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How and Where to Buy and Sell Jewelry, Watches and Diamonds

How and Where to Buy and Sell Jewelry, Watches and Diamonds

Selling jewelry in Boca Raton

Raymond Lee Jewelers Showroom

How and where to sell jewelry, watches and diamonds is a topic of discussion at some point in every ones lives. There are so many outlets to sell jewelry in Boca Raton and other areas all over the world.  Before making any rash decisions consider your options. The best possible option is to sell the item privately, to someone you know. That way you can get very fair market value for your jewelry. If this does not seem like a good option for you, you can always consider posting to the internet on multiple platforms. The best being Ebay. If you decide to try to sell your jewelry, watches or diamonds on Ebay make sure you have paperwork to go with it such as an appraisal. This will give credibility to the piece of jewelry you are trying to sell. Bare in mind that on Ebay there are many scams and items need to be refundable, so do your homework before listing an item on Ebay for sale. We do not recommend listing to Craigslist. The reason we do not recommend Craigslist is because it lets potential buyers know you have something valuable to sell and deals have to be done in person. This leaves you open to a potential robbery. The third and probably best choice is to visit your local jeweler. Get a few opinions and depending on the type of item you have for sale you can gauge its value by how much they are selling for online. Make sure you are paid on the spot and verify the funds are available in the jewelers account.

Where To Sell Jewelry, Watches and Diamonds Series

Where To Sell Jewelry 

As we have said in earlier articles there are millions of places that advertise to buy your jewelry. If thinking to sell your precious valuables where should you go? Everyone that offers advise on the topic always says get at least three opinions… This is a given but what if you are selling diamonds? Is getting three opinions enough?

how to sell diamonds

selling diamonds to the right buyer

Most will not give you this information. Some may tell you that if your diamond is a nice quality you should send it to G.I.A. for a certificate. However, most buyers would prefer to buy your diamond without the G.I.A. if they are slick because it may come out a better quality after they send it to G.I.A. then expected therefore worth more money. So, you may want to consider sending your diamond to G.I.A. You can do this yourself or bring it to your local jeweler and they can do it for you. Bare in mind a certificate costs hundreds of dollars, the bigger the stone the more it will cost. Another tip, if your diamond is old, you may want to look into having recut and then certified because as a modern cut diamond it could be worth 2 or 3 times more money. This is only on a rare occasion though. More tips and tricks to come on how to sell your diamond, jewelry and watches in future articles.

Sell My Diamond

If the above title “Sell My Diamond” is on your mind than this posting is a must read. Raymond Lee Jewelers is one of the most aggressive diamond buyers in the country. If you looking to sell diamonds in Boca Raton or sell diamonds anywhere in Florida, Raymond Lee Jewelers should be one of your stops. We have clients waiting for large high quality diamonds. Raymond Lee Jewelers located in Boca Raton, Florida has been in the same location since 1983. Our family owned, 3600 square foot showroom offers all of the services of a full service retail jeweler. Don’t be intimated by jewelry, diamond and watch buyers. Visit Raymond Lee Jewelers where you will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Raymond Lee Jewelers has many private offices on premises and a fully trained knowledgable staff of graduate gemologists to help you. Raymond Lee Jewelers buys diamonds of all shapes and sizes. We are especially aggressive to buy large diamonds and in fancy colors. Selling diamonds in Boca Raton to Raymond Lee Jewelers is a simple process. Send us an email or drop into our location in Boca Raton and one of our highly trained staff will make you an offer. Most often we need to see a diamond in person to make an offer. However, if the diamond has a GIA certificate we can make an offer via email if you give us the details on the certificate. Once we have examined the certificate and or the diamond one of our staff will make you an offer. There is no obligation to sell. Please, take your time and think about it. Get some other opinions as to the value of your diamond, and when your ready come back and see us and we will buy it. Remember someone who gives you a value but is not a buyer is not the right person to ask for a value. If you want to sell your diamond ask jewelers that are cash buyers. Raymond Lee Jewelers will pay by check, cashiers check, wire transfer, cash and store credit. Visit the jeweler that has been in Palm Beach County since 1983. Family owned and operated. One of the most aggressive diamond buyers in the country and we pay on the spot. Raymond Lee Jewelers buys diamonds, jewelry, watches, gold, bullion and many more items. Call 561-750-7808 for more info or email Our address is 22191 powerline rd suite 12b Boca Raton, Florida 33433. We are located in Palms Plaza in Boca Raton. The Kosher Market place, Olive Garden, Party City, Dorjon, Cannolli Kitchen and many more are located in the plaza with us.

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