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Summer Coral and Turquoise Sale at Raymond Lee Jewelers!

Coral and Turquoise Summer Sale!

We have been covering these two hot summer colors for months, highlighting their increasing presence and popularity in fashion trends. The eternal optimism of both coral and turquoise seem to embody the freedom embracing, sunshine drenched months of Summer in colored excitement!

As a matter of fact, I was so in product love with Essie’s turquoise & caicos polish this weekend, that my fingers and toes are both now celebrating the terrific turquoise & caicos color with glee!

Essie... You had me at hello.

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Coral Crop Fringe Top:

Dress by Motel

Cool Coral Dress by

Marc Jacobs Agrees... at least w/ the TURQUOISE!

Continuing our Celebration of Coral and Turquoise Summer Fashion Trends…


Raymond Lee Jewelers


The Coral and Turquoise Summer Sale!

Now, save 10% or more off of our incredible vintage jewelry pieces of coral and turquoise! A few items that went on sale just this afternoon include such unique pieces, including an 18k yellow gold and turquoise sea urchin ring, an incredible 18K Yellow Gold, Sapphire and Turquoise Freeform Brooch, and an 18K Yellow Gold and Angelskin Coral Floral Filigree Ring.. just to name a few!

Here’s a visual sampling of our coral and turquoise jewelry ON SALE NOW!

Check out the Raymond Lee Jewelers ebay Store for the entire collection of sale items!

Trouble Making Me: Dakota Fanning, Emma Watson, and the Photos You Shouldn’t See

Emma Watson: Vogue Cover

Dakota Fanning: Marc Jacobs Fragrance

Hublot Official Timekeeper of NYC Fashion Week- Watch Repair

Hublot, one of Raymond Lee Jewelers top selling watch brands, will be keeping time at New York City’s Spring Fashion Week. Fashion week started Thursday, September 9th and ends Thursday, September 16th. The exceptional Swiss brand that is know for its precise, beautiful and luxurious watches was chosen as the official timekeeper of the show.

Hublot will be presenting its newest timepiece, the Big Bang Tutti Frutti, which retail for $29,000 at the show. Hublot will also be presenting some of its most popular watches, such as the 18kt rose gold Big Bang chrono watch with a sporty rubber bracelet which is shown below and which is available for sale at a great price! These selections will be presented in state of the art interactive displays that will astonish and entertain the fashionistas of fashion week.

Watch Repair

Watch Repair

At fashion week Hublot will have a large Big Bang Tutti Frutti timepiece, displaying all the show times. Hublot will also be telling how close each show truly is to the official start time in a daily feature titled “How Late is Fashionably Late”.  Additional, Hublot will be displaying the current time of the top five fashion cities in the world: New York City, London, Paris, Tokyo and Geneva (where Hublot was created).

While you may not be able to travel to Lincoln Center to enjoy the whirlwind world of fashion week, you can be fashion forward by purchasing a beautiful Hublot watch. Raymond Lee Jewelers sells luxury watches at low prices and does watch repair.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Louis Vuitton Clous Bracelet- Florida Jewelry

Louis Vuitton

Click and Bid Now!

The Clous bracelet is one of Louis Vuittons signatures items from the Emprise collection. This collection was introduced in 2004 and was Louis Vuittons first foray into the jewelry market. Consisting mainly of gold and diamonds, Louis Vuitton strived to combine innovation, luxury and sensuality to create pieces that would resonate with consumers. Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuittons head designer, faced the daunting challenge of creating a new product line that was both modern and true to more than 150 years of design tradition. The Emprise collection and the Clous bracelet more than succeeded in this regard.

The Clous bracelet is beautifully made; radiating a simple elegance. You can find this bracelet in yellow, white and even rose gold. Each bracelet is crafted with a small clasp on the outer circumference that can be opened for easy removal of the bracelet. This differentiates the Clous from the similar Cartier Love bracelet which needs a screw to remove. Making the Clous a great option if you intend to wear a bracelet everyday.  Often wearers will layer multiple Clous bracelets of different sizes on the wrist, creating a impossibly chic look. Here at Raymond Lee Jewelers we have many Clous bracelets for sale at an affordable price, Florida jewelry Click on the picture above to be sent to one of our items.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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