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TrendLuxury Interviews Raymond Lee Jewelers President, Jeff Josephson: The Final Word on Fashion

 The Final Word on Fashion from Raymond Lee Jewelers President, Jeff Josephson

TrendLuxury is an award-winning publication, as well as leading social media outlet and interactive influence on luxury, glamor and fashion trends. With an International fan-base, fashion experts and industry leaders, TrendLuxury has been coined ‘ the international online trend.’

This successfully savvy company prides itself on keeping consumers both well-informed and entertained with coverage on fashion trends, tips, product reviews, event coverage and interviews with today’s luxury style influences and fashion industry leaders.’

It would therefore come as no surprise to those who know him, and have seen his keen eye and spot-on style related observations in both jewelry and fashion, that Jeff Josephson was approached for an interview with the International fashion news outlet.

Trendluxury conducted an interview with Raymond Lee Jewelers President Jeff Josephson, which includes a fun variety of fashion-related inquiries, in addition to how Raymond Lee Jewelers came to be and why we have remained a trusted, innovative and evolving industry leader.

Read the full interview here for in-depth analysis of the strong comeback of sophisticated ’70s glamor, yellow gold jewelry pieces and accessories, colors and designs that Jeff suspects we will be seeing this Summer.

As a gal that has embraced yellow gold jewelry for the first time in her life, and has both seen and sported the style inspirations which Jeff Josephson discusses here with TrendLuxury, I promise that you will enjoy these professional jewelry, accessory and fashion insights!

… Read Full Interview Here

Sneak Peak:

Jeff Josephson: This has been a year of two extremes, neither one is overpowering the other just yet but I suspect as the year progresses and as fashion continues through the 70’s style evolution we can expect larger, bolder pieces to begin to overshadow more delicate designs.

Going Green at Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton!

With Earth Day just behind us and the month of May approaching I have been thinking that now would be a great time to talk about Emeralds.  Those beautiful green stones that drip with elegance.  One of the oldest gems known to man the word emerald is believed to come from the ancient greek word Smaragdos.  The oldest of emeralds were discovered in ancient Egypt but in modern times the finest emeralds come from Columbia.  Unlike most gemstones even the finest of emeralds will have some inclusions or clarity characteristics.  What really drives the price is the color of the stone.  The highest prized shade of emerald is blue-green.  That shade of green that is velvety in appearance.  It is the color of pure luxury.  It is complimentary to almost any complexion however they really stand out on a woman with red hair witb a fair, peaches and cream complexion.  A few famous celebrities that come to mind are film star and current Bulgari Jewelry brand ambassadoe Julianne Moore, Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross and strawberry blond actress Nicole Kidman.  In fact in Bulgari’s lates advertising campaign Julianne Moor is wearing a stunning pair of large pear shape emerald drop earrings.  However emeralds are not just for redheads as Angeline Jolie sparked a major trend a couple years back with the giant emerald drops she wore to the Academy Awards.  At Raymond Lee Jewelers we have an enormous selection of the finest emerald jewelery.   All of the pieces shown here are available in our store.  My personal favorite is the pear shape emerald ring  with the elongated open design.  The ring is 14K white gold and the design is from the art deco revival period of the 1950.  I can only imagine the woman who wears is would be like.  Bold and daring but still feminine.  For the woman who has everything nothing would be a better gift for the one you love than the large emerald heart shape pendant surrounded in the finest baguette diamonds.  Come in and take a look at all of our wonderful emeralds.  Until next time Im Richard Resnik your jewelry guru.

Selling Vs. Holding Estate Jewelry

Sell My Jewelry

Sell Your Estate Jewelry

This is an interesting topic. Whether to hold or sell your estate jewelry.

Is this a good time to sell? It’s obvious to most that we are not in the best times at the moment. This would lead you to believe that you couldn’t possibly maximize the estate jewelry you have for sale. This may be true in this country, but not everybody is suffering.

There is a certain demand for product in different country’s, mixed together with the exchange rate some of our product may be inexpensive for people in other countries to buy. So the answer is (in my opinion), if you have the right items in your estate and deal with the right people you may still be able to maximize what you get for it. If it gets sold in this country and is going to end up getting resold in this country. It may not be the best time.

Do some research, see who sells what where. Make a determination from there. Remember, when offering your estate for sale there is no obligation to sell.

Another article from the desk of Lee,

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