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Raymond Lee Jewelers How To Know She Is The One

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If you are over 30 years old and in a relationship for longer than a year the thought of her being “The One” may have crossed your mind. Unsure of what “The One”  really means or feels like can cause much confusion. What is further confusing is when you ask people they respond by saying you will just know. What does that mean,   just know? How can you be expected to just know when you’re not even sure what you are having for dinner, let alone the rest of your life.  At Raymond Lee Jewelers we answer this life-changing question on a regular basis. The best way to know if she is “The One” is to picture yourself 10 years from now. Is she in that picture or are flying solo? If you are uncertain of what your future holds, look at moments you have spent with her when something really great or awful has happened to her, did it feel like it happened to you too? (There other ways to tell and will be in future blogs)  Since Raymond Lee Jewelers  has been selling engagement rings for 26 years, and counting,  we have seen every type of relationship reach “The One” status. What can be passed one from all these years of experience is “The One” status is reserved for only the most special connections, and to us at Raymond Lee Jewelers it is obvious which connections are the “The One”.

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