Treasure Hunt Makes Boca Raton Family $5000 Richer

jeff josephson, diamond in the city
Raymond Lee Jewelers gave families the opportunity to win a $5,000 dollar necklace on Saturday through the “Diamond in the City” scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt took families to five different locations throughout the beautiful Boca Raton, each location representing a treasure of the city.

Families were led to the locations where, once they arrived, they were given another clue leading them on until finally they would arrive at the end of the hunt! There were prizes along the hunt for everyone who played but there was one lucky family who at the end of the day would possess a one carat princess cut diamond solitaire necklace, courtesy of Raymond Lee Jewelers. And it was no small deal, the prize was valued at 5000-thousand dollars.


It was Sara Strebnik of Coral Springs and her family who ultimately found the one carat diamond. They discovered it in a fish bowl at the Dubliner Pub. “Oh, how I wanted that diamond,” said Sara Srebnik.

Sara fished the diamond right out of the Bio Bubble and into her life and she can thank her husbands familiarity with the town and social websites like Facebook, that originally led her to the event in the first place!

There was no lack of media coverage for this event. Television coverage organized by the International PR firm, Transmedia Group (in cooperation with the city of Boca Raton) opened the flood gates of attention and plenty of excited treasure hunters were loosed on the city. “Fun with a little adventure thrown in is probably the greatest economic stimulus,” said TransMedia President Glen Calder.

The event really came to life with the help of the Boca Raton Police Dept, the Historical Society, the Children’s Museum, Rock Hard Taco and the Dubliner at Mizner Park. What a great infusion of attention to Boca Raton’s historical elements and local businesses this was.

There was something for everyone in the hunt and we hope to see more like it in the future! Fun for the family, the town and the local businesses. Raymond Lee Jewelers, way to go!

By MK, writer for Raymond Lee Jewelers, Boca Raton’s premier Jewelry Store!

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