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Rapid Reporting: Gold Bullion made a bad batch! Jamie Campany

Gold Bullion made a bad batch!

In a world of economic turmoil, downgraded status, and the U.S. dollar sinking faster than the Titanic, many of us are scrambling to find a secure, safe and reliable means of investing our monies.  Precious metals, such as gold bullion gives us that security we are all craving.  However, here is a “BUYER BEWARE” scam that is sweeping the nation.  There are “brokers” running around and targeting our senior citizens to quickly invest their savings into these precious metals, but only taking the money, not bringing back the metals they “invested”.  As with anytime you are looking to invest, due diligence is required to fully investigate any and all companies!

Gold - Bullion Bars

In Florida, these precious metal exchange stores were going up faster than Starbucks, Walgreens and medicial dispensaries combined!  Most recently, Gold Bullion Exchange founder, Jamie Campany, plead guilty to fraud.

 He was one of many who took client’s money with no intent to purchase the precious metals he promised.  Ok, that’s the bad news.  Good news, is now this under regulated commodity is now over-sought by US Commodity Futures Commission.  If the trade of monies to bullion isn’t finalized (metal being delivered to the original buyer) within 28 days, that is a violation of the new law and the federal government prosecute.Lee Josephson, of Raymond Lee Jewlers suggests, “It is always a good time to buy precious metals. As the currency continues to get weaker precious metals continue to rise.” Raymond Lee Jewelers buys Bullion and Gold.

Canadian Couple Charged with Fraud: Raymond Lee Jewelers

Raymond Lee Jewelers

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A Canadian couple has been charged in a counterfeit Tiffany and Company scam, December 2010. The woman in the couple is facing several charges for smuggling fake Tiffany jewelry from China. She sold the jewelry to private parties, online, and in mall kiosks. Little Blue Box was the name she used for her “company.”

Her husband was also arrested and facing charges, too. They were trying to sell their fake jewelry on Ebay as well as private parties, online, and in mall kiosks. Tiffany and Co. came up with a lawsuit against Ebay for allowing this couple to sell fake jewelry posing as Tiffany jewelry. The court ruled in Ebay’s favor. Investigator’s think over 1,500 people purchased jewelry from these frauds thinking it was real. Want to purchase real Tiffany and Co. items? Come into Raymond Lee Jewelers today!

By: Jaimee at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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