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Feature Friday: Corum Admirals Cup Chronograph Watch

On, you will find a user-friendly search platform for Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Timepieces. You may choose to search by brand name, such as Cartier, Chopard, Jaeger LeCoultre, Chanel, Omega, Bvlgari, Rolex, Corum and more. From there, you can easily search for a specific watch model or by the watch metal, such as stainless steel, 14kt yellow gold, white gold, etc., in addition to various other sub-categories specific to each watch brand.

Please feel free to take a gander, and let us know what you think of our inventory and searching platform. We‘d love to have your feedback!

Many of the watches you find on this site will be with us at The Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show this June 2-5!

Raymond Lee Jewelers: Booth 1455

In honor of our continued participation in the Antique Jewelry & Watch Show, this Feature Friday will highlight one of the most impressive certified pre-owned luxury watches of the Raymond Lee Jewelers inventory.

Corum Admirals Cup 977.630.55 18K

Rose Gold Chronograph watch

Corum Admirals Cup

Model – Admirals Cup 44 Tides
Model – 977.630.55
Case Material – 18kt Rose Gold
Case Measurement – 45 mm
Bezel – 18kt Rose Gold
Dial – Navy Blue
Band – 18kt Rose Gold Admirals Cup Band
Movement – Automatic
Crystal – Scratch Resistant Sapphire
Features – Moonphase, Tide Phase, Date, Hours, Minutes, Seconds

All watches come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Condition is Pre-owned.

Retail Price: $28,600.00
Sale Price: $15,995.00

Price Match Promise
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Buying Jewelry On Ebay

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Buying  jewelry on eBay is definitely a convenient way to get your jewelry shopping done, but do you really know what you’re getting? Do you feel comfortable spending big money on jewelry and watches on eBay to save a few bucks? You may be surprised; what you are buying on eBay maybe coming from your local jeweler anyway.

The largest collection of name brand jewelry and luxury watches can be found on eBay. On eBay you will find retail jewelers selling as well as privates. You will also find eBay sellers selling luxury items mixed in with random other items. A company’s eBay feedback is very important. Be cautious, a lot of feedback does not mean you are good to go. Example, what if a company has a Rolex for 3k you want to buy. You look at their feedback and it looks great, they have 3000+ feedbacks. However, look closer, if their 3000+ feedback are sales for $20 or less, I would be careful. Also if their 3000+ feedback has a bunch of negatives,  be careful.

Check the company’s return policy out. Google them to try to get some info on the company. It doesn’t mean they are a bad company selling fake or damaged items on eBay, the risk is just a bit higher. On the other end of this, if you find the same watch for 300 bucks more from a jewelry and watch eBay seller with a great track record and good return policy, buy it. Personally, I am wary of return policies that are not straightforward. I will only buy from companies with a liberal return policy – liberal meaning 7 days money back at least. If a company does not accept returns, I don’t buy, period. It’s really bad business to have a no return policy. There is something wrong with the product, the seller doesn’t understand it or cannot be bothered taking it back.

Warranty is also a big one. Let’s say you buy yourself an automatic watch on eBay, and after owning it for three weeks, you notice it’s losing time. You take it to your local watch repair shop and they tell you it needs a $500 overhaul. You will not want to pay that amount! Good online sellers will offer some sort of warranty with a product they sell. In my opinion, one year warranty on watches is what is fair. Free shipping is also a great eBay shopping tool. Many companies offer free shipping on eBay because eBay incentifies them to do so. Meaning they may get a discount on their eBay monthly bill. Companies that offer free shipping may do so because they know that if you buy their product, you will be happy with it.

So remember, always buy from a trustworthy buyer! You can also check out our eBay store!

I hope this was useful for you.

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Buying Jewelry, Watches and Diamonds Online

There are plenty of reason to buy and not to buy luxury goods on the internet. Some believe that online sellers have a lower overhead and therefore can work for a smaller margin. While others fear they will not receive what they ordered if making a purchase on the internet. Whatever you believe, there are pro’s and con’s to both. When making major purchases, the internet is a great place to start for reference. Instead of just going to the local jeweler to buy, take a look and see whats available online thats comparable. It’s not necessarily going to be the case that the online seller has the best deal. If you do decide to make a luxury purchase online, it is important to do some homework on who you are buying from. Just simply “googling” the company can be quite effective. Items purchased online should be fully refundable if your not happy (in a long enough period that you can send it back), and should come with paperwork describing what you purchased. If its a diamond you purchased online it should come with a certificate for sure (G.I.A., E.G.L., A.G.S.). Make sure you do your homework on the lab that issued the certificate. We have a little info in an earlier blog. If its a watch you purchased online it can come with the original warranty paperwork and box. If it doesn’t thats okay but it should come with an appraisal that has the model and serial number on it. This is all very important for your protection. The most important thing when buying online is what the payment methods are. The biggest red flag out there is companies that only accept wire transfers, money orders or cashier checks. These companies may be legit but  generally are not. I suggest doing business with a company that will take all major credit cards including Amex (for purchase protection). All these same principles hold true to shopping in a brick and mortar store. It is never a good idea to shop anywhere that has a company policy like ” All Sales Final “.

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