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TrendLuxury Interviews Raymond Lee Jewelers President, Jeff Josephson: The Final Word on Fashion

 The Final Word on Fashion from Raymond Lee Jewelers President, Jeff Josephson

TrendLuxury is an award-winning publication, as well as leading social media outlet and interactive influence on luxury, glamor and fashion trends. With an International fan-base, fashion experts and industry leaders, TrendLuxury has been coined ‘ the international online trend.’

This successfully savvy company prides itself on keeping consumers both well-informed and entertained with coverage on fashion trends, tips, product reviews, event coverage and interviews with today’s luxury style influences and fashion industry leaders.’

It would therefore come as no surprise to those who know him, and have seen his keen eye and spot-on style related observations in both jewelry and fashion, that Jeff Josephson was approached for an interview with the International fashion news outlet.

Trendluxury conducted an interview with Raymond Lee Jewelers President Jeff Josephson, which includes a fun variety of fashion-related inquiries, in addition to how Raymond Lee Jewelers came to be and why we have remained a trusted, innovative and evolving industry leader.

Read the full interview here for in-depth analysis of the strong comeback of sophisticated ’70s glamor, yellow gold jewelry pieces and accessories, colors and designs that Jeff suspects we will be seeing this Summer.

As a gal that has embraced yellow gold jewelry for the first time in her life, and has both seen and sported the style inspirations which Jeff Josephson discusses here with TrendLuxury, I promise that you will enjoy these professional jewelry, accessory and fashion insights!

… Read Full Interview Here

Sneak Peak:

Jeff Josephson: This has been a year of two extremes, neither one is overpowering the other just yet but I suspect as the year progresses and as fashion continues through the 70’s style evolution we can expect larger, bolder pieces to begin to overshadow more delicate designs.

Masculine Monday: Water for Elephants Style Vests, Sweaters and Suits

Masculine Monday: Channeling the 1930’s

Hyper Smash

1930’s Men’s Fashion: Water for Elephants

There were many US designers that made their mark in fashion during the 1930s. It comes as no surprise that the eye of fashion has happily revisited and revived this exciting era of new fabrics, textures, colors and trends. While the Nation was experiencing the most economically challenging times yet, there is an obvious showing that even in the darkest of times, creativity will find a way to bring hope to the masses.                         
During this first third of the 20th Century, Men’s fashion became more daring and colorful than ever before. Perhaps the introduction of new fabrics, cuts and cheerful color palettes aided in some way to distract from the fact that we were in the middle of a Great DepressionWith money and job opportunities scarce, the uncertainty of our future as a Country was at an all time high. In some regard however, this helped open a whole new world of fashion possibilities.
Elsa Schiaparelli was perhaps the most well-known Italian Designer during this time, greatly known for her creative work and ingenuity by using fashion as a distinct form of artistic expression. Unwilling to cut down on manufacturing costs and the changing fashion that came with WWII, Schiaparelli’s business was closed in 1954.

Elsa Schiaparelli remains one of the most influential and theatrical Fashion Designers in history, having collaborated with Surrealism Artist Salvador Dalí in the design of the infamous ‘shoe hat’ circa 1933, as well as creating the wardrobes for over thirty films. Her wardrobe successes include 1933’s Topaze, the outfits worn by Zsa Zsa Gabor in the 1952 production of Moulin Rouge, and with the help of a mannequin proportional to her measurements, Schiaparelli famously dressed Mae West for the 1937 film, Every Day’s a Holiday. She was also responsible for the Tromp L’oeil scarf first ordered by Lord and Taylor, and featured in Vogue.

30's Inspired-Looks Making a Strong Return

Coco Chanel has been one of the most innovative Designers of men’s fashion. It was in the ’30s when Chanel‘s signature color pairings of navy and white, beige and black, and burgundy and white were first introduced. She became recognized mostly for using the economic downturn to her advantage during this decade.

As baseball and Jazz music began inspiring men’s fashion, Coco Chanel began to incorporate the use of jersey fabrics into her menswear. The comfortable and durable fabric had become less expensive to produce in the US., and Chanel began designing men’s garments infused with daring new color pairings and a heightened use of  jersey material.

Mens 3 Piece Suits

Men’s fashion in the 1930’s introduced never before seen fabrics, colors and accessories worn by men. Many attribute this surge to the short, baggy knee length trousers worn by Edward the III, later dubbed as “Plus Fours.” This unusual  piece became a popular item among men in the ’30s, often worn with a round-necked schoolboy sweater.

Both men and boys began to wear full three-pieced suits, designed to broaden the shoulders and elongate the body for a more masculine appearance. This was also the reason for the v-shaped vest worn under the newly introduced double breasted jacket, a jacket design which is just as popular today as it was upon it’s introduction during the ’30s.

As you can see by the wardrobe ensembles of the men in Water for Elephants, this is also the first time in history when accessories became an integral part to a man’s ensemble. A hat of some kind was worn nearly all the time, and the introduction of the fedora was happily accepted by men of all social classes. Neck ties and pocket handkerchiefs became more popular than ever before, as men seemed to adopt the notion that their ensemble was a direct reflection of their character and level of social etiquette.

The Return of the 3-Piece Suit

Along with suede dress shoes, classy fedora styles, three-piece tailored suits and raincoat’s, expect to see many other men’s fashion revivals from the 1930’s. Among these stylish returns are the tie clip, handkerchief, men’s gloves and schoolboy sweaters.

Schoolboy Sweater at

Be one of the first to obtain a few of these signature styles and you’ll be stylishly ahead of the curve!

…Read more on male fashion trends that are channeling the 1930’s in a modernized way on

Raymond Lee Jewelers Newsletter and Nat King Cole Foundation Event Info


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WhenWednesday, April 27 at 6:30 PM

WhereRaymond Lee Jewelers, 22191 Power line Rd Suite 12b, Boca Raton, Florida

Why: To benefit the Nat King Cole Foundation Generation Hope


What: A night of elegance, fashion and philanthropy

Please come and enjoy a night of elegance, fashion and philanthropy. Proceeds from jewelry sales at this event will benefit the  Nat King Cole Foundation Generation Hope.   Wine and champagne will be served as well as some chocolate delights and some light hor’derves  from our sponsors.

– Raymond Lee Jewelers

Our Blog Has Something For YOU!

This month we are all about our blog. It has become a popular resource for fashion and jewelry information and we’d like to share some of our latest features with you.




Masculine Monday’s


To kick the week off with a robust spark, the Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog will be posting an entry dedicated to men’s fashion each Monday. We will be highlighting a variety of rotating andric accessories, jewelry for gentlemen and fashion trends that are grabbing attention among modern men.Masculine Monday will focus on a particularly intriguing male accessory, jewelry item or timepiece that we find powerful, unique and vigorous with style. This will be a great spot to find creative gift ideas for the man in your life, to remain in the loop of current fashion trends of modern day men, or to simply spend a moment or two inside a virtual man cave before delving into your day. We are sure that Masculine Monday will be enjoyed by both men and women, and look forward to your feedback, requests and inquiries!

Recent Masculine Monday blogs:

Masculine Monday: The Modern Mans Money Clip!

Modern Mens Jewelery Re-Ignited with Cuff Link Creativity


Feature Friday’s

As our readers wait patiently for the weekend to arrive, the Raymond Lee Jewelers Friday Blog Posts promise to be creative, unexpected and full of life. Each Friday, the Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog will be publishing a Feature Friday item. These items will vary greatly from week to week, as they’ve gone from delicately delightful earrings to strong, statement designer watches. Feature Friday items will be available for purchase through either our storefront location in Boca Raton, or available to order through the Raymond Lee Jewelers eBay Store. Interesting insights and history relating to Feature Friday items will be included, such as the history of the Mobius Strip that inspired the trend of mobius style jewelry. Check in with us before you enjoy your weekend to enjoy these unique pieces, and the fun facts and history that pertain to them! Please let us know what you think each Friday, and feel free to express your personal requests, ask questions or send us your suggestions. We’re more than happy to provide our readers with any additional information and love getting client and reader feedback.
(It makes us feel special.)

Recent Feature Friday blogs: 

Cuervo Y Sorbrinos Grey Alligator Luxury Watch

Designer Mobius Drop Earrings


The Months Most Popular Blogs

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Jennifer Aniston Breaking The Mold, Wearing A Gents Rolex- Florida Jewelry

ALL TIME Most Popular Blogs

Rolex Turn-O-Graph: A History

Cartier Love Bracelets: Authentic Bangles at Amazing Prices! 

Cartier Love Bangle Love Bracelet Sizes

You can find out much more about fashion and jewelry at the  Raymond Lee Jewelers blog.



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We are committed to building upon our level of client personalization in regard to both professional jewelry and watch customized designs, as well as through the utilization of our state-of-the-art laser technology for jewelry and watch repair. The Raymond Lee Jewelers staff includes such specialists as our factory trained CW21 Certified Watchmaker (Igor Polotsky, pictured to the right), as well as a GIA accredited Graduate Gemologist and Professional Custom Jewelery Designer. Headed by 2 generation of family, Raymond Lee Jewelers is dedicated to continuously evolving and growing as an integral jewelry source in Palm Beach County, providing our community with a trusted home to bring jewelry related desires that are considered technically challenging or complex.

Visit the Repairs Page on our website.

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Esquires Most Entertaining Guide to Standing in Front of Mirror

An old pocket gold watch

Vintage Pocket Patch-via Wikipedia

The Most Entertaining Guide to Standing in Front of Mirror.

::::Click Me, Please!:::

This is a wonderful post encore to the supreme Masculine Monday Post belonging to yesterday.  It really is entertaining, and actually chuck full of information. Manly information 🙂

Now, Click it and watch it.

Thanks so much!!!

AlexandraRaymond Lee Jewelers

Masculine Monday: Five Fashion Essentials for Men This Summer

Happy Masculine Monday!

Hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend, and is thus far enjoying their Monday. That said, let’s get things moving with our extra special Masculine Monday…


With Spring nearly over and Summer on the way, today seemed a perfect fit for providing our cherished readers with five fashion essentials for our modern men to sport in the warm weather.

Esquire Magazine Fashion Director Nick Sullivan is one of the most impressive fashion writers in the country, and shared his handsome face and professional style insights on a few specific male necessities for Summer Fashion in 2011. 

→  → 

Watch Nick Sullivan’s televised index of a few select fashion essentials that every stylish man should have this summer.

[— A Jewelry Jotting Notation:

“Nick Sullivan is a fan of ‘TV on the Radio’, which puts him at VIP status in my book.”Alexandra]

are going to snag a few of the essentials proposed by the great Nick Sullivan on Today, simply because they really are essentials, vitals even. These items will help you stay comfortable and stylish, even in the warmest summer months.


The ultimate wardrobe skeleton key for men who want to formalize or ease from a day at the beach to an evening appropriate look is the awesomely unstructured double-breasted unlined jacket. Think of this key wardrobe item as the male equivalent to women’s heels.

These thin, fitted jackets are a quick way to change the dynamic of an average outfit to a fashion forward, comfortable summer ensemble. The variety of unlined jackets available for men today include styles and color palettes to suit each fashion personality type, from the trend-setting fearless men to those who are looking for a more subtle appearance.

With bright colors, textures and vivid patterns leading the pack in this years most popular men’s fashion trends, a lot of you guys are going to have to get brave. And soon. The Esquire Fashion Blog provides the historic undertones and current influences that have let  to the uprising of fashion forward menswear here…

Esquire Style Presents: The American Revolution

The sixty products, places, people, and ideas that are transforming how we dress in 2011

Our top pick among the many brilliantly creative and classically detailed choices for favorite unlined jacket is a piece from the 2011 Men’s Clothing Line by Italian Designer, Luigi Bianchi.

For a stylishly revived summer wardrobe for sun-kissed men, the elegantly tapered jacket designs from the 2011 Men’s Clothing Line by Luigi Bianchi has our first vote. With their 100 year anniversary being celebrated, the jackets in this line are simple, yet incredibly precise in their construction. The result is a purposefully casual, classic appeal.

 Lubiam: 100 and Counting, or L.B.M. 1911

Founded in 1911 by Luigi Bianchi, Lubiam has been making some of the finest tailored tailored clothing in Italy for 100 years.  F/W 2011, and L.B.M. 1911 in general, is all about deconstructing the blazer as much as possible – it’s the definition of dressed down tailoring.


This really is an important one, and I’m glad that someone has finally acknowledged the need for men to have an additional footwear option during the heated months. We are so used to seeing the same flip flops and and alternating sneakers being worn by men in the Summer, it’s almost as if another option hadn’t even been available until now. Men of 2011, ditch those Adidas kicks. Your footwear has officially received an upgrade, a footwear facelift if you will.

The pair of suede summer shoes which Nick Sullivan features on his clip with the Today Show is a perfect example of how to move on from flip flops and tennis shoes in the best way possible. I’m nearly envious of men at this point, as these suede hybrids between a sneaker and a dress shoe provide the overdue option for men’s footwear in Summer.

Grabbing a pair of these off-duty, comfortable yet trendy shoes should be a main priority for men this year. Not only are these styles going to remain popular, but two toned, more embellished variations will be seeping into the fall fashions, as well!

We love the Men’s Authentic Original Suede Boat Shoe from


Growing rapidly in popularity is the high-quality, old-fashioned barber shop close shave. Particularly valuable in the Summer months, when the sun, sweat and heat can cause breakouts and other skin irritations, a perfectly smooth shave will be essential.

For a fun how-to guide on the 4 vital steps to achieving complete facial hair removal, watch this video by Esquire:

How To Shave Your Face  by Esquire

Remember These Simple Steps, and The Perfect Shave is just within reach …

1. Prepare (Use Pre-Shave Oil to Prepare)

2. Lather (Visit for old fashioned shaving cream, oil, etc)

3. Shave (See video for instructions on when to shave with the grain or against)

4. Moisturize!

finito. 😉


Just like Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger, decide that you’re going to make a serious statement. With your shades. This Summer is demanding all men to take a fashion leap with their choice of eyewear.

No more classic stand-by aviators, boys. It’s time to say something. With your eyes. Through what’s covering them, literally. Celebrity-Inspired statement sunglasses are a must have for men in 2011.

Look into some of the great sunglasses of history, like the ones above being worn by Hunter S. Thompson. You will have to find a style that works with the shape of your face, as well as your fashion sense and risk-level preferences.

If this is your first dare-devil approach to statement sunglasses, it’s better to be rational when choosing your shades. Pick up a pair that make themselves known, but that aren’t so loud they wind up staying heated in your glove box through September because you couldn’t quite bring yourself to wear them in public.

  • 5. An Old-Fashioned Timepiece


Mathey Tissot Vintage Watch

Mathey Tissot Vintage 14kt White Gold Diamond Watch

The Fashion Director of Esquire, Nick Sullivan has taken a particularly heightened interest in the new annual trade show of all things jewelry and watch related, BaselWorld.

* * * * An old-fashioned gentlemanly timepiece is a necessity * * * *

In several feature articles,he intricately highlights the timepieces displayed at the Basel Watch Show to be powering a strong return of gentleman’s timepieces and wristwatch designs into modern men’s fashion. The revealed collections at Basel-world greatly occupied a fluidly recognized vintage feel. Thus far, aviation-inspired and early 20th century designs have been creating a strong and positive impact on men’s fashion.

The watches that are growing in nostalgia-fueled popularity in the revealed collections at BaselWorld embody noticeably narrower straps with larger round faces. These WW1-inspired timepieces, which include several pocket watches, are described by Sullivan as a rediscovering a certain nostalgia for the first third of the 20th century.

Tissot Vintage Watch RaymondLeeJewelers EbayStore

Tissot Vintage Watch RaymondLeeJewelers EbayStore

The dressy, yet restrained appearance of the early-20th century inspired wristwatches is expected to lead the way in fashionable watch wear for men. Popularity of timepieces that carry a piece of nostalgia or sentiment with them are on the rise. Don’t forget this one very crucial element to your look this summer.

Well…  Men, and all those who’d like to surprise the men you love with some fashion affection, you’re all set!  Have a wonderful evening.

Raymond Lee Jewelers

[— A Jewelry Jotting Notation:Nick Sullivan is a fan of ‘TV on the Radio’, which puts him at VIP status in my book.” –Alexandra]

TV on the Radio Album: A Triumph of Style (Esquire Fashion Blog)

Mathey Tissot Vintage 14kt White Gold Diamond Watch (

Basel Watch Show: Raymond Weil’s Dressy Discretion (

Mathey-Tissot Collection

Independent Fashion Bloggers Network: The Promise Land, Stylishly Speaking!

While researching various posts, in search of the most engaging material relating to style and glamour, fashion and swagger, the fact quickly became abundantly clear that a network of incredible talents and intelligent minds had joined together in a fantastic fusion.

They are…

Independent Fashion Bloggers!

Now, as we enjoy the immaculate images of Jacklyn Kennedy and Egyptian-Inspired gorgeous accessories by Lillian Crowe. , it is our ultimate pleasure to announce that we have been accepted into this wonderland of fashion and style!

Image Source: OracleFox

the revived style of Jacqueline Kennedy, interpreted by Katie Holmes.

Special Thanks to the Independent Fashion Bloggers Network, Kirsten Morrison, Emily and Indra for reaching out from their fantastic fashion blogs!


Tigers Eye: Fashionable for Fall- designer jewelry

With November about to start I really begin feeling a bit homesick for the days of growing up in the Northeast.  The changing leaves, hot apple cider, and tables set with sweet potatoes, squash and cranberries.  It is really a time for warm rich colors such as burnt umber, crimson and gold. Fashion loves to follow suit as fabrics get heavier and highly textural.  The gemstone world offers us the perfect compliment, Tigers Eye.

Designer Jewelry

Tigers eye is a semi-precious gem that is a member of the quartz family.  What makes Tigers eye different from other

quartz stones is that its not a transparent stone.  It composed of fibrous strands of silica.  When cut these stones are cut well they display a chatoyancy effect that gives it its “eye”.  Since it is reasonably available it can be cut and carved into larger sizes without worry about price though the finest quality can fetch hundreds of dollars per carat.

Many designers have really jumped on the tigers eye trend.  At the forefront is Roberto Coin.  He in fact has produced an entire collection featuring tigers eye called “Claire de Lune” .  This collection features a very large cut piece of tigers eye carved in a curved shape with diamonds around it set in a wide band of gold.  The piece is truly beautiful. This collection is available and a large discount at Raymond Lee Jewelers.  If you have any questions feel free to stop by and ask me or one of my friendly collegues at Raymond Lee Jewelers.- until next time this is Richard your South Florida Jewelry Guru.

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