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Masculine Monday: It’s About Time (Pieces)

Time Pieces Today

Today it’s all about men’s time pieces. Refinery 29 features Nic Screws, Esquire‘s Fashion Market Editor dishing her picks for Fall’s hottest watches for women and men. The top watch picks for gents this fall range from the fashion forward Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 16′ Auto Chronograph to the forever classic Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date.

Tag heuer, luxury watch, Aquaracer, autocronograph, raymond lee jewelers

Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 16' Auto Chronograph, $3,550, available at Aol Shopping.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 34mm Steel, Raymond Lee Jewelers, Rolex, Refinery 29

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 34mm Steel

GQ has also been bitten by the Rolex bug, as Ted Stafford names the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Watch of the Week at’s Style headquarters. His take:

“What do I love about this watch most (aside from the fact that Mark Sanchez makes it look so damn good on our September cover)? Its precision-brushed steel bracelet with that edgy green bezel. It’s straight up sophisticated luxury. Jets fan or not I say go for the green, folks.”

rolex submariner, gq, raymond lee jewelers, mark sanchez watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner, Price upon request

Raymond lee jewelers, luxury watch, rolex, rolex submariner, green rolex

A similar style, the Rolex Stainless Steel Submariner Green Bezel 16610 in the Raymond Lee Jewelers Ebay store for $US $6,995.00

Esquire, meanwhile, is all about black ceramic this season, featuring luxury watch brands carried by Raymond Lee Jewelers like Longines, Bell & Ross, Ralph Lauren, IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre, Hublot, and – of course – Rolex.

Rolex, GMT Master II, esquire, raymond lee jewelers

GMT Master II ($7,900) by Rolex

Rolex GMT, Raymond Lee Jewelers, luxury watches, black Rolex

The Rolex GMT Master II, $7,495.00 at Raymond Lee Jewelers

Whichever of fall’s trends you choose to indulge in, you can rest assured that Raymond Lee Jewelers remains South Florida’s number one source for luxury watches both classic and contemporary. And gents, we’re curious – would you prefer to don a watch with a rich, colored face, try the ceramic trend, or stay the classic course with a Rolex? Discuss in the comments below.

Beaded Jewelry – Jewelry Trends of 2011

Beaded anklets & Beaded Jewelry

Ankle bracelets are nothing new, right? So why is the beaded anklets so popular? And really, beaded jewelry altogether is popular right now.

It isn’t just anklets, certainly, beads are EVERYWHERE. Fun, fancy and fabulous. Beads just make jewelry more fun and interesting! Do a quick Google search and you’ll find things like this (courtesy of SWCReations):

Take them in any form or fashion. You can get beads of glass, or metal… plastic, china, pottery… well, you get the point. There’s a huge variety to play with.

In fact, it’s the material of the bead that will dictate the cost. Check out this fun necklace from our eBay store today that illustrates the cool classy of  colored beads ~

14K Yellow Gold Bead and Lapis Endless Strand

14K Yellow Gold Bead and Lapis Endless Strand

A quick look around sites like and others like it reveal products like these: 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

About Us: Raymond Lee Jewelers is one of South Florida’s biggest buyers and sellers of jewelry, always offering the highest, most competitive prices for estate jewelry.

Raymond Lee Jewelers for accessories, luxury watches and beaded jewelry.

Jewelry Appraisal- Appraise! Appraise, and Re-Appraise!

Jewelry Appraisal – Appraise! Appraise! and Re-Appraise!

Have your jewelry appraised! Theft is on the rise and if your jewelry hasn’t been recently appraised, it needs to be! Diamonds, gold and platinum have made huge gains over the last couple of years and if you haven’t had your jewelry updated with your insurance, you could be potentially loosing more than  your jewelry if stolen!

jewelry appraisal

Have You Appraised Your Jewelry Lately?

Diamonds have increased in value almost 50% while platinum and silver have seen historical jumps in value as well.  Once you have had your appraisal, you need to call your insurance agent right way to update and validate the new value of your precious jewelry.  For example, if you paid $5,000 for a diamond necklace more than 5 years ago, it could cost you $10-$15,000 today if you had to replace it!  Of course non of us want to think about our homes being broken into, but it is a common occurrence and we can never be too careful.

Where can you find a reputable appraiser that you can trust?  One suggestion is to go through either THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF JEWELRY APPRAISERS or THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF APPRAISERS. These professionals are considered ethical and are required to be continuously educated.  Or you can go to your Boca Raton, FL own Raymond Lee Jewelers to meet with their own in-house expert and can help guide you to ensure protection and appraisal accuracy.


jewelry appraisal 

Also, please remember to contact your insurance agent to be aware of your insurance policies and making updates to policy to be ensure you are most protected.

By Raymond Lee Jewelers. For information regarding jewelry appraisal!

Automate Your Watermarking Process Tutorial

Please Note: Some of the photos will appear cut-off, so please click on the actual image to get a full view.

This is a continuation from a previous post

In this part of the tutorial you’ll learn how to create an action for watermarking your photos. You can make the process even easier by assigning an F-key to the action so you can watermark your photos with the click of a button. Anyway, this part of the tutorial follows steps 1-7. Once you’re finished completing all the necessary steps here, you can proceed on to step 8.

So, to recap: Follows steps 1-7 on the first tutorial, then once you finish these steps, continue on with step 8 HERE.

Step 7.1:

Make sure your work path path is selected, then click on create new action set, which is the third button from the right (for simplicity I will name it “Watermark Set”). Then, click on create new action set, which is the second button from the right, and assign it an F-key + name. Then hit RECORD.

Step 7.2:

Now, click on the fly-out menu, which is opened by clicking the small icon with 3 lines and arrow. Then click “insert work path”.

Step 7.3:

Now, once you’ve done all of these steps. Continue on to step 8 HERE. I will see you back when you are at the end of Step 15…


Okay, so now that you’ve done ALL that. You can open up your actions palette again and click STOP to stop recording. That’s it! You’re all finished!!

You’ve successfully learned how to watermark your images. Remember, adjust the settings to your preference to get the best looking watermark.
Now, all you have to do is press your assigned F-key each time you want to quickly watermark a photo.

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RLJ Takes on Hong Kong Day 3

SVG map of Hong Kong's administrative districts.
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Good Afternoon!  I am sitting quietly in our hotel lounge relaxing after an amazingly busy morning.   Jeff and I took a short walk outside of our hotel and walked the two blocks to the Jade Market.  I know yesterday I had mentioned that we would be taking a tour but once we realized it was around the corner we decided a tourguide was completely unnecessary.  We walked around a bit and saw mostly the same touristy junk you would expect to see but I remembered I had some gifts to pick up for people so I figured while I am here I might as well.  I saw a really cool piece of jade on a brown leather cord that looked really neat, like something out of an old archeological dig. My friend better like it but if not oh well it was a bargain.

Next we walked into about a dozen stores trying on watches and looking at prices.  We went to one jewelery store that happens to have over a dozen locations (on the same street just alternating sides each block).  The presentation was very formal.  We looked and tried on watches and talked pricing.  I looked at the tag and even though the amount was in Hong Kong Dollars I was still in shock.  Right off the bat the gentleman put into his calculator some numbers and said that after the discount and US dollar exchange this would be the price.  The amount they were discounting was something you would expect at a department store sale that they had every other weekend, so you really couldnt be stunned by their offer.  I have to tell you after working at Raymond Lee Jewelers for the past couple of years I dont think I can go back to that type of environment.  I dont think I would be able to give a customer a price like that and keep a straight face.  The discounts we offer on our new and previously loved watches are beyond generous, and its not for the sake of just making the sale.  We want our customers to be happy so that they come back unlike these stores who want the tourist dollar.

Tomorrow is the first day of the show.  Mainly a day to set up and meet and greet it is our first opportunity to see whats happening in the industry and what the next big trends will be.  More on that tomorrow as jet lag sets in and yours truly is ready to do something he has never done before….nap!

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Father’s Day Gifts!!

Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II, ref. 116...
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With Father’s Day right around the corner, many wonder what to get their dad. Here’s a suggestion for you: get him a watch! What better way to reward the man that has been responsible for being there for you during the best and worst of times.

Reward your father with this two tone Rolex GMT-Master watch or perhaps with this stainless steel Cartier Roadster. Thank him for being the supporting father that has always been there for you.

Perhaps your father isn’t a jewelry man. No worries, make your Father’s Day special by taking your dad out to a special dinner or buying him a card. Just make the effort and your dad will be truly happy! Remind your dad how much you love him this June 20th.

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