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Selling Gold In Florida

Selling gold in Florida can be easy. Raymond Lee Jewelers pays the most for your unwanted scrap gold or gold jewelry in Boca Raton. Don’t send your gold in the mail to some company. Who knows what you’ll get for your unwanted gold when sending it away. Come see a jewelry store in person to sell you gold jewelry. What better place to sell scrap jewelry than Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton. Today gold is up huge. Gold is trading for $1125 per ounce today. Sell your unwanted gold in Boca Raton today. If you are located anywhere in South Florida and have gold to sell, Raymond Lee Jewelers should be where you sell. Raymond Lee Jewelers is fully staffed with buyers that can help you. Make selling scrap gold a pleasant experience at Raymond Lee Jewelers. Located in Palms Plaza behind the Olive Garden. Our address is 22191 powerline rd suite 12b, Boca Raton, Florida 33433. 561-750-7808.  Raymond Lee Jewelers is located in the same shopping center as The Kosher Marketplace, Dorjon, Olive Garden, Party City, Tropical Smoothie, Boca Pharmacy and many more. Another land mark to use to find Raymond Lee Jewelers is the Bank of America building, we are right next to that.

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