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TOMTOM JEWELRY’s ‘Future ’70s’ Collection: Back In Time With An Architectural Twist

Another Style Find: TomTom‘s new ’70s-inspired jewelry collection.

TomTom's 'Future '70s' Jewelry Collection

Future 70s Studded Rings by TomTom Jewelry

The various pieces of wearable art by TOMTOM JEWELRY has been a favorite among the press, celebrities, fashionistas and creative expression enthusiasts from the launch of the first collection in 2009. An established architect turned jewelry designer, Elena Coleman Howell utilized her design prowis to conquer graphic design and architecture integration. The result was TOMTOM JEWELRY, a successful modern twist to retro creations that is giving jewelry lines everywhere a run for their money.

While it is easy to spot the detailed precision in certain aspects of the pieces, the jewelry isn’t overly industrial or masculine. There is an element to every piece that brings a beautiful and delicate strength to geometric shapes and hammered metal textures. The unique qualities of the ‘Future ’70s’ Collection include shimmered accents to offset spike designs, the use of hand tie dyed suede to offset the bold bronze chains and hardware and thin golden chains to add a dash of delicate femininity to a totally rocking necklace that can be dressed up, down and manipulated with every chosen ensemble! 

“Tribal Matters” ring. It’s available in seven different finishes, I suggest getting a variation of both gold and silver, and it’s just one of the stunning pieces Elena offers up on her website. $155.

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TomTom’s 2011 Jewelry Collection

Demi Lovato in TOM TOM JEWELRY 'IN MY MIND' bracelet.

Kim Kardashian in TOMTOM JEWELRY 'LEGACY' Necklace

Demi Locato wearing TOMTOM JEWELERY 'DANCE ALL NIGHT' earrings

'Dance All Night' earrings by TOMTOM JEWELRY


With an emphasis on geometry and material interplay, Elena utilizes
digital fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and waterjet + laserjet
cutting to design unique statement jewelry.

In 2010 Elena partnered with Walt Disney Signature to design a capsule
collection of jewelry inspired by the film TRON: Legacy.

TOMTOM Jewelry is carried worldwide and has been featured in The New
York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Women’s Wear Daily, Vogue Italia,
Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, InStyle and numerous other publications.

Elena holds a Master of Architecture from SCI-Arc and a Bachelor of Arts
in English from UC Berkeley.

“Future 70s,” the collection includes studded rings, pyramid earrings, gunmetal necklaces, quartz pendants, and high-end agate and lapis pieces. -By Becky Bratu

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Hublot’s Human Rights Watch- Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Everyday I come across luxury watch brands who have created limited edition watches to commemorate special occasions or corporate hallmarks; rarely do I see a watch brand craft a limited-run of timepieces solely created to benefit such a selfless cause. Hublot will release seven watches which will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Human Rights Watch Organization. These amazing pieces were created and designed to pay tribute to the Deceleration of Human Rights and Human Rights Watch’s never-ending quest on focusing international attention where ever human rights are violated.

One watch will be auctioned off at each of the seven different cities chosen to hold an annual Human Rights Watch dinner. Hublot is hoping each watch will bring in much-needed funds for this amazing organization. The cities are New York, Los Angeles, Geneva, Paris, San Francisco, Beirut and Saint Moritz. Watch repair.

Hublot partnered with world-renowned artists Roger Pfund to design the dial of this amazing watch; Pfund is best known for creating the current French Franc and a few of the designs of the Euro. The ceramic dial contains laser engraved micro-letters of the Deceleration of Human Rights. All 30 articles are on the dial divided into 60 lines that would represent each minute on the dial. On the right side of the dial at the three o’clock position is one of the seven cities where the fund-raising dinners will be held. The case is 43mm and the dial, leather band, case and bezel are all black.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Sports Watch Weekly Giveaway: Week 8 Preview

Sports Watch Weekly Giveaway

Sports Watch Weekly Giveaway

As the Sports Watch Weekly Giveaway continues, more and more people are signing up.  This week we should have around 70 people, making it all the more important to study the picks and make your best guesses.  11 wins has been the magic number the last four weeks.  One would think if you can get at least 11 correct you have a good chance at winning this week.

Week 8 and 9 are the heart of NFL season.  This is when teams start separating themselves from the rest of the pack.  Through 7 weeks we can all agree the top teams in the AFC are Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New York (Jets), and New England; while the top teams in the NFC, besides the Giants, have yet to break away.  Teams like Tampa Bay, Green Bay, New Orleans, and Atlanta have had high aspirations with mediocre results.  As the year continues we should be seeing some of these teams establish themselves as the class of the NFC.

As I sit here on a Friday afternoon a few minutes before I leave I haven’t had much time to write my preview blog this week.  I am going to skip the part where I highlight two games and go right to my picks:

Buffalo at Kansas City
Jacksonville at Dallas
Carolina at St. Louis
at Cincinnati
Washington at Detroit
Denver at San Francisco
Green Bay at New York (Jets)
Tennessee at San Diego
Tampa Bay
at Arizona
Minnesota at New England
Seattle at Oakland
Pittsburgh at New Orleans
at Indianapolis

By, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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