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Steven Caputi Pleads Guilty, Keeping the Rothstein Story Interesting

As if the towering inferno of controversy surrounding the Scott Rothstein ponzi scheme and upcoming estate auction needed incite, Stephen Caputi certainly secured the flames on June 15, 2011. Caputi plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in relation to the Rothstein ponzi scheme in a Fort Lauderdale court.

The public display of regret by Caputi was a magnet for media attention, which gained momentum throughout the day on Wednesday. An additional Rothstein ponzi scheme guilty plea added fuel to the media fire, as Howard Kusnick plead guilty to the same charge as Caputi in West Palm Beach.

Caputi is a South Florida resident and night club manager. He had been close friends with Scott Rothstein for nearly 20 years before his admitted involvement the ponzi scheme began, involvement for which Stephen Caputi plead guilty to before U.S. District Judge William Zloch in Fort Lauderdale, FL yesterday.

Stephen Caputi

Image Credit: Carey Wagner, Sun Sentinel

Stephen Caputi faces up to five years in prison when sentenced on August 24th. Though he originally plead not guilty to the charges, Caputi expressed a deep regret to Judge Zloch in the admittance of the role he had played in the investment scam.


Caputi admitted to having posed as a banker and as  a plaintiff as part of the grand scale ponzi scam. Scott Rothstein, along with the help of friends like Caputi, would ultimately sell investors interest in a non-existent legal group, who he’d presented as a successful legal firm dealing with sexual-harassment and whistle-blower lawsuits.

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Kat Von D ‘Too Much Drama’ Jesse James Tweets: Is The Inked Up Engagement Over?

Jesse James and Kat Von D 2011

Various reports have been published this month from People and Life & Style Magazine, with conflicting announcements about the engagement between Kat Von D and Jesse James. In fact, since we first reported the engagement back in February the media has announced several splits between the high profile couple. 

Jesse James and Kat Von D are engaged, according to People.

The Engagement Ring: Kat Von D 2011

Almost five months after announcing their engagement, friends tell Life & Style magazine that James has told them the romance is over.

One insider tells the publication, “He says there’s too much drama for him.”

And the reports are supported by tweets James and his inked lady have posted on in the last week.

The roller coaster romance may be just fine, as both have reported separately that rumors of a split ‘couldn’t be further from the truth’ says Kat Von D and James lashes out at the trash talking tabloid rumors. The couple went on a mutually defensive strike Thursday evening, assuring the public that rumors of a split are nothing more than silly.

Kat Von D and Jesse James: June 2011

Now.. A bit about the JEWELRY!

Kat Von D Engagement Ring

The gorgeous vintage engagement ring that Kat has been sporting since early 2011 is a piece from Neil Lane’s archival collection. Lane was quoted earlier this year saying, “She [Kat] absolutely loved her ring.”

US Weekly reported that the ring is a 4 carat-plus platinum and diamond piece, featuring a unique filigree pattern with outer scroll designs. The center stone is surrounded by smaller diamonds, leading out to the vintage filigree pattern. The center stone is surrounded by smaller diamonds and accented by the outer delicate filigree pattern.

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