When Selling Your Scrap Gold…..

 Have you seen advertisers everywhere offering you the best price for your gold? There are a few basic things to know before you rush out and sell your scrap gold. Say gold is $1100 per ounce, and you have used a scale to see how much you have. What you’ve got is around about an ounce so you figure,  I have 1100 bucks here. Thats not the case, most likely you have some 10kt, alittle 14kt, and maybe a piece of 18kt. These are all percentages of 24kt, which is pure. Say your whole pile was 14kt and was exactly an ounce. To figure its full value you need to know the numeric value of 14kt which is 58.5%. So $1100 x 58.5% = $643.5 per ounce for 14kt. Keep in mind, the jeweler or refiner you sell to doesn’t get that full amount so you will get maybe a few points less than that. On top of that if there are stones in the pieces you are selling they must subtract that from the weight. The benefits of going to a jeweler that sells estate jewelry and not just someone that buys scrap is that if there are sellable pieces in your gold jewelry they may pay much more than the gold value because the can clean it up and resell it. To be continued…….

Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Watches VS Buying New

Our stance on the issue as a company is, let someone else take the hit. Buying pre-owned (especially in this economy) just makes sense. Some luxury watch companies retain a great portion of there value and others really don’t. Rolex, retains great value, where a company like Gerald Genta really doesn’t. Its very easy to use a site like Ebay as a reference before buying. Always buy from a company with a great track record and original box and papers are worth a premium.

Certified Diamonds And The Details Of Certificates

Just a little continuation of yesterdays blog. I thought this was real important to add. Diamond certificates list a whole bunch of details in regards to that particular diamond. The measurements, the polish/symmetry amongst other very important details. When comparing “apples to apples” all these details must be similar. A perfect example is, two princess cuts with G.I.A. certificates of the same color and clarity, one of them has a 65% depth percentage and the other 78% depth percentage. The 78% depth is the less desirable stone because it looks smaller than it should (a lot of size is in the depth) where the other stone shows up like it should. In some cases these stones could even be the same price or the deeper stone could be more because they are coming from different vendors. Obviously the better cut stone is the one to go with (unless the deal on the deep one is to hard to pass up). There are many other factors that contribute to the value. I suggest going to G.I.A.’s website for more info. Link below. http://www.gia.edu

Things to know when shopping for a diamond engagement ring

If you are like most guys, you know its hard to select a diamond engagement ring. Some guys pick on there own and other couples pick it together. Whatever you choose to do it is important to know what you are looking at. Obviously diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Some people choose to get more bang for the buck (bigger diamond, lesser quality), and others choose to get a smaller stone with a higher quality. When shopping for any quality its really important to compare apples to apples. That is what brings me to certificates. Diamonds can come with no paperwork, can come with certificates and can come with appraisals. These are obviously all very different.For starters, I don’t suggest buying a diamond with no paperwork period. As far as certificates are concerned, there are hundreds of companies that certify diamonds and jewelry. Only a few are trusted sources. This is what I mean when I say “compare apples to apples”. If you are looking at a 1ct diamond with a G.I.A certificate in one store and find the same quality 1ct diamond in another store with an E.G.L certificate, chances are the E.G.L. should be a lot less expensive. An uneducated consumer would jump on the less expensive. However, if both certificates say the stone is an F VS1 only the G.I.A. is held to the highest standards. E.G.L. can be a few colors and a clarity off thus it should be less expensive. Labs that have grading standards that I agree with include G.I.A. and A.G.S. I could get into a lot more detail here but you can also call me with any questions and I will post more in the near future on the topic. The last item on the list are appraisals. Appraisals are totally different from certificates, don’t get confused. An appraisal is written by an independent and is only an opinion. Its not at all the same as an appraisal. Like I said before, please call me at the store with any and all questions anytime.

Jewelry Industry Information

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