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Rapaport Reports on Jewelry Industry Inflation and Diamond Trading Trending

Rapaport Reporting: Jewelry Industry Inflation

From: rapaportgroup  | Jun 23, 2011  | 95 views
Jewelry inflation in the U.S. continues as the price of precious metals and diamonds climb. According to comScore, the popularity of online video and the ever-changing habits of viewers present an opportunity to advertise your brand.
A report from Rice Universityassociate professor of management, Utpal Dholakia, businesses can gain traction using “daily deals” websites, but there are many elements a brand must consider. Over the next few years, it is likely that daily deal sites will have to settle for lower shares of revenues from businesses compared with their current levels, and it will be harder and more expensive for them to find viable candidates to fill their pipelines of daily deals, according to Dholakia. In his third study – the most exhaustive study done to date on the daily deals industry – Dholakia found that there is very little difference between companies in the ever-expanding competition for consumer dollars, and it will be difficult for any one site to stand out from the others.”

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Check out what Rapaport Reported on the Success of the

June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair!!!


The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show wrapped up this week on an extremely positive note with a new record of 37,000 total attendees. The show attracted more than 2,800 exhibitors from 46 countries and regions — making it the largest for this show’s history. The number of buyers increased by 16 percent overall and the number of overseas buyers increased by 23 percent, led by Hong Kong’s three major export markets for fine jewelry — buyers from the U.S. rose 22 percent; buyers from France increased by 30 percent and buyers from Switzerland rose 6 percent. Buyers from emerging markets increased as well. Buyers from the Chinese mainland rose 33 percent, buyers from India rose 41 percent, Russian buyers in attendance increased 27 percent, Brazilian buyers rose 29 percent and there were 16 percent more buyers from Japan at this year’s show.

The Diamond Trading Company opened its 2012-contract period sightholder process this week. Those intending to register for this first round for sights in London, Botswana and Canada must submit audited financial information and a meet certain requirements regarding minimum revenue stream and rough utilization during each of the past three years. Applicants for sights in South Africa and Namibia have lower minimum requirements. All applicants must prove that they adhere to De Beers best practice principles and guarantee that they never traded diamonds outside of the Kimberley Process. The next phase of the sightholder application begins on April 18.  More information is available here.

Buy Sell Gold – Gold Keeps on Rising! Hits Record Peak.

Buy Sell Gold

Buy Sell Gold

Raymond Lee Jewelers will be keeping you up to date on the current buy sell gold and the gold market in general, which as I type this is still rising. This Thursday (September 16th) gold prices hit $1,273 per-ounce and according to some analysts it may rise or even top $1,300 an ounce. The most-actively traded gold contract, for December delivery, rose $3.70, or 0.3%, to settle at a record $1,277.50 a troy ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange.

This rise in prices of gold can be attributed to the slow U.S. job growth and other less than satisfactory economic indicators. As the economy slowly recovers from the global recession the U.S. government is hoping to speed things up with a new round of stimulating asset purchases. These purchases in turn worry investors who feel that the dollar may be weakened by these actions and turn to gold as an inflation hedge.

Europe has played a part in the rise of gold as well as the euro has fallen on reports that some countries may need drastic loans, such as Ireland. Due to the fact that gold is not linked to economic cycles as closely as copper or oil, it is thought to be a safer asset.

Raymond Lee Jewelers hopes you will choose us when you decide to sell your gold. We offer the highest prices paid for your gold. The surrounding community has entrusted us with their gold since 1983. If you are located in the South Florida area and have gold to sell, feel free to stop into our Boca Raton location or make an appointment with one of our buyers at our Boynton location to sell gold. We will carefully evaluate your gold items, make you an offer and we will pay you on the spot. If you do not wish to gold sell, there is no further obligation.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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