Panther Collier Necklace comes BRAND NEW w/ Papers! 

Collier: noun
A wide necklace encircling the neck from throat to chin

Panther Cartier Collier Necklace: Brand New w/ Papers

TrendLuxury Interviews Raymond Lee Jewelers President, Jeff Josephson: The Final Word on Fashion

 The Final Word on Fashion from Raymond Lee Jewelers President, Jeff Josephson

TrendLuxury is an award-winning publication, as well as leading social media outlet and interactive influence on luxury, glamor and fashion trends. With an International fan-base, fashion experts and industry leaders, TrendLuxury has been coined ‘ the international online trend.’

This successfully savvy company prides itself on keeping consumers both well-informed and entertained with coverage on fashion trends, tips, product reviews, event coverage and interviews with today’s luxury style influences and fashion industry leaders.’

It would therefore come as no surprise to those who know him, and have seen his keen eye and spot-on style related observations in both jewelry and fashion, that Jeff Josephson was approached for an interview with the International fashion news outlet.

Trendluxury conducted an interview with Raymond Lee Jewelers President Jeff Josephson, which includes a fun variety of fashion-related inquiries, in addition to how Raymond Lee Jewelers came to be and why we have remained a trusted, innovative and evolving industry leader.

Read the full interview here for in-depth analysis of the strong comeback of sophisticated ’70s glamor, yellow gold jewelry pieces and accessories, colors and designs that Jeff suspects we will be seeing this Summer.

As a gal that has embraced yellow gold jewelry for the first time in her life, and has both seen and sported the style inspirations which Jeff Josephson discusses here with TrendLuxury, I promise that you will enjoy these professional jewelry, accessory and fashion insights!

… Read Full Interview Here

Sneak Peak:

Jeff Josephson: This has been a year of two extremes, neither one is overpowering the other just yet but I suspect as the year progresses and as fashion continues through the 70’s style evolution we can expect larger, bolder pieces to begin to overshadow more delicate designs.

Accessorize Your Outfit With a Cocktail Ring!: Raymond Lee Jewelers

Raymond Lee Jewelers

Click Here for Ebay Listing of Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is also known as a dinner ring. A cocktail ring is a voluminous ring usually for women that consist of semiprecious and precious gemstones. These rings became stylish between the 1940s and 1950s. They are also defined as costume jewelry because they are colossal and vivid. Their popularity never vanishes because they are such an elegant and classy accessory. It’s mainly worn on the fourth finger of a right hand, but some people actually like to wear it on their pointer or middle finger. It used to be that these rings were very expensive and came in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver, but now cheaper modifications have been introduced.

You can find great cocktail rings at Raymond Lee Jewelers. There is a physical store located in Boca Raton, Florida, but you can also find most of their items on their Ebay store!

By: JM at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Florida Jewelry Repair: What is Rhodium?

Florida Jewelry Repair

Florida Jewelry Repair

I just got a call asking if we can change yellow gold jewelry to look like white gold.  The answer of course, as the #1 store for Florida jewelry repair, is yes.  This happens to be one of our most popular jewelry repairs.  We dip the yellow gold in rhodium and it comes out looking like white gold.

Then the customer asked me, “What is rhodium?”  I had no idea.  I knew that it was something that we dipped the gold jewelry in to look like white gold, but what exactly is it?  Is it melted white gold?  Is it platinum?  I realized I had no clue.

In order to find out, I did what any normal 21st century young person would do; I Googled it.  It turns out rhodium, according to Wikipedia it’s a rare, silvery-white metal that is in the platinum family.  Apparently it is one of the rarest precious metals in the world.

Rhodium’s primary use is as a catalytic converter in automobiles, but it is also commonly used in jewelry.  It is electroplated on to gold jewelry to either look like white gold or give white gold or platinum a shiny look.

While rhodium plating a piece of gold jewelry will not last forever, it will last for a few years depending on how and where you wear it.  It is a cheap alternative to buying another piece with the same look.

Rhodium plating your jewelry is a common Florida jewelry repair.  It usually can be done within a few days.

by, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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