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Raymond Lee Jewelers – Does a wedding ring change peoples attitudes?

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Raymond Lee Jewelers Wedding Rings

In todays times it seems common courtesy and manners have become a thing of the past. Just  the other day I was walking into a store in Boca Raton, Florida right behind someone  (they were wearing a wedding ring) and they could not be bothered to hold the door after they went through it. So instead they let the door go to literally crash right into my face.

I understand about not wanting to stand there and wait forever, but come on if I am literally in real-time right behind you  I would think that extra second would not be a major inconvenience.  Well apparently holding the door, saying please, or thank you are all too much to ask of the people around you. What is even more alarming is for some reason people with wedding rings on are the biggest and most common offender of this simply common courtesy.

So that leads me to ask does a wedding ring mean you no longer have to care about anyone cause you are married?  Or is it because now that you have found your  soul mate it does not matter how you treat others?

A wedding ring is a very symbolic and special piece of jewelery, but in should not cloud someone’s mind to the extent that they forget common courtesy.  I understand that finally finding your soul mate and the feeling of euphoria associated with being married, but  amongst all this happiness do not forget there are other people out there with feelings. Although, you may no longer be a conscientious of others because you are married,  just remember the person you could be letting the door go on could be your biggest clients spouse.

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