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Feature Friday: Designer Mobius Drop Earrings

Raymond Lee Jewelers: Feature Friday

18k Yellow Gold Mobius Drop Earrings

The Raymond Lee Jewelers eBay Store offers you a variety of different prices, meant to meet your budget needs. Whether you’re looking to acquire that one specific piece to complete your collection, or if you wish to surprise your spouse with an amazing piece of jewelry – We’ve truly got it all!

We are a Top-Rated eBay Seller with 100% positive feedback.  Raymond Lee Jewelers takes great pride in showing our online customers the same level of professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction that we maintain with our clients at our Boca Raton storefront location.

Today you will find a fantastic pair of Designer 18k Yellow Gold Mobius Drop Earrings available on our eBay store, epitomizing the revived ’70s sophisticate style that is back and better than ever with the current fashion trends of 2011.

These dazzling ear delights have a refined allure, with smooth designs of mesmerizing mobius molding that are both enticingly emblematic and daringly divergent.

Mobius Drop Earrings - 18k Yellow Gold

With mobius jewelry being symbolic of perfect unity and of an absolute “oneness”, these incredible designer earrings would make a thoughtful and treasured gift for the one you love.  The symbolism of unity with mobius designs is derived from the defining attributes of the mobius strip, a  a surface with only one side and only one boundary.

For those of you that are fans of Mathematics and would like to know more about this interesting concept, please follow this link to read more about August Ferdinand Mobius, the German Mathematician who discovered the Mobius Strip in 1858.

Designer jewelry that embodies a planetary perplexity, these earrings are an actualized physical intertwining of philosophy and mathematical certainty.  If only Aristotle could see these…  As it is, you are among the lucky visitors who are being given the sneak peak at these incredible earrings!

Designer 18K Yellow Gold Mobius Earrings at an amazing price of $1,495.00

Designer Signed S.H.L
Material 18kt Yellow Gold
Weight 8.4grams (5.4dwt)
Backs Post and Friction Backs
Measurements 1 1/8″ Long and .75

Raymond Lee Jewelers offers Layaway Plans.

For more information regarding this item, please call 1-(800)-329-GEMS (4367).

The Mobius Strip:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Fridays’ Feature!

-Your Friends at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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