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Bigger is Not Always Better!- Watch Sell

Watch Sell

Vintage Patek Philippe

Over the last decade there has been a large shift in the luxury watch market towards timepieces with big and over sized cases. Many luxury brands such as Panerai, Ulysse Nardin, Breitling and Omega have released collections with cases that measured 44mm diameter or larger. Even Rolex who has a history of making mid sized watches embraced the trend; in 2007 they released the Yacht-Master II with a case that measured 44mm. The Yacht-Master II like many large watches has a thick case that really make it’s presence known and can even make the biggest wrist look small. These large sports watches are great attention getter and suit those who don’t mind having their watch get all the limelight.

Now during the past couple of years there has been a steadily growing group of consumers who are pushing for a return to form. This growing segment of  the market is purchasing timepieces that mirror the trends of the past, when watches rarely exceeded 37mm. The timepieces of the 50’s and 60’s traded flash for a more subdued beauty; these watches were made to compliment an outfit rather than outshine it. A great example of a classically created watch is the Patek Philippe Calatrava with a 37mm case, a stark, cream colored dial and only a small second sub dial. These type of watches tend to be attached to beautiful brown/black crocodile straps or had a small stainless steel bands. This new trend is so strong that consumers who can’t find a more modern interpretation of the classic wristwatch are actually going out and buying vintage pieces. We here at Raymond Lee Jewelers have a wide verity of vintage timepieces at amazing prices. Watch Sell.

Whether you prefer a large or a midsized watch, your watch collection in all honesty should have one of each. I know my last statement will sound like heresy to consumers who are steadfast in their adhere to a certain watch size but it is true. Watches are more than just a reliable way to tell time; they are silent and unique way of expressing something about ourselves to the world. Both watches have their time and place for example a large watch should be worn with a more casual outfit to spice it up. If you are dressing for a date or important social event, large wristwatches are a great option as they tend to attract attention and stands you out from the crowd. A midsized watch on the other hand should be worn at the office especially if you are wearing a suit. These watches lay low on the wrist and tend to only peek from underneath a dress shirt; giving those you work with a brief glimpse of luxury and often leave your coworkers wondering about whats on your wrist. These watches were created to enhance a great suit or tux not overpower it. If you are looking for a watch that is in-between perhaps purchasing a midsized watch that has a rose gold case, this is a great compromise as it catches a lot of attention but still radiates a timeless presence.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Boca Raton, Home to Ulysse Nardin’s first US Store!- Florida Gold Store

Florida Gold Store

Astrolabium Galileo Galilei

Ulysse Nardin is a Swiss watch manufacture that has been producing high-end watches since the mid 1800s and is historically known for creating some of the highest quality marine chronometers (a device that allowed ships in the 1800s to determine longitude by means of celestial navigation). Ulysse Nardin did not truly enter the watch industry until 1983 when it was bought out by businessman Rolf Schnyder who reshaped the entire company’s structure and focus. The new owners decided that Ulysse Nardin would start to create complicated timepieces using modern materials and manufacturing techniques.

Some of their top watches have been the Astrolabium Galileo Galilei released in 1985. This watch had a great sophisticated style and displayed local and solar time, the orbits and eclipses of the sun and the moon and the positions of several major stars. Another amazing watch was released in 1992, the Tellurium Johannes Kepler, which enjoyed a significant amount of sales. Florida Gold Store.

Ulysse Nardin has enjoyed a high volume of sales in Europe and abroad. They have many stores in the old world but none in the new, that is until December of last year when Ulysse Nardin opened its first store in Boca Raton, Florida! This is the same city where you will find the equally impressive Raymond Lee Jewelers; Boca is known for its prosperous community and is a great fit for this luxury watch maker. Ulysse Nardin also opened their head office in Boca Raton as well which allows them to better meet the needs of their clients. This office will house ten Swiss trained watchmakers who can repair all watches in a timely manner.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Which Luxury Watch Brand To Choose When Buying A Watch

A lot of people choose a luxury watch brand just because they like it. They may not care about the residual value. Others (like myself) make purchases in general, not just watches, based on what kind of retained value an item has. I have seen a million times a client buy a Patek. The Patek gets discontinued and the client sells the watch for more than they paid. They may have even paid full retail and bought it new, worn in for a while and turned a profit. Most of the time this is not possible and its a gamble. If you were to buy a Breitling brand new it would most always never be an appreciating asset. In my personal opinion you need to stick to Patek and Rolex. They are really the best watches to put money in. If you buy them right you normally can’t lose.

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