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Wedding Wednesday: Colored Bridal Jewelry

If we can use one, and only one word to describe this season’s must-wear wedding jewels, it’s this: Color, with a capital C.

colorful bridal jewelry, Raymond Lee Jewelers

Brides-to-be across the globe are going gaga for precious stones in every hue of the rainbow. From Brides to The Knot, the powers-that-be in the wedding world have shouted their support for this colorfully gorgeous trend. Raymond Lee Jewelers is South Florida’s first and most trusted source for luxury pre-owned precious gems, and we’ve found a stone for every bride in love with both their groom and Roy G. Biv.


ruby, diamonds, raymond lee jewelers

18K Yellow and White Gold, Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Rubies are incredibly rare precious gems prized beyond diamonds in some cultures. The most desirable rubies are called “pigeon blood” rubies which, admittedly, is pretty gross, but the color of these stones is incomparable. Brides who wear rubies down the aisle are passionate, fiery and luxe. “The ruby definitely is something to smile about for its exquisite beauty when set as jewelry, and because the ruby also stands for peace and contentment.” – admirable attributes of any marriage.


Orange Topaz and Diamond Pendant on

Topaz are the birthstone of the month of November and are famed for their amber hues, but they range in color from pink, yellow blue, peach, gold and even green. Like diamonds, topaz are graded by the 4 C’s, and are impossible to identify with the naked eye when compared to look-alike Citrine. Orange topaz represent constancy, loyalty, faithfulness and strength, making them an excellent choice for wedding-day jewels.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds, Tiffany, Raymond lee jewelers

Tiffany Yellow Diamonds

 Once thought to be inferior to just plain ol’ regular diamonds, the yellow diamond (or Fancy colored diamond) has quickly leveled the playing field with its crystal clear cousin. Celebs, perhaps most noticeably Mr. Gucci Mayne, have popularized fancy and intense colored yellow diamonds, leaving brides-to-be clamoring for this stunning, sunny rock. Tiffany & Co., in honor of their famous Tiffany Yellow Diamond jumped on this timeless yet trendy bandwagon with a slew of lovely yellow diamond jewelry.


emerald jewelery, rose gold, diamond, vintage, Raymond Lee Jewelers

Vintage emerald, rose gold and diamond bracelet.

With gorgeous deep green all over the runways this season, no stone is more Fall-ready than emerald. These gorgeous stones dazzle in pure green and shine with uniqueness. Emerald green is “…the colour of beauty and of constant love. In ancient Rome, green was the colour of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love….
The magnificent green of the emerald is a colour which conveys harmony, love of Nature and elemental joie de vivre.”


Raymond lee Jewelers, Princess Diana sapphire, sapphire earrings

Diana sapphire, diamond 14 kt white gold earrings

For fast approaching September nuptials, why not wear next month’s designated birthstone? Sapphires come in a variety of colors naturally, including pink, but are famed for their gorgeous blue tones. It is believed by some that sapphires “promote joy, faith, hope and protection during long journeys.


Raymond lee Jewelers - Cariter 18 kt gold and amethyst ring

Cartier 18kt White Gold and Amethyst ring

Gorgeous amethyst stones range from lavender to royal purple in color; it is the stone associated with nobles from Catherine the Great to the ancient Egyptians. Its name is derived from the Greek word for “not drunk”; even if your jewels can’t steer your hubby’s fraternity brother groomsman away from the bar, rest assured that your guests will only be focused on your stunning purple gems. Amethyst, according to Leonardo Da Vinci, “holds the power to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken one’s intelligence.”

Brides-to-be, are you planning on donning colorful jewels for the big day? Did your fiance gift you with a colorful engagement ring? Discuss in the comments below!

Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers, South Florida’s first choice for vintage and luxury pre-owned bridal jewelry.

Reality Royalty Ratings – Kardashian-Humphries Wedding-wear

Reality Royalty  Ratings


It’s hard to know if there’s really anything other than creative “reality” t.v. behind this wedding. We’ve seen love affair after love affair spawned by shows like The Bachelor and its spin offs and predecessors… so is this reality show romance more than the usual love-spam we get thrown at us daily? Will this marriage thrive in the glow of the studio lights or will it wither on camera as the ratings crave a bitter break-up? Whatever it becomes, one thing is for sure… we’ll all be watching. 

Wedding Wear

Vera Wang, Front And Center

kim kardashian

In Reality, this wedding means 'RATINGS'

That’s what Kim will be wearing, and the bridesmaids will be in green! Really? Green? OK…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The groom will be a towering coat rack for Ermenegildo Zegna.

The Grooomsmen… Is this the Groomsmen rags? And can we just be honest? Does anyone care what the groomsmen wear?

Groomsmen Who? All eyes will be on the bridal party.


By Raymond Lee Jewelers, where wedding and engagement rings rain from the retail ceilings ~

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Neautiful Bride's Clutch with Feather Accents

Brass Compass Wedding Favors

Classic Stainless Steel Finish Pocket Watch

Raymond Lee Jewelers – Does a wedding ring change peoples attitudes?

{{es|Intercambio de anillos entre los novios}}

Raymond Lee Jewelers Wedding Rings

In todays times it seems common courtesy and manners have become a thing of the past. Just  the other day I was walking into a store in Boca Raton, Florida right behind someone  (they were wearing a wedding ring) and they could not be bothered to hold the door after they went through it. So instead they let the door go to literally crash right into my face.

I understand about not wanting to stand there and wait forever, but come on if I am literally in real-time right behind you  I would think that extra second would not be a major inconvenience.  Well apparently holding the door, saying please, or thank you are all too much to ask of the people around you. What is even more alarming is for some reason people with wedding rings on are the biggest and most common offender of this simply common courtesy.

So that leads me to ask does a wedding ring mean you no longer have to care about anyone cause you are married?  Or is it because now that you have found your  soul mate it does not matter how you treat others?

A wedding ring is a very symbolic and special piece of jewelery, but in should not cloud someone’s mind to the extent that they forget common courtesy.  I understand that finally finding your soul mate and the feeling of euphoria associated with being married, but  amongst all this happiness do not forget there are other people out there with feelings. Although, you may no longer be a conscientious of others because you are married,  just remember the person you could be letting the door go on could be your biggest clients spouse.

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Raymond Lee Jewelers – I AM ENGAGED!!!

  What is about weddings that make even your most distant relative  and/or acquaintance act strange.  A wedding is supposed to be about you and your future spouse making a commitment to each other and a celebration of that commitment. Some how a wedding becomes about everything but the two of you, and all of a sudden your consumed by a never ending list most of which, are your guests special requests. Who knew an  engagement ring  can cause such a stir. I mean it is just jewelry right? Or is it something much more?  At Raymond Lee Jewelers we think it is more than just jewelry it is  an heirloom to be passed on for generations.

Raymond Lee Jewelers How To Know She Is The One

A yellow gold engagement ring set with a diamo...
Image via Wikipedia

If you are over 30 years old and in a relationship for longer than a year the thought of her being “The One” may have crossed your mind. Unsure of what “The One”  really means or feels like can cause much confusion. What is further confusing is when you ask people they respond by saying you will just know. What does that mean,   just know? How can you be expected to just know when you’re not even sure what you are having for dinner, let alone the rest of your life.  At Raymond Lee Jewelers we answer this life-changing question on a regular basis. The best way to know if she is “The One” is to picture yourself 10 years from now. Is she in that picture or are flying solo? If you are uncertain of what your future holds, look at moments you have spent with her when something really great or awful has happened to her, did it feel like it happened to you too? (There other ways to tell and will be in future blogs)  Since Raymond Lee Jewelers  has been selling engagement rings for 26 years, and counting,  we have seen every type of relationship reach “The One” status. What can be passed one from all these years of experience is “The One” status is reserved for only the most special connections, and to us at Raymond Lee Jewelers it is obvious which connections are the “The One”.

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