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How To Sell Gold In Boca Raton Florida

Here are a few easy tips to make it easier to sell gold jewelry in Boca Raton Florida or anywhere else in the country. First know what you have. Try to sort out 14kt from 18kt and 10kt. If you cant, that’s okay the jeweler will do it for you. Next visit a jeweler in Boca Raton or where ever you might live. We do not recommend sending your gold in the mail because its out of your control. Pick three local jewelers in Boca Raton or your town that are well established. Show all three the gold and sell to the highest bidder. This will ensure you are being treated fairly. Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton buys a lot of the gold jewelry you may not wear any more and resells it. Therefore we may pay above the scrap value for some of your gold. That puts more money in your pocket. Visit Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton Florida, where we pay the highest prices in the industry for your precious metals, luxury watches, jewelry and diamonds.

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