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The iWeld 990 Laser System: Our Secret Weapon in Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repair

We repair gold & more!

You may know that Raymond Lee Jewelers is one of South Florida’s top sales and service center for diamonds, jewelry and watches. What you may not know is that Raymond Lee Jewelers has been providing South Florida with consistently quality repair services for all types of jewelry, jewelry repair. We have over 26 years of experience and no piece of jewelry is too complex or delicate to be repaired. Our highly experienced and skilled jewelry repair specialist treat every piece as if it was one of their own.

How can we consistently provide such exceptional repair service? By utilizing our secret weapon, the Laserstar iWeld 990 Series Laser System. Here at Raymond Lee we spare no expense in the continual quest of providing you with top notch repair service. That is why we use the iWeld 990:  it is top of the line, has the highest peak power in its class, has pin-point laser accuracy and integrated pulse profiling for optimized welds. In layman’s terms that means cheaper and faster repair service for you!

The iWeld 990 works by using a sharp, focused light beam (laser) that melts a very small area of metal. This laser is so highly focused that it allows us to make welds only .5 to 1.o mm away from precious gems and complicated parts without any damage.  The iWeld 990 uses a “free moving” laser, that rids the need of cumbersome and intrusive fixturing devices. Our repair specialist manipulates this laser with their hands while viewing the piece of jewelry through the state-of-the-art Leica binocular stereo-microscope, that has internal cross-hairs and 15x magnification.

We can repair and modify silver, gold, platinum and even titanium alloys. We can assemble complex, multi-colored jewelry pieces, re-tip prongs, refill casting porosity (the sponge like appearance casting metals acquire overtime), re-size ring shanks, repair eyeglasses, assemble diamond tennis bracelets, repair stone settings and much more. No piece of jewelry is too small or too large to be repaired. So find those broken pieces of jewelry laying at the bottom of your purse or hidden in a drawer and bring them in to Raymond Lee Jewelers.

– Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Sterling Silver Sizzling This Summer

Necklace made from crochet lace, pearls, and s...

Florida Jewelry

As the price of gold continues to rise and the amount of cash in consumers’ wallets remains the same, jewelers are switching a large part of their production to sterling silver jewelry – an affordable alternative that still carries great appeal to jewelry collectors and consumers. Brands that are well known for their gold and platinum jewelry, such as Leslie Greene and Gurhan,  have been  adding silver collections and are enjoying a large increase in sales.

Chad Allison has jumped head first into the silver market by introducing a new line, “Nouveau Luxe”; these pieces incorporate sterling silver accented with 18-karat gold, diamonds and colored gems. This silver collection retains the vintage look that Chad Allison is well known for but contains less diamonds. This is the brand’s first ever sterling silver collection that resulted in Chad Allison having one of its best trade shows in five years.

Many luxury brands previously did not have many pieces below the $3,000 price point and were missing out on a large segment of the market. By adding new silver lines and collections, which mainly range from $300 to $3,900, these brands are enjoying sales from customers who otherwise would not have considered making a jewelry purchase this year.

Chicago-based Lana Jewelry has launched a new collection featuring sterling silver called, LB|925. Lana Jewelry knows that there are customers who are looking to own a piece but may not be able to afford the various gold collections. With prices starting at $75,  customer now have the option to purchase a beautiful sterling silver piece and eventually graduate to the pricier gold collections. Lana’s silver collections features the same aesthetic that customers are familiar with but with a sleek and modern update,  focusing on sleek hoop earrings, bangles, pendant and layered necklaces.

These collections will be introduced this summer and fall.

– Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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The Zeitwerk: A Mechanical Digital Watch

watch sell

The Zeitwerk

A. Lange & Sohne’s new watch, the Zeitwerk, is sure to turn some heads. It is one of the only watches to combine a mechanical and digital movement. Far from the classic design of most manual wind watches, the Zeitwerk has two displays that look like day and date, but are actually the time.

The first color you notice on the dial is the obvious black which encompasses about 75%. But the stunning design comes from the silver that encloses the hour and minute markers, and the seconds dial. This design also holds a functional purpose. It hold the arbor for the two minute disks with a colorless jewel and is attached with a screw.

The watch is typical of most A. Lange & Sohne watches as the font used on the digital displays looks like the date features from other Lange models. Lange also uses a bar to separate the two digits on a date model as well as the minutes on the Zeitwerk.

One of the toughest things Lange had to overcome was the power necessary to move the digital display disks 1,608 times daily. In a normal watch the date display only needs to move once a day. Lange patented a new barrel in order to keep the dimensions of the watch small. As the watch winds down the barrel wheel moves with minimal friction. This leaves more power and energy for the mainspring and more power to turn the disks for the minutes and hours. However, too much power can be a bad thing. The Zeitwerk has a small governor that turns exactly 525,600 times per year. Since Lange uses its own hairsprings and its own spring for force escapement, there are a total of 388 components in the Zeitwerk.

The skeleton back of the Zeitwerk allows owners to view the L043.1 manual winding movement. After tests done by WatchTime magazine, the Zeitwerk only had a positional error of four seconds. The watch gained only 1.5 seconds per day and the same was found true after wearing it for three weeks.

The large white, yellow, or rose gold case measures in at 41.9 mm in diameter. The Zeitwerk also comes in platinum for a bit more money. One look at this watch and you will see its ingenious design. Reading the exact time is as easy as it has ever been with the large number displays.

Retail price for the gold models comes in at $54,500. A comparable model that came out in 2007 was listed at $114,000, more than twice the Zeitwerk. While a $50,000 watch may be expensive it seems that due to the recent economic problems, and the fact that years earlier a comparable watch was twice as much, it may be advantageous to buy an incredible watch at a discounted price.

*Note: the platinum model lists for $75,900.

by, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers, one of South Florida’s largest watch sellers.

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How to Tell If Your Gold Jewelry is Real

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Nowadays with so many counterfeiters, you can never be sure if your gold jewelry is real. However, there are several methods or “checks” you can perform to verify that your gold is real. Please remember: The BEST method to check to see if your gold is real is to take it to a local, certified jeweler.

Check the Stamp

Take a close look at the stamp, preferably using a loop or magnifying piece. The stamp shows the grade info (given in finesse or carat). A ring, for example, may be stamped 750 on its inside to indicate that it’s 75% pure gold, or 18kt. Anything under 10kt isn’t considered real gold. This isn’t always the best way since some counterfeit pieces also have similar stamps, but it’s a good way to start.

Make sure to also check if any of the gold is wearing off around the edges from wear and tear. If it is, then your jewelry is gold plated, and not actual gold.

Use a Magnet

Real gold is not magnetic, but many metals inside a non-authentic piece are. If your gold jewelry piece sticks to a magnet, then it’s not real.

Nitric Acid

First off, remember to be safe when dealing with this method. Always take precautions when you are handling any type of acid. To test your gold jewelry using nitric acid, you may have to take a file and make a scratch in your jewelry (preferable somewhere where it’s not noticeable). Take a drop of nitric acid and see if it causes a reaction. If you see a green reaction, then you are dealing with a gold plated piece. If the reaction turns milky white, you’re dealing with a gold plated piece over sterling silver. If there is no reaction, then you have real gold. This method is commonly used in jewelry stores.

Unglazed Ceramic Plate

First off, you may not want to use this method because it will scratch your jewelry, but if you’re really eager to determine if your jewelry is real gold, then you may proceed. Take your jewelry and drag it across a piece of unglazed ceramic. If your jewelry is composed of real gold, it will leave a gold streak. If it isn’t, it’ll leave a black streak.

Gold Tester

If you’re willing to invest some money in a gold tester, it is one of the surest ways to tell if your gold is real or not. However, these gold testers usually come with a hefty price tag. They can be commonly found in jewelry stores.

Raymond Lee Jewelers, shop for gold at our locations.

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