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Bvlgari (Bulgari) Celebrates 125th Year Anniversary!: Raymond Lee Jewelers

Bvlgari Earrings

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Bvlgari (Bulgari) is an Italian jeweler. Although Bvlgari is mainly talked about as a jewelry company, they also sell watches, handbags, fragrances, and accessories. In 1884 Sotirio Voulgaris founded his company. This company has been active for about 125 years! Their jewelry consists of many different gemstones and different jewelry designs. There are over 600 Bvlgari jewels on display in Paris to celebrate the 125th anniversary. These gemstones are also from Liz Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, and Sophia Lauren.

Raymond Lee Jewelers also sells Bvlgari jewelry. From earrings, to necklaces, rings, bracelets, and watches, they have it all! Many of their items are being listed on Ebay like the picture that is posted. For more information on purchasing these earrings, click the picture!

By: JM at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Candy!Candy!Candy!- Zero calories! The kind you wear!-jewelry design

Semiprecious Gems- Jewelry Repair

At our store in Boca Raton we love candy.  In fact we have huge bowls of it all over the store for our clients to enjoy when they come in.  As I look at one of the bowls it hit me each flavor has a colored gem counterpart.  Instead of a bowl of candies flavored with Cherry, Green Apple, Grape, and Blue Raspberry imagine if they were bright red rubies, vivid green peridot, deep amethysts and brilliant blue topaz.  Each one of these stones has their own unique properties making them special.

This year with the economy in a state of uncertainty and the holidays fast approaching why not look to the colored gemstone world for your loved ones gifts.  The colors are intriguing to most everyone and since most everyone can afford them it is a good option for them.  Many designers are known for using color in their repertoire.  Amongst them David Yurman, John Hardy, Judith Ripka and Cartier are a few designers known for their use of color.  Of these designers David Yurman is known for his cable bracelets capped in colored stones.  We have a large selection of David Yurman jewelry at Raymond Lee Jewelers.  Come on in to see us.  Until next time stay fabulous-  Richard your South Florida Jewelry Guru!

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Cartier Love Bangle Love Bracelet Sizes

Cartier Love Bangle Love Bracelet Sizes

Cartier Love Bangle

In 1969 Aldo Cipullo invented the “Love” bracelet for Cartier.  The story behind the Cartier love bangle has to do with its security.  Normal bangles  are wide enough to put on your wrist without opening it.  The Cartier Love bangle does not open without a screwdriver.  Every Love bracelet sold from Cartier comes with its own screwdriver. Jewelry repair is not necessary for a lost screwdriver as any flat head will do.

Sizes for the Love bracelet range from 16 to 21 which represent the inner circumference in centimeters.

Below is a reference chart for Cartier Love Bangle Love Bracelet Sizes:

Size 16 = 16cm (6.3 Inches)
Size 17 = 17cm (6.7 Inches)
Size 18 = 18cm (7.1 Inches)
Size 19 = 19cm (7.5 Inches)
Size 20 = 20cm (7.9 Inches)
Size 21 = 21cm (8.3 Inches)

Cartier Love Bangles remain one of the most popular selling Cartier items.  Famous people including Larry King, Lindsay Lohan, and Elton John have been known to wear these beautiful bracelets.

by, Seth at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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Diamonds Scream “KEEP ME CLEAN!”: A guide to cleaning your fine jewelry in Boca Raton.

Pink Sapphire ring
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Hello again it’s me, Richard, your south Florida Jewelry Guru.  Its not often that I get so riled up about a subject that I have to vent and go on a bit of a rant but today I came upon the straw that broke the came’ls back.  A woman came into the store today and asked for a favor.  She asked me to take her tennis bracelet off because she was unable to.  I was stunned because I was unable to as well.  The amount of schmutz (technical term) that was stuck in between the workings of the clasp was insane.  I explained to her the reason she couldn’t get her bracelet off was because it needed a good cleaning.  In fact I am surprised she didn’t think it needed cleaning as there was so much dirt and grime underneath that her stones looked like they came straight out of the ground.

It amazes me that people to this day seem to think that once you have purchased your shiny new bauble that you are off the hook for thinking about it again other than enjoying wearing it.  How can you enjoy wearing something that looks like a piece of junk caked in dirt and grime?  Americans spend millions of dollars a year on jewelry but rarely do they think of any maintenance after the fact.  Most jewelry stores offer some sort of jewelry cleaning service.  Some stores will charge a small fee for doing so, while others will not as part of their regular practice of good customer service.  At Raymond Lee Jewelers we will gladly clean your jewelery whether you bought it here or not.  Before we put your jewelry in the ultrasonic we evaluate its condition to make sure there are no loose or damaged stones to prevent any potential problems in the future.  If there is a loose stone or any other issue we will be able to address it before any real problems begin.  In addition here is some basic information as to how to keep your jewelry looking its best.

#1) Always use lotions and creams long before putting your jewelery on.  Diamonds love to stick to oil.  In turn the oils from your creams, lotions and even your own natural oils will cling to your stones and in turn dirt will stick to it.

#2) Do not use toothpaste to clean your diamond, it is an old wives tale that it will clean your diamond.  It will only make matters worse as toothpaste has abrasives in it that can harm the metal your stone is set in.  In addition it is also very difficult to rinse clean.

#3) Many colored stones are sensitive to changes in temperature so always use room temperature water when cleaning them.  You can use a mild solution of water with a few drops of liquid dish soap.  Make sure you rinse the piece well as a residue can be left behind if you do not.  NEVER immerse your emeralds, pearls, coral or turquoise  in any water or other chemicals or solutions.

#4) If you have a cappuccino machine with a steamer that only steams water (sounds silly but some have a reservoir for milk) it is safe to use on your diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

If you have any other questions, send them to me and I will do my best to answer you.  Better yet come visit us!

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