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Gold Rises Above $1,500 an Ounce for the First Time Ever

Oil Prices, if you haven’t noticed, are skyrocketing to all new highs across the Country. The value of the USD has been steadily decreasing over a span of fifteen consecutive months, reaching a record-breaking low on Wednesday.

Daily Markets analyst Michael Snyder explains that as a result of the progressive weakening of the US Dollar, the appeal of Gold and Silver is boosted.  There are also high demands for gold from emerging economies like China and India, which help to fuel the rise in gold’s value.

Spot gold traded at $1,505.21 an ounce and was bid at $1,505.16 an ounce at 5:42 a.m. ET, against $1,493.90 late in New York on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

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Mike Maloney on the continued rise of value in Gold

What This All Means for Our Readers, Customers and Consumers Nationwide:

In these challenging economic times, many consumers have taken advantage of selling rarely worn jewelry pieces, high-end watches, and even scrap gold and silver. With payouts for these metals at an all-time high, it’s best to strike while the iron is hot!

If you have any pieces of gold jewelry that have been sitting in a drawer or treasure box at home for years, timepieces or wristwatches that have gone unworn, or even gold coins that you have considered selling…  NOW is the time.

This very well may be your last chance to make such strong a profit from your gold pieces.  Below you will find a list of the prices are currently paying for Gold at Raymond Lee Jewelers.  At $1503 per oz., Raymond Lee Jewelers is currently paying out the following:

Gold per dwt:

10K – $22.55

14K – $37.58

18K – $51.10

Gold per gram:

10K – $15.00

14K – $25.00

18K – $34.07

Gold per ounce:

10K – $450.00

14K – $752.00

18K – $1022.00

Pennyweight and grams are the two terms most commonly used to measure the weight of gold. To convert either measurement to ounces:

1 troy ounce = 20    dwt
1 troy ounce = 31.1 grams

So, if you do have some jewelry pieces or gold coins that you’ve been thinking of selling, now is the time to take those items in for an evaluation at Raymond Lee Jewelers. There is no pressure to sell, and written appraisals are available with a scheduled appointment, which can easily be made by calling us directly at (561) 750-7808.

Gold Is Over $1200 Per Ounce! How Much Is Your Gold Worth Today?

Crystaline Gold
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Whatever it is that caused the market to drop 1000 points in a day, the Greece riots and euro instability affected precious metals, especially gold in a big way! Some speculate that the market collapse was due to a trading error. Others  say the market crash was attributed to policies associated with a stock being traded on one market and not being traded on another.When was the last time the euro was $1.27 against the dollar? Holy cow!  Maybe it was just a bad day for investors? Not all investors! People that believe in the power of gold are excited this week. Today is Saturday, always a scary day for the gold market when it closes high, especially if you have not sold at that high. What will monday morning bring for the price of gold?The fact the U.S. unemployment rate hit 9.9%, even though we added over 200,000 jobs to the economy has caused scare in the economy. Because of this investors flock to gold. The over all feeling is that gold is strong going into the weekend and will continue into early next week. There are a ton of factors that will contribute to the price of gold next week. Germany holds the key to almost 30 billion in bail out dollars. Which has mostly been approved in Germany to go forward. It is possible that financial troubles can spread throughout the European Union. Besides problems outside the USA, how will the market perform or not perform next week. Gold at over $1200 per ounce is very high. Can it go higher? Sure. How high? Who knows. We will see.

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Gold $1155.90 Today 5 Week High, Today’s Buy Prices

Gold opened super high today. Below are today’s buy prices at $1155.90

10kt $381 per ounce, $19.07 per dwt, $12.70 per gram

14kt $577.95 per ounce, $28.90 per dwt, $19.27 per gram

18kt $786 per ounce, $39.30 per dwt, $26.2 per gram

Call today 561-750-7808

$1128 Gold Today. Time To Sell?

Gold buy prices today. 14kt $564 per ounce, $28 per dwt, $18.80 per gram. 18kt $767 per ounce, $38.35 per dwt, 25.57 per gram. Call to secure at today’s high prices.

Selling Gold Today And The Price We Are Paying At $1120 Per Ounce

At $1120 gold today we are paying the following prices. The prices are subject to change based on the price of gold. We pay more for gold jewelry we think we can resell.

14kt $560 per ounce, $28 per DWT, $18.67 per Gram

18kt $740 per ounce, $37.50 per DWT, $24.67 per Gram

When Selling Your Scrap Gold…..

 Have you seen advertisers everywhere offering you the best price for your gold? There are a few basic things to know before you rush out and sell your scrap gold. Say gold is $1100 per ounce, and you have used a scale to see how much you have. What you’ve got is around about an ounce so you figure,  I have 1100 bucks here. Thats not the case, most likely you have some 10kt, alittle 14kt, and maybe a piece of 18kt. These are all percentages of 24kt, which is pure. Say your whole pile was 14kt and was exactly an ounce. To figure its full value you need to know the numeric value of 14kt which is 58.5%. So $1100 x 58.5% = $643.5 per ounce for 14kt. Keep in mind, the jeweler or refiner you sell to doesn’t get that full amount so you will get maybe a few points less than that. On top of that if there are stones in the pieces you are selling they must subtract that from the weight. The benefits of going to a jeweler that sells estate jewelry and not just someone that buys scrap is that if there are sellable pieces in your gold jewelry they may pay much more than the gold value because the can clean it up and resell it. To be continued…….

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