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Amy Adams in Emerald Cartier and Princess Diana in Famous Emerald Choker: A May Gemstone Celebration

Amy Adams at 2011 Oscars:

Cartier Secret Watch Bracelet

The Fighter” actress wore a Cartier platinum and diamond Haute Joaillerie secret watch bracelet, which featured 575 separate diamonds and a 30.75-carat carved emerald stone.  The bracelet has been rumored to value at over $1.025 million.

Adams also wore a Cartier platinum and diamond necklace, featuring a carved 33.24-carat emerald, said to be worth $290,000. Also nominated for Best Supporting Actress was Melissa Leo, who co-starred as ‘Alice’, Micky Ward’s Mother in “The Fighter.”

Winning the nomination was the tough talking Melissa Leo, who fitting with her character in the film, let an f-bomb slip during her acceptance.

(More on Melissa Leo, and the F-bomb fly during her acceptance speech.)

The gemstone belonging to the month of May is none other than the glamorously green Emerald, a particular variety of the mineral Beryl. The Emerald is not only the May birthstone, but also the Zodiac stone for the constellation of Cancer.

Emerald gemstones are associated with patience, understanding, and foresight.

Perhaps one of the most notorious pieces of unforgettable emerald jewelry belonged to Princess Diana. Pictured here in 1982, the Emerald chocker worn by Princess Diana remains one of the most admired and adored pieces of immaculate emerald jewelry of all time. 

The famous Diana’s diamond and emerald choker, a wedding gift from the Queen. Once she caused a stir when she chose to wear it as a headband.

The Emerald gemstone is among the most magnificent. especially in the amazing jewelry worn by Princess Diana in the early ‘80s and by Amy Adams at the 2011 Oscars.

Long Live Green Glamour!

If you’re an Emerald lover… you may want to take a quick peak at these gems!

Platinum, Emerald and Diamond Heart Pendant

Emerald is approximately 3cts
Diamond weigh approximately 3.5ctw
Diamonds are VS in clarity and G/H in color

You will certainly win her heart with this gorgeous emerald pendant. Perfectly framed, this well cut emerald is a beautiful velvety blue-green. With just the right “de Jardin,” the diamonds are custom cut to frame this heart shaped stone beautifully and the setting is made so delicately to show off each stone perfectly.   


14K White Gold, Emerald Diamond Vintage Style Bangle

Emeralds approximately 1.5cts
Diamond weight approximately 1.00ctw
Diamonds are VS/SI in clarity and G/H in color

This beautiful white gold, emerald and diamond bracelet is the type of bracelet that every woman should have in their wardrobe. Simple, but elegant the bead set diamonds frame the velvety soft emeralds perfectly. Its hinged style closure makes it simple to put on and take off. Perfect for a night on the town or for when you just want to feel good.

“Begin at the beginning and go until you have come to the end…..then stop.”

You may be wondering what the above quote has to do with jewelry.  I can honestly say absolutely nothing.  However, the quote does come from one of my favorite novels I enjoyed as both a child and an adult.  It is spoken by the King of Hearts in Lewis Carroll’s beloved novel Alice in Wonderland.  Recently director Tim Burton’s reinterpretation of the story of a young girl fallen down the rabbit hole has captivated the imagination of the young and the old alike.  The original story was published just at the beginning of the Victorian era.

Fashion as we all know is cyclical, while designs of the late 20th century have been revived the earlier years had been somewhat ignored until recent years.  While previously the Victorian era had been ignored our recent economy has made us revisit our values. Our call for “change” has inspired fashion to look back to another period where change dominated.  It was the peak of the Industrial Revolution and societies were adapting to new technologies.

Sunday night’s Academy Awards saw the emergence of the NeoVictorian era of fashion.  The women of Hollywood simply glowed in simple elegance.  The “less is more” philosophy was in full swing.  The bodices of gowns embroidered with beads in patterns inspired by nature. Colors were soft and muted.  Neutral colored gowns allowed for the jewelry to shine.

One of the most surprising glamour elements of the night had to have been the hairstyles.  Hair was sleek, soft, side swept, and sparkling.  Diamond jewelry was repurposed to accent the top of the head.  We saw broaches as accents on the side of the head.  Bracelets were wrapped around sections of hair for a dramatic look. Julia looks decadent demonstrating this simple yet stunning look.

As wedding, graduation, and prom season approaches think about adding some sparkle to your look.  Come in and see how we can help you create a look of your very own.  It would also make a dramatic gift as well for that special someone to step out onto their personal Hollywood moment.   Until next time, stay fabulous.

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