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Concord Repair

Concord Repair

Concord Repair

Repairing your luxury Swiss watch, such as a Concord, should be treated like caring for your automobile.  Every so often both need to be looked at to ensure they are running properly.  And just like a car there are signals that your Concord sends you telling you it is time for a Concord repair.

If your automatic watch is losing or gaining a couple of seconds per day that is normal.  No automatic watch keeps perfect time in all directions.  However, if you notice it is missing minutes, you may have a serious problem where parts need to be replaced.  In order to ensure this never happens, make sure to have a cleaning every few years.  Make sure the cleaning includes lubricating the movement.  Without proper lubrication an automatic movement cannot run to its full potential and may even rust.

Concord watch repair, like any luxury Swiss watch repair, may seem simple but is actually quite complicated.  When you drop your car off for repair you don’t see what happens while it is in the shop; and same with a watch repair.  It turns out it is quite a complicated process.  First, a certified watchmaker must remove the case from the band disassemble the case.  All parts including the dial, movement, crystal, and tubes and gaskets must be separated.  Once this happens the case and bracelet are polished and cleaned.  Next, the movement itself is taken apart.  The gears and other parts of the movement are checked for damage or rust and replaced if necessary.  Then, the movement is placed in a Greiner Vibrograph ACS 900 cleaning machine.  Once the movement is cleaned it is reassembled and fit together with the dial and case.  If the watch is water resistant the watchmaker must test it with our Witschi Proofmaster M machine.  Once all of this is done the watch will be fully reassembled, including the band and your Concord watch repair is finished.

by, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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