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Opening Day Of The Original Miami Antique Show

Today is opening day of the Miami Beach Antique Show. Our company has been working there for the last two days setting up. We walked the show and found a lot of well priced items for sale. There is plenty of modern and antique jewelry. Not a ton of wrist watches but there are some. Dealers are definitely flexible with their pricing. We have some free passes for the show, if you would like one please call 561-750-7808 and ask for Erin.

The Original Miami Beach Antique Show

This coming week is the Original Miami Beach Antique Show. In our opinion, its one of the best jewelry trade shows of the year. Really great collection of antique jewelry and some really great modern jewelry as well. Raymond Lee Jewelers is set up there, so you can come see us. Because this show is kicking off the new year, it will be a great indication of how this year will be.  The strain on the economy will have the dealers at this show in the mood to sell, which equals great deals for you.   For more information you can visit our site or visit .

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