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Servicing Luxury Watches

Watchmaking is a complicated, time consuming business. Our belief is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. If your watch is running fine there is no reason to get it serviced. When it is time to service you watch, there are a few options. Sending it to the factory, taking it to a local jewelry, and taking it to a local service center. If you choose to send your watch to the factory you should know it can take months and cost a small fortune. If the watch goes to the factory because its running slow, they will not just fix the problem you sent it for. They will require you to change the crystal, maybe the dial, polish the watch, maybe new hands…….. By the time your done you could be looking at a $1500 charge for a simple problem. Taking your watch to your local jeweler can save some money, but bear in mind that if they don’t do the work on the premises your watch will be leaving there and going to someone else’s shop (two sets of margins).

Restoring Vintage Timepieces and Luxury Watches

Restoring your wrist or pocket watch can mean a lot of things. There are a few things to keep in mind when restoring your vintage watch depending on the condition and what your goals are.  The first mistake a lot of people make is altering the condition of the dial. Over time the dial of your watch may begin to discolor for a variety of reasons. People automatically assume they should redo the dial. This is done by refinishing the dial and repainting the information on the dial back on. This is the number one most devaluing thing you can do to your watch. If you can’t stand your dial and want to do something about it, try to find a replacement original dial. I never recommend refinishing your dial. This holds true to redoing the luminescence on your dial or the hands. Good rule is not to do it. Period! Also polishing an old watch is not a great idea unless a professional is doing it. Of course if you don’t care about what your watch will be worth when your done than just ignore everything here. If you are just looking to spruce up your old watch than go for it. Make sure the watchmaker that you give your watch to is qualified to work on your vintage timepiece. Bear in mind that these repairs can be time consuming because the parts may not be available for your watch. Therefore they may need to be fabricated.  To be continued…….

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