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Gold Rises Above $1,500 an Ounce for the First Time Ever

Oil Prices, if you haven’t noticed, are skyrocketing to all new highs across the Country. The value of the USD has been steadily decreasing over a span of fifteen consecutive months, reaching a record-breaking low on Wednesday.

Daily Markets analyst Michael Snyder explains that as a result of the progressive weakening of the US Dollar, the appeal of Gold and Silver is boosted.  There are also high demands for gold from emerging economies like China and India, which help to fuel the rise in gold’s value.

Spot gold traded at $1,505.21 an ounce and was bid at $1,505.16 an ounce at 5:42 a.m. ET, against $1,493.90 late in New York on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

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Mike Maloney on the continued rise of value in Gold

What This All Means for Our Readers, Customers and Consumers Nationwide:

In these challenging economic times, many consumers have taken advantage of selling rarely worn jewelry pieces, high-end watches, and even scrap gold and silver. With payouts for these metals at an all-time high, it’s best to strike while the iron is hot!

If you have any pieces of gold jewelry that have been sitting in a drawer or treasure box at home for years, timepieces or wristwatches that have gone unworn, or even gold coins that you have considered selling…  NOW is the time.

This very well may be your last chance to make such strong a profit from your gold pieces.  Below you will find a list of the prices are currently paying for Gold at Raymond Lee Jewelers.  At $1503 per oz., Raymond Lee Jewelers is currently paying out the following:

Gold per dwt:

10K – $22.55

14K – $37.58

18K – $51.10

Gold per gram:

10K – $15.00

14K – $25.00

18K – $34.07

Gold per ounce:

10K – $450.00

14K – $752.00

18K – $1022.00

Pennyweight and grams are the two terms most commonly used to measure the weight of gold. To convert either measurement to ounces:

1 troy ounce = 20    dwt
1 troy ounce = 31.1 grams

So, if you do have some jewelry pieces or gold coins that you’ve been thinking of selling, now is the time to take those items in for an evaluation at Raymond Lee Jewelers. There is no pressure to sell, and written appraisals are available with a scheduled appointment, which can easily be made by calling us directly at (561) 750-7808.

O is for October and Opal!

Florida Jewelry

Florida Jewelry

With the month of October now underway today I am bringing you a brief lesson in Gemology.  Since the birthstones (that’s right there are two!) for October are Opal and Tourmaline.  While this article is focused mainly on Opal I will follow up with a second article about Tourmaline shortly.  Opals were revered by the ancient Romans as it was inspiring to them for its beauty was almost impossible to describe in words.  Romans simply called it “Opalus” a word that means “precious stone”.  One philosopher and scholar Pliny described opals as “they equal the deepest and richest colors of painters. Others simulate the flaming fire of burning sulphur…and even the bright blaze of burning oil”.  He was referring to Opals play of color ranging in colors as blue/green such as peacock feathers and vibrant reds and oranges like hot magma shooting out into the sky from a volcano.

One of the greatest things about opal is that the range in varieties and colors make opal such a versatile stone.   It ranges in color and qualities from the modestly priced white opals with a milky base color and soft play of color to intensely vivid black opals with color so intense it can look like it is on fire.    The patterns of the opal’s play of color can be categorized in one of three types; Pinfire, Flash and Harlequin.  Pinfire displays very small patches or “dots” of play of color, Flash displays large areas of play-of-color and Harlequin shows large, distinct angular patches of play-of-color with edges touching each other.

Opals are found all over the world.  White opals are the most common and are found in Ethiopia, Australia, and North and South America.  Fire opals known for having their intense orange and red colors are most widely found in Mexico.  Black opals are found almost exclusively in Australia.   One of the main mining areas in Australia is Coober Pedy.  The name comes from the aboriginal word “kupapiti” which literally means “white man in a hole”.  Because of the hot nature of the Australian outback miners there often live in underground housing to escape the heat.

With the current resurgence of victorian and vintage style jewelery designs, one cannot ignore the importance of opals in todays market.  Usually opal jewelry is offered at a commercial level with small white opals and low play of color but finer quality opals are beyond beautiful.  They have a rich glow to them that cannot be compared to by any other  gem.  At Raymond Lee Jewelers we have a wide selection of opal jewelry of fine quality.  Come in today to see our selection!.

by Richard your Boca Raton Jewelry Guru

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Sell Gold

Gold Key, weighing one kilogram is used to acc...
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Gold is up huge in the last week to $1163 at the moment. This is a great time to sell gold and capitalize on the extremely high price. There are a lot of places you can sell your gold. Local jewelry store, hotel gold buyer, send your gold in the mail and many more places.  We have seen a dentist office or even a liquor store advertising to buy your scrap gold or buy unwanted gold. When selling gold jewelry get a few opinions. You will be shocked at how much your gold jewelry is worth today. Gold is almost at it’s all time high. Maybe gold will continue to go up in value, maybe gold will go down in value. All we know is that today gold is $1163-. Sell your broken gold jewelry, sell gold coins, sell gold, sell unwanted gold and sell it today! We are one of the most aggressive buyers in the industry. There are plenty of gold buyers. Raymond Lee Jewelers will be happy to give you a free quote to buy your gold.

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Sell Gold

Looking to sell gold? Here you can find industry standard pricing when looking to sell gold, sell scrap gold, sell unwanted gold or whatever gold you are looking to sell. As one of the largest gold buying companies, we can pay you more. Because the price of gold changes daily, the prices we pay when your looking to sell gold change daily. Sell gold to a company you can trust. Don’t mail your gold to a company you don’t know. Gold is over $1130 today. That is very high compared to recent prices per ounce. Today is as good a day to sell gold as any. Selling your unwanted scrap gold or gold jewelry has never been easier. There are many places advertising to buy it, but not all are reputable. Make sure you are getting the most for your gold when selling old or broken gold. Nice gold jewelry can be sold for a premium above the gold value. Don’t sell gold jewelry that can be resold as jewelry for scrap gold prices. Gold jewelry is purchased for its gold content.  Remember when looking to sell gold jewelry, sell broken gold, sell old gold, sell jewelry, sell gold, sell gold coins, sell gold bars and much more it is important to be educated and informed of what you have and what its worth. When selling gold, get more than one price. Three opinions is best on what you gold is worth. The best place to sell gold is your local jeweler. Pick a local jeweler to sell gold to that is well established in your area.  Companies that come into your town for the weekend and buy gold in hotels have huge overhead and charge you for it. Sell gold to companies you can trust and do research.

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Selling Gold In Florida

Selling gold in Florida can be easy. Raymond Lee Jewelers pays the most for your unwanted scrap gold or gold jewelry in Boca Raton. Don’t send your gold in the mail to some company. Who knows what you’ll get for your unwanted gold when sending it away. Come see a jewelry store in person to sell you gold jewelry. What better place to sell scrap jewelry than Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton. Today gold is up huge. Gold is trading for $1125 per ounce today. Sell your unwanted gold in Boca Raton today. If you are located anywhere in South Florida and have gold to sell, Raymond Lee Jewelers should be where you sell. Raymond Lee Jewelers is fully staffed with buyers that can help you. Make selling scrap gold a pleasant experience at Raymond Lee Jewelers. Located in Palms Plaza behind the Olive Garden. Our address is 22191 powerline rd suite 12b, Boca Raton, Florida 33433. 561-750-7808.  Raymond Lee Jewelers is located in the same shopping center as The Kosher Marketplace, Dorjon, Olive Garden, Party City, Tropical Smoothie, Boca Pharmacy and many more. Another land mark to use to find Raymond Lee Jewelers is the Bank of America building, we are right next to that.

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Gold $1143 Today’s Buy Prices Are……

Gold Buy Price’s Today

10kt $377.19 per ounce, $12.58 per gram,  $18.86

14kt $572 per ounce, $19.05 per gram,  $28.6 per dwt

18kt $777 per ounce, $25.91 per gram, $38.85 per dwt

Please keep in mind, if the jewelry you have is fine, we will pay premiums above the advertised price even if its plain gold.

$1128 Gold Today. Time To Sell?

Gold buy prices today. 14kt $564 per ounce, $28 per dwt, $18.80 per gram. 18kt $767 per ounce, $38.35 per dwt, 25.57 per gram. Call to secure at today’s high prices.

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