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Wedding Wednesday: Neutral Bridesmaids Dresses are a Hot Trend

A recent, lovely recurring theme cropping up on wedding blogs across the net is the emergence of bridesmaids in subdued, neutral hues. Whether a bride opts to dress her girls in varying shades or one tone for a monochromatic look, this trend allows the ladies to create a soft, beautiful addition to the altar. Here are some of our favorite looks:

Mastin Studios via Style Me Pretty

These ladies look lovely in this warm shade of ivory. Varying styles allow each bridesmaid to show off her personality, while the different textures on the dresses add interest both on the big day and in the photographs that will last for decades.

Michael & Anna Costa Photographers Ltd. via Style Me Pretty

For a sophisticated take, turn to fall’s staple neutral slate gray. These bridesmaids look chic and effortlessly elegant in these flattering long gowns. With each maid in the same dress and tone, everything from hair to jewelry to accessories can be left up to the bridesmaids to select to suit her own tastes.

Jose Villa photography via

These ‘maids complement the blushing bride in, what else? Blush! The diaphanous gowns add whimsy while the lilac undertones of the blush add an extra layer of femininity.

Braedon Photography via Project Wedding

These bridesmaids shine in stone colored chiffon, and add pops of color with jewel-toned shoes and colorful bouquets.

Riso Studio via Style Me Pretty

Another bunch of bridesmaids in blush, each maid has customized her look to reflect her style while staying in the same color family. The different shades and materials could lack cohesion otherwise, but the careful pairing of neutral shoes is both flattering (hello longer legs!) and unifying. The short length of every dress also helps tie all these different looks together.

Basing your bridesmaids’ dresses off of a neutral color palette is both beautiful and a lifesaver for your maids. Regardless of your love for fuchsia, your bridesmaids are the ones shelling out for a new gown to suit your Big Day desires; they’ll love you (even more than they already do) if you select, or let them pick, a dress in a classic neutral they’ll really wear again. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to gift fun, patterned or bright accessories to your bridesmaids, should you choose. And if your brides will be donning colorful jewelry for your wedding? Well we’ve got a post for that too!

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Diamonds: Not Just a Girls Best Friend in Boca Raton

The birthstone for the month of April is Diamond.  The hardest substance known to man.  In fact the word diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, which means unbreakable.  The first diamond was discovered in India during the 9th century B.C.  India was the worlds only source for diamonds until the year 1725 when diamonds were first discovered in Brazil.  Since then diamond deposits have been found in South Africa, Australia,  Russia, Canada and even the United States of America just to name a few of the nations that produce diamonds for the global market.  Despite the fact that diamonds seem to be found all over the world very few are actually worthy of being considered gem quality.

Here at Raymond Lee Jewelers  in Boca Raton, Florida, we have a large selection of diamonds in all sizes.  We pride ourselves in having the best selection of stones in all sizes and the best quality.  We also have a strong selection of Canary, Champagne, and even Chocolate diamonds.  We have a beautiful assortment of mountings.  If you have a diamond and would like to change the setting our design specialist is on hand for a free consult.  Just call Richard to make and appointment.  Looking forward to working with you soon.-


The Jewelry Guru 🙂

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