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Can a Royal Wedding EVER Be Low Key

Royal Wedding – Low Key?

Can a royal wedding be low-key? I guess when compared to the Prince William and Princess Kate all weddings are low-key, but the beautiful fashion is not only high key, but ranks up with the  classic fashion key! Even the Prince and Princess of Cambridge showed off their fashion, but the main focus was still on the bride, Zara Phillips.
Stunning Zara Phillips dazzles in a Stewart Parvin Wedding Gown.
Source: Reuters
 She wore all the favorite designers of England.  Dress by Stewart Parvin, and Jimmy Choo shoes! Her tiara was Greek Key design, (something borrowed, from her mom, Princess Anne) which looked amazing with her ivory silk gown!
Zara Phillips, Stewart Parvin
Source: Reuters

Beautiful jewelry and beautiful bride, how every bride hopes to obtain the balance of classic beauty with their own style to make them unique and the envy of every women attending their wedding.
Royal Wedding, Prince of Cambridge, Princess of Cambridge

Source: Reuters

The Prince and Princess of Cambridge didn’t disappoint the fashion world either.  Princess Kate in her high fashion slanted hat in her biscuit coat and dress was very complimentary to her amazing style of grace, elegance and unique approach to attending a wedding.

A History: Baume & Mercier- Florida Gold Store

Florida Gold Store

Florida Gold Store

Baume & Mercier has always been known for its elegance as much as for its precision. Created over 170 years ago by Louis Victor and Pierre-Joseph-Celestin Baume in the small Swiss mountain village of Les Bois; it has since grown into one of the leading luxury watch brands on the market. Even after over a century and a half of innovative watch making, Baume & Mercier continues to release a plethora of ground breaking timepieces.

Baume & Mercier was originally a family run watch making business that would not become the company we have come to know until much later. In was not until 1844 when Joseph Celestin Baume traveled to England to create new business opportunities that this small family operation started to truly make a name for it self. There was an explosion of interest for their watches in England which allowed them to open more shops throughout Europe. With this new found interest in their watches Victor and Baume started to create less traditional timepieces and focus more on originality, an aspect that would come to greatly define this growing company in the future.

Over the next seventy years the company was successfully run by Victor and Baume’s descendents and had amassed a reputation for exquisite and precise watches throughout Europe. Yet compared to other luxury Swiss brands, Baume’s family run watch company was still relatively small scale. The year 1912 would be a turning point for the company. It was in this year that William Baume happened to meet the jeweler Paul Mercier. Six years later these two men would join together and create the luxury Swiss brand, Baume & Mercier.

These two men would use their ingenuity and business acumen to sky rocket to the top. Baume & Mercier has since become one of the leading luxury watch brands on the market. They have released such amazing models such as the Riviera, the Malibu, the Hampton Classic and the Classima. Raymond Lee Jewelers always has a great selection of Baume & Mercier watches on hand at great prices.

Raymond Lee Jewelers is

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers not only sells Baume & Mercier watches we are also one of the largest Florida Gold Store.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre and its Reverso

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is one of the most recognizable watches in the world. It was created to help protect watch faces during sporting events. The watch face is able to slide and turn over so that the back of the face is now the top. This protects the dial and crystal from scratches. The patent for this design was applied for in March 1931.

Monsieur Cesar was working with gold dentures in England in the 1920’s. He went to India in 1930 to try and sell his product and heard polo players complaining that their watches kept getting scratched during games. Cesar had already come up with a design for the Reverso even before he heard these complaints and teamed up with Jacques-David LeCoultre and Edmond Jaeger to make the first one.

The first Reverso came into production in 1931 and has been a symbol of beauty and innovation ever since. There was both a ladies and gents version of the watch. The Reverso was also produced for other companies like Cartier Favre-Lueba, Gruen, E. Gubelin, Hamilton, Patek Philippe and Turler.

Today there are many versions of the Reverso including the Cassique, Duetto Duo, Duo, Grande Automatique, Grande Date, Grande GMT, Grande Taille, Grande Reserve, Lady, Platinum No. 2, and the Grande Reverso Email which has enamel dials from lithographs by Czech Art Nouveau printmaker Alfonse Mucha.

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