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It’s Tuesday in Palm Beach County… Treat Yourself to Twelve Cupcakes, 50% Off!

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One Dozen Cupcakes

By TheGrater

One Dozen Cupcakes

Palm Beaches – Everybody has weaknesses. Yours just so happens to be the pleasure you take in sneaking a few spoonfuls of cake icing at least once a week. But you secretly know what would quell that midday sugar fix: a perfectly-portioned cupcake. Today’s deal at Passion for Pastry will satisfy your sweet tooth without having to put on your oven mitts. Box up a dozen cupcakes for $17 (a $35 value) from a Boca Raton bakery that can relate to your saccharine cravings. Stock up on favorites like carrot cake, Fun Fetti, or decadent red velvet. The only ingredient you’ll need for this cupcake recipe is a glass of milk with which to wash it all down.

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One Dozen Cupcakes

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Nat King Cole Generation Hope Event: Raymond Lee Jewelers on Apr 27 2011

Nat King Cole Generation Hope Event

Raymond Lee Jewelers  –  April 27, 2011

Cara Rosenthal, Casey and Timolin Cole

Cara Rosenthal from The Amazing Race on CBS, Casey and Timolin Cole of the NKC Generation Hope Foundation and Jeff Josephson, President of Raymond Lee Jewelers

The Nat King Cole Generation Hope Event was held last Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton. The elegant evening was a successful celebration of hope and benevolence!

The Raymond Lee Jewelers Boca Raton showroom filled with famous faces, as shimmering jewels provided the elegant entrance for guests as the Nat King Cole Generation Hope Event commenced.

Walter Shaw and the Cole Sisters

Raymond Lee Jewelers Boca Raton Showroom

Raymond Lee Jewelers Boca Raton Showroom

Lovely Ladies! Erin, Julia and Dana.

Lovely Ladies:  Dana, Julia and Erin

Walter Shaw, Jeff, Dana, Erin, Lee, Donna and Mariana

Walter Shaw, Jeff, Dana, Erin, Lee, Donna and Mariana

Cole Twins, Kesi Case and other famous faces

Sherry Ratay and Cara Rosenthal

Sherry Ratay and Cara Rosenthal

The entertaining evening included an impressive musical performance for guests, as they browsed the beautiful pieces of jewelry on display and chatted with Casey and Timolin Cole, and several other attending celebrities. Proceeds from the successful event will benefit Nat King Cole Generation Hope, an organization dedicated to keeping music in the classrooms of our  community.

For more on NKC Generation of Hope, please visit

We feel the time is right to launch Nat King Cole Generation Hope, Inc. with the goal of inspiring our youth while enriching their lives, through the power of music. Musical instruments, instruction, seminars, state-of-the-art recording equipment and funding will be provided to students with the greatest need and fewest resources in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties.’

Casey and Timolin Cole

Sherry Ratay, Award-Winning Color Expert

Sherry Ratay, Award-Winning Color Expert

Generation Hope Pendent Unveiling at Raymond Lee Jewelers

Established with the strong desire to keep music in the classroom, the Nat King Cole Generation of Hope event was perfectly according in celebration. The talented Italian Singer, Franco Corso ( provided beautiful musically driven entertainment.

Musical Entertainment

Celebrity sitings included Cara Rosenthal from CBSAmazing Race, Fashion Designer Kesi Case (, Award Winning Color Expert Sherry Ratay ( and…

Walter Shaw, Notorious Jewel Thief and Author of A License to Steal !

We like to live life on the edge. and hosting an extravagant evening without an infamous jewel thief wandering about?

What fun would that be?!

The turnout was fantastic, and attendees had a wonderful time, while supporting a great cause. Honored guests sipped champagne while browsing an eclectic collection of exquisite estate jewelry, vivid gemstones, pave set pendants and diamond-by-the-yard jewelry pieces, shopping side by side with the Cole Sisters.

As the evening progressed, Raymond Lee Jewelers took a moment to unveil the Nat King Cole Generation Hope Signature Pendant, designed for the NKC Generation Hope Foundation. The Diamond Horn Signature Pendant was greatly appreciated and adored by the Cole Twins, in addition to many of the evening’s guests.

This inspiring design pays a great deal of honor and homage to the talented, musical legend of the great Nat King Cole. The diamond embedded sculpted classic horn pendant was designed by Richard Resnik, our Professional Custom Jewelry Designer at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Richard Resnik and Cara Rosenthal, The Amazing Race

The signature pendant has been an tremendous hit with guests of the Generation of Hope Event. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the Signature Generation Hope Pendants will soon be available for purchase in both sterling silver and diamond designs!

I promise to keep you updated on when they do become available, and if you should have and inquiries, please feel free to email me directly at

The evening was a sparkling success. We would like to formally thank Casey and Timolin Cole, Transmedia Group, Sherry Ratay, Walter Shaw, Cara Rosenthal and all guests who attended the 2011 Generation of Hope Event at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Thank you for a meaningful and musical evening!

           -Raymond Lee Jewelers

Mariana – Generation Hope Event

Igor Polotsky, Watchmaker at Raymond Lee Jewelers

Jayne and Jeff and Jewelry

Jayne. Jeff. Jewelry.

Donna at Generation Hope Event

NKC Generation Hope - Raymond Lee Jewelers Apr 27, 2011

NKC Generation Hope – Raymond Lee Jewelers Apr 27, 2011

-Alexandra, and the entire staff at Raymond Lee Jewelers

Raymond Lee Jewelers Newsletter and Nat King Cole Foundation Event Info


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 Join Us For A Night Of Elegance… 


WhenWednesday, April 27 at 6:30 PM

WhereRaymond Lee Jewelers, 22191 Power line Rd Suite 12b, Boca Raton, Florida

Why: To benefit the Nat King Cole Foundation Generation Hope


What: A night of elegance, fashion and philanthropy

Please come and enjoy a night of elegance, fashion and philanthropy. Proceeds from jewelry sales at this event will benefit the  Nat King Cole Foundation Generation Hope.   Wine and champagne will be served as well as some chocolate delights and some light hor’derves  from our sponsors.

– Raymond Lee Jewelers

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