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Masculine Monday: David Yurman New Arrivals

 David Yurman, founded by eponymous the designer, is renowned for its affordable and everyday luxury. When his cable jewelry took the world by storm in the eighties, no one could have predicted that 30 years later another Yurman would make his mark on the brand.

Evan Yurman, head of men’s design at David Yurman, has created a rough-hewn, yet sophisticated line for men that shines this fall. Here are Raymond Lee Jewelers top picks from David Yurman men’s new arrivals.

 David Yurman Amulets Shark Tooth Necklace

David Yurman, Raymond Lee JewelersThis bronze shark tooth is the perfect answer to the hottest trend in women’s jewelry right now, rose gold. Not only does the darker bronze add a touch of industrial luxury to this piece, the shark tooth is both a natural element and a strong one. Adding to this necklace’s stylish toughness is the titanium box chain the shark tooth hangs from.

Armory Band Ring

Inspired by medieval elements, this ring is a subtle reference to armor-clad knights slicing through the bad guys with broadswords. It might even help you channel some of that raw, unbridled strength that accompanied them in conquests and battles. Or Not – but either way, this ring is seriously stylish.

Royal Cord Cufflinks, Black Diamond

These cufflinks are the perfect addition for a completely polished look. The textured sterling silver offers interest without the distraction of over shininess, while the slightly irregular pattern and shape of the stripes lend an unfussy vibe to even formal wear. Black diamonds are the ultimate in masculine luxe, and make these cuff links the ideal finishing touch.

Pave ring with cognac Diamonds

This ring is the way to go for a little masculine bling. The warmth of the cognac diamonds is perfect for fall, and balances out the cool tones of the sterling silver. While the diamonds verge on being too fussy left to their own devices, the thick width of the band makes it no-nonsense, and the sturdy rope-detail on the band’s underside counteracts any feminine energy.

Gentlemen, what are your top jewelry and accessory picks for fall?

Liz for Raymond Lee Jewelers, your source for luxury estate and pre-owned David Yurman jewelry.

Cartier Panther Collier with Emerald Eyes and a Black Onyx Nose: Feature Friday, Here We Go!

Cartier Panther Collier:

A Golden Feature Friday

Cartier Panther Collier

I once was wondering through a metallic forest, plagued with exhaustion and without a compass, when rapidly to my rescue ran…

A majestic golden panther that lit up the land.

Through a bewildered haze, I did hear him say, “Hello, my dear. I am Cartier”.  He said to rest, said that everything would be just fine. I awoke in my home, with no forest in sight. All I remember of the panther who saved me are his black onyx nose and the way it seemed to glow, with enchanting emerald eyes glowing as he delivered me to safety.

“I am Cartier”

Cartier Panther Collier

A premonition this dream must have been because…

Cartier has come back again!

This time, in the form of an incredible Panther Cartier Collier necklace, still watching the world through those bright emerald eyes and wearing a boldly vibrant black onyx nose. In 18k Yellow Gold, a 16″ Panther Cartier Collier Necklace exquisitely holds the regal Panther. With emerald eyes and black onyx facial accents, this Cartier piece weighs in total 65.7 dwt.

This Authentic Cartier 18K Yellow Gold Panther Collier Necklace comes BRAND NEW w/ Papers! 

Collier: noun
A wide necklace encircling the neck from throat to chin

Panther Cartier Collier Necklace: Brand New w/ Papers

Bvlgari (Bulgari) Celebrates 125th Year Anniversary!: Raymond Lee Jewelers

Bvlgari Earrings

Click Here for Ebay Listing

Bvlgari (Bulgari) is an Italian jeweler. Although Bvlgari is mainly talked about as a jewelry company, they also sell watches, handbags, fragrances, and accessories. In 1884 Sotirio Voulgaris founded his company. This company has been active for about 125 years! Their jewelry consists of many different gemstones and different jewelry designs. There are over 600 Bvlgari jewels on display in Paris to celebrate the 125th anniversary. These gemstones are also from Liz Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, and Sophia Lauren.

Raymond Lee Jewelers also sells Bvlgari jewelry. From earrings, to necklaces, rings, bracelets, and watches, they have it all! Many of their items are being listed on Ebay like the picture that is posted. For more information on purchasing these earrings, click the picture!

By: JM at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Candy!Candy!Candy!- Zero calories! The kind you wear!-jewelry design

Semiprecious Gems- Jewelry Repair

At our store in Boca Raton we love candy.  In fact we have huge bowls of it all over the store for our clients to enjoy when they come in.  As I look at one of the bowls it hit me each flavor has a colored gem counterpart.  Instead of a bowl of candies flavored with Cherry, Green Apple, Grape, and Blue Raspberry imagine if they were bright red rubies, vivid green peridot, deep amethysts and brilliant blue topaz.  Each one of these stones has their own unique properties making them special.

This year with the economy in a state of uncertainty and the holidays fast approaching why not look to the colored gemstone world for your loved ones gifts.  The colors are intriguing to most everyone and since most everyone can afford them it is a good option for them.  Many designers are known for using color in their repertoire.  Amongst them David Yurman, John Hardy, Judith Ripka and Cartier are a few designers known for their use of color.  Of these designers David Yurman is known for his cable bracelets capped in colored stones.  We have a large selection of David Yurman jewelry at Raymond Lee Jewelers.  Come on in to see us.  Until next time stay fabulous-  Richard your South Florida Jewelry Guru!

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John Hardy Rantai Bracelet- Buy Sell Jewelry

Buy Sell Jewelry

Buy Sell Jewelry

John Hardy Jewelry Company was founded in 1989 by Canadian designer John Hardy. Known for bringing southeast Asian designs and ancient jewelry techniques to the western market. John Hardy traveled to Bali and worked with local artisans to create extraordinary design concepts with traditional Balinese techniques.  This infusion of Asian artistry into quality jewelry allowed John Hardy to have explosive growth here and abroad.

While many jewelery companies claim to work with foreign jewelry designers, John Hardy has taken it a step further and actually has design studios in Bali, Indonesia. Many of there pieces are made by hand in Bali and have designs reflecting the natural surroundings of where they are created. For example the new Kali Line is named from the Balinese word for river and has many smooth designs that reflect the river stones that are common in Balinese rivers.

There are four traditional Balinese jewelry-making techniques that John Hardy uses: rantai (woven chain), tenun (woven mesh) jawan (granulation) and ukiran (cut work). If you click on the picture above you will be directed to beautiful example of a John Hardy gents rantai bracelet that is also for sale! Rantai is often used for bracelets and necklaces that are woven in a process that tends to take several days. After these pieces are woven, heat and hammering are used to shape the pieces. Signature clasps or gemstones are added to the pieces to create a finished work of art. Newer pieces incorporate tenun, a technique that weaves silver into a fine mesh or a complex chain and then uses jawan to flatten the metal.

We here at Raymond Lee Jewelers strive to find the most exceptional John Hardy pieces and offer them to you at the lowest prices. We buy sell jewelry.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Sell Van Cleef Alhambra Jewelry

Sell Van Cleef Alhambra jewelry to Raymond Lee Jewelers. The Alhambra collection is more popular than ever. Raymond Lee Jewelers pays more. We have an ever-growing clientle for Alhambra collection pieces. Van Cleef pieces such as the Clover necklaces in turquoise or mother of pearl amongst other materials. We sell a lot of the Van Cleef we buy in Boca Raton in our store and online as well as numerous jewelry shows around the world.  Take advantage of the high prices paid for your Van Cleef Alhambra collection pieces. We buy Alhambra earrings, Alhambra necklace, Alhambra bracelet, Alhambra pendant and many more Alhambra collection pieces. Sell your Van Cleef jewelry to Raymond Lee Jewelers and get more money today.

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Selling Jewelry

Diamonds are the number one gems used by the c...

Sell jewelry to Raymond Lee Jewelers

Selling jewelry can be a difficult and time-consuming project. Make it easier on yourself and follow these few easy steps. Using the internet as a tool is a terrific idea. Tons of jewelry buyers advertise on the internet to buy your jewelry. Some of the internet buyers specialize in certain things, some buy everything. Make sure the jewelry buyer you are selling to has a market for your jewelry.

If they are a retailer they may have a great market for current styles. If they are an antique dealer, they may have a great market for your antique jewelry on so on. Some full service retailers have great contacts through out the industry and can help you liquidate all of your jewelry, diamonds and watches.

Whatever route you decide to take, make sure you get a few opinions before you sell your jewelry. Our company is very aggressive to buy designer jewelry by famous designers such as Tiffany and Co, Van Cleef and Apels, Cartier and many more.

We are also looking to buy heavy, ornate 18kt jewelry. Anything fancy in 18kt rings, necklaces, bracelets and pins. Anything in antique jewelry that is well made. Antique diamond bracelets, antique diamond bracelets with color stones, antique diamond rings, antique diamond rings with color stones, antique necklaces, jewelry with rose cuts, jewelry with european cuts and much more.

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