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Hublot’s Human Rights Watch- Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Everyday I come across luxury watch brands who have created limited edition watches to commemorate special occasions or corporate hallmarks; rarely do I see a watch brand craft a limited-run of timepieces solely created to benefit such a selfless cause. Hublot will release seven watches which will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Human Rights Watch Organization. These amazing pieces were created and designed to pay tribute to the Deceleration of Human Rights and Human Rights Watch’s never-ending quest on focusing international attention where ever human rights are violated.

One watch will be auctioned off at each of the seven different cities chosen to hold an annual Human Rights Watch dinner. Hublot is hoping each watch will bring in much-needed funds for this amazing organization. The cities are New York, Los Angeles, Geneva, Paris, San Francisco, Beirut and Saint Moritz. Watch repair.

Hublot partnered with world-renowned artists Roger Pfund to design the dial of this amazing watch; Pfund is best known for creating the current French Franc and a few of the designs of the Euro. The ceramic dial contains laser engraved micro-letters of the Deceleration of Human Rights. All 30 articles are on the dial divided into 60 lines that would represent each minute on the dial. On the right side of the dial at the three o’clock position is one of the seven cities where the fund-raising dinners will be held. The case is 43mm and the dial, leather band, case and bezel are all black.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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