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Watch Repair Florida

Florida‘s watch repair center is located in Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton. If your looking for Florida watch repair you have come to the right place. We service all makes and models of watches on premesis in our work shop in Boca Raton. With state of the art watch repair equipment, Raymond Lee Jewelers has the best service available. Watch repair is a very delicate process, don’t trust this service to just anyone. Raymond Lee Jewelers has the best full service watch repair in the south east United States. Some of Raymond Lee Jewelers specialties include, Rolex service, Breitling service, Omega service, IWC service, Patek Philippe service and many more.

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Which Luxury Watch Brand To Choose When Buying A Watch

A lot of people choose a luxury watch brand just because they like it. They may not care about the residual value. Others (like myself) make purchases in general, not just watches, based on what kind of retained value an item has. I have seen a million times a client buy a Patek. The Patek gets discontinued and the client sells the watch for more than they paid. They may have even paid full retail and bought it new, worn in for a while and turned a profit. Most of the time this is not possible and its a gamble. If you were to buy a Breitling brand new it would most always never be an appreciating asset. In my personal opinion you need to stick to Patek and Rolex. They are really the best watches to put money in. If you buy them right you normally can’t lose.

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