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Candy!Candy!Candy!- Zero calories! The kind you wear!-jewelry design

Semiprecious Gems- Jewelry Repair

At our store in Boca Raton we love candy.  In fact we have huge bowls of it all over the store for our clients to enjoy when they come in.  As I look at one of the bowls it hit me each flavor has a colored gem counterpart.  Instead of a bowl of candies flavored with Cherry, Green Apple, Grape, and Blue Raspberry imagine if they were bright red rubies, vivid green peridot, deep amethysts and brilliant blue topaz.  Each one of these stones has their own unique properties making them special.

This year with the economy in a state of uncertainty and the holidays fast approaching why not look to the colored gemstone world for your loved ones gifts.  The colors are intriguing to most everyone and since most everyone can afford them it is a good option for them.  Many designers are known for using color in their repertoire.  Amongst them David Yurman, John Hardy, Judith Ripka and Cartier are a few designers known for their use of color.  Of these designers David Yurman is known for his cable bracelets capped in colored stones.  We have a large selection of David Yurman jewelry at Raymond Lee Jewelers.  Come on in to see us.  Until next time stay fabulous-  Richard your South Florida Jewelry Guru!

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The iWeld 990 Laser System: Our Secret Weapon in Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repair

We repair gold & more!

You may know that Raymond Lee Jewelers is one of South Florida’s top sales and service center for diamonds, jewelry and watches. What you may not know is that Raymond Lee Jewelers has been providing South Florida with consistently quality repair services for all types of jewelry, jewelry repair. We have over 26 years of experience and no piece of jewelry is too complex or delicate to be repaired. Our highly experienced and skilled jewelry repair specialist treat every piece as if it was one of their own.

How can we consistently provide such exceptional repair service? By utilizing our secret weapon, the Laserstar iWeld 990 Series Laser System. Here at Raymond Lee we spare no expense in the continual quest of providing you with top notch repair service. That is why we use the iWeld 990:  it is top of the line, has the highest peak power in its class, has pin-point laser accuracy and integrated pulse profiling for optimized welds. In layman’s terms that means cheaper and faster repair service for you!

The iWeld 990 works by using a sharp, focused light beam (laser) that melts a very small area of metal. This laser is so highly focused that it allows us to make welds only .5 to 1.o mm away from precious gems and complicated parts without any damage.  The iWeld 990 uses a “free moving” laser, that rids the need of cumbersome and intrusive fixturing devices. Our repair specialist manipulates this laser with their hands while viewing the piece of jewelry through the state-of-the-art Leica binocular stereo-microscope, that has internal cross-hairs and 15x magnification.

We can repair and modify silver, gold, platinum and even titanium alloys. We can assemble complex, multi-colored jewelry pieces, re-tip prongs, refill casting porosity (the sponge like appearance casting metals acquire overtime), re-size ring shanks, repair eyeglasses, assemble diamond tennis bracelets, repair stone settings and much more. No piece of jewelry is too small or too large to be repaired. So find those broken pieces of jewelry laying at the bottom of your purse or hidden in a drawer and bring them in to Raymond Lee Jewelers.

– Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Boca Raton Jewelry Repair Service, Raymond Lee Jewelers

Located in the heart of Boca Raton since 1983, Raymond Lee Jewelers provides the best repair service in Boca Raton Florida. Looking for a jewelry repair shop in Florida? You have found the right place. Leave your valuable jewelry repairs with Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton. Jewelry Repairs you are not comfortable leaving behind can be done while you wait at our Boca Raton location. All jewelry repairs done on premises in Boca Raton. No jewelry repair too big or too small. Raymond Lee Jewelers has a laser welder on premises for delicate repairs that normally cannot be done.

Raymond Lee Jewelers, Florida’s Largest Estate Jewelry Showroom

Raymond Lee Jewelers is the largest estate jewelry showroom in Florida. Carrying a full line of estate jewelry, pre-owned luxury watches, loose diamonds, gold jewelry, Precious and semi precious stones. Raymond Lee Jewelers is Florida’s largest independent jewelry retailer. The only full service showroom. Since 1983, Raymond Lee Jewelers has been servicing Palm Beach County and Florida. Known in Florida for great customer service and the best pricing in the industry. Raymond Lee Jewelers is a second generation Florida jewelry store. Work with a local jeweler in Boca Raton you can trust. Whether you need your Rolex overhauled, need an engagement ring or want to sell gold, Raymond Lee Jewelers is your number 1 choice in Florida.  Raymond Lee Jewelers works with clients nation wide. If you are located our of state you can send Raymond Lee Jewelers your Rolex for repair. Our Rolex service starts at $159 and is the best in the watch repair business.

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