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Meredith Vieira Wears GOLD!

Meredith Vieira Wears GOLD!

Meredith Vieira in NYC, 2009.

Meredith Vieria

She was a favorite on The View and was the perfect replacement on NBC’s morning show, Today.  Meredith Vieira has been pictured around the world lately and was most recently pictured wearing gold as she finished the NY marathon with pal and co-worker, Al Roker.

Meredith Vieira Jewelry

Meredith Vieira Jewelry

couirtesy of

Recently Meredith quit the Today show so she could spend more time at home with her husband, and journalist, Richard Cohen.  She made her statement today that she didn’t quit because of his ill health.  In fact, the opposite is true! He is in better health than ever and that is why she decided to spend more time with family.
We should all take a page from her decision.  Take time to be with family when times are good, because you never know when time runs out, and no one wants to remember spending the most time with their loved ones when they are sick.
Meredith Vieira Jewelry

She will be missed from our morning television, but hopefully, someday, she will find her way back to our daily routine.  Here’s to you, Meredith!

By MK, writer for Raymond Lee Jewelers, Boca Raton’s premier Jewelry Store and Gold Seller!

Christina Applegate: New Mom and New Leading Role in NBC Sitcom,’Up All Night’

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate is a proud new Mommy of baby girl, Sadie Grace. The Actress who most recently has been recognized as the main character in ‘Samantha Who?’ is about to star in a recently picked up sitcom for NBC, ‘Up All Night.’ The show will premier this Fall, and while admittedly  exhausted from her first few months of Motherhood, Christina Applegate says she is excited to be back to work.

Fiance Martyn LeNoble and Christina Applegate had their first child, Sadie Grace on Thursday, January 27th, 2011.

An Event was held in New York yesterday by NBC at the Hilton Hotel. The NBC Upfront Presentation celebrates the new and returning shows to potential advertising clients. Applegate arrived in a classic and understated style. She wore a knee length white and beige dress with a matching cardigan and brown leather belt. The simple jewelry and light wedged shoes completed her classic look.

The upcoming comedy pairs the actress alongside former “Saturday Night Live” player Maya Rudolph and “Arrested Development” funnyman Will Arnett.

PLAY IT NOW: Christina Applegate, Will Arnett & Maya Rudolph Staying ‘Up All Night’ With NBC

“It’s basically who we are anyway,” Christina told Access Hollywood on Monday, explaining the show from former “SNL” writer Emily Spivey and “SNL” producer Lorne Michaels. “[It’s about] being a parent and [balancing] work, and, all of us. It’s kind of us.”

Christina stars as public relations executive Reagan in the show, Will plays her stay-at-home husband, Chris, and Maya plays Reagan’s outlandish boss and best friend, Ava.

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Christina Applegate in a yellow diamond flower necklace by Lorraine Schwartz

Watch From “No Ordinary Family” TV Show- Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Watch Repair

No Ordinary Family is a new show on ABC that follows a fictional family, the Powells, who gain superhero like powers after their plane crashes in Brazil. The show mixes science-fiction with comedy and has a premise similar to NBC’s Heroes.  Both shows deal with ordinary people gifted with extraordinary powers who will struggle with being good or evil. No Ordinary Family differs from Heroes in that it is much more lighthearted and has a much smaller roster of superheroes, which allows you to care more for each character.

Last night’s episode, No Ordinary Friends, dealt with a museum heist mystery. The mystery thief throughout the episode was wearing a very distinct watch that had amazing luminosity. The watch was never verified by name but judging by the unique stainless steel case that had a crescent-shaped bridge which weights down the winding crown, I instantly knew it was a Panerai. I cant say for certain which model it was but it could have been either the PAM00104 Luminor Marina or the PAM250 Luminor Chrono Daylight.

Paneria has had a long history of amazing luminosity in their watches. Paneria was the official supplier of the Royal Italian Navy and its watches were worn by Italian commando frogmen during WWII. The exceptional luminosity ensured high visibility even in absolute darkness and allowed the frogmen to read the face of their watches in the dark waters, this greatly aided them in sinking allied ships. Paneria over the years has improved their luminosity technology and has become well known for watches that not only glow in the dark but last for a very long time. Watch Repair.

It makes sense that a great thief would use a Paneria with its great luminosity in a high stakes theft.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewlers

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