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Rado to Collaborate with Malan Breton for Fashion Week

With Mercedes Benz Fashion Week just around the corner, editors, bloggers and fashion fiends alike are gearing up for a whirlwind of fabulous shows. Designers will exhibit their creations solo and collaborate for high profile shows, and one that we’re very excited about is the partnership between Rado and Malan Breton.

Breton, also a columnist for OK! Magazine and contributor to the New York Times, will feature the Swiss watchmaker’s designs with each of the 33 looks he sends down the runway on September 13th.

Breton's Spring 2009 Show

Models from Rado’s classic collections like Sintra, Integral, D-Star and Ceramica will be paired with the designs, along with styles from Rado’s newest line, Rado True Thinline.

Rado thinline Raymond Lee Jewelers

Rado's new Thinline collection

 According to Matthias Breschan, brand president of Rado, “Breton understands the importance of using materials and techniques in new and different ways in order to create something uniquely beautiful. We are very excited about this partnership and to present our watches alongside Malan’s brilliant collections.”

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On August 21 st and 22nd, Los Anglees, CA

… will be host to the world of watch and jewelery dealers! Asia, South America, even your favorite retailer, Raymond Lee Jewelers!  So wish I could be there also! Nothing I love more than fun in the sun AND beautiful works of art in watches and jewelery design.

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The Hilton Hotel at Universal City will be the main focus of all watch and jewelery dealers and resellers everywhere!  Many trends are discovered and “inspired” by these shows, and LA promises nothing less! Glamour in LA, where else can the center of the world bring everyone in to show off their very best!

mira dragonfly, luxury watches, raymond lee

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Maybe we will also see the some great pieces from the “New Boy on the Block”, Antione Martin.  His first watch with his own design of Swiss club-tooth escapement movement has finally hit the market and is all the rave among the exclusive watch enthusiasts! What a piece of art this new watch is!  There are so many new and innovative designs to keep the younger generation interested in buying and wearing a watch vs using the phone for their main time keeper.  Look at these ladies watches from Mira in the Celestial Collection.  AMAZING!


A History: Baume & Mercier- Florida Gold Store

Florida Gold Store

Florida Gold Store

Baume & Mercier has always been known for its elegance as much as for its precision. Created over 170 years ago by Louis Victor and Pierre-Joseph-Celestin Baume in the small Swiss mountain village of Les Bois; it has since grown into one of the leading luxury watch brands on the market. Even after over a century and a half of innovative watch making, Baume & Mercier continues to release a plethora of ground breaking timepieces.

Baume & Mercier was originally a family run watch making business that would not become the company we have come to know until much later. In was not until 1844 when Joseph Celestin Baume traveled to England to create new business opportunities that this small family operation started to truly make a name for it self. There was an explosion of interest for their watches in England which allowed them to open more shops throughout Europe. With this new found interest in their watches Victor and Baume started to create less traditional timepieces and focus more on originality, an aspect that would come to greatly define this growing company in the future.

Over the next seventy years the company was successfully run by Victor and Baume’s descendents and had amassed a reputation for exquisite and precise watches throughout Europe. Yet compared to other luxury Swiss brands, Baume’s family run watch company was still relatively small scale. The year 1912 would be a turning point for the company. It was in this year that William Baume happened to meet the jeweler Paul Mercier. Six years later these two men would join together and create the luxury Swiss brand, Baume & Mercier.

These two men would use their ingenuity and business acumen to sky rocket to the top. Baume & Mercier has since become one of the leading luxury watch brands on the market. They have released such amazing models such as the Riviera, the Malibu, the Hampton Classic and the Classima. Raymond Lee Jewelers always has a great selection of Baume & Mercier watches on hand at great prices.

Raymond Lee Jewelers is

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers not only sells Baume & Mercier watches we are also one of the largest Florida Gold Store.

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Celebrities and Their Rolex: Raymond Lee Jewelers

Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Hollywood superstar, Matt Damon, wears a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer.  Matt Damon, Orlando Bloom, Ashton Kutcher, and Tom Hanks own and wear a Rolex Explorer watch. Rolex is a Swiss manufactured watch. It’s a high-quality, luxury wristwatch. Rolex’s are a very popular timepiece

 for both men and women. They can come in sport styles and also dress styles. Most of Rolex watches are water-resistant. These watches can range anywhere from the early 1900s to present day. Popular modern Rolex models are the Presidential, Submariner, Datejust, GMT, and Explorer.

If you are looking to buy a Rolex you should go to Raymond Lee Jewelers. Raymond Lee Jewelers sells new and used watches for great prices! Raymond Lee Jewelers also buys designer watches, such as Rolex.

By: Jaimee at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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