Raymond Lee Jewelers: Admiration of Jewelry Creation

AuntiesBeads.com features several of these make-it-yourself jewelry how-to guide videos!

It is always an inspiration to watch something that is admirable and unique be created out of thin air, through the combining of talent and ability. Today, we pay a personal homage to the crew of AuntiesBeads.com, a fellow member of NetworkedBlogs!

Our Jewelry Customization Specialist, Richard Resnik has extraordinary talent and incredible flourishing ideas pertaining to his metal work and jewelry design.

It is these personalized touches, these one-of-a-kind items that are truly worth taking a day to admire. Today, we do so by providing our readers with this great video on how you can create a beautiful, perfectly you wrap bracelet, at home.

We certainly hope you enjoy it!

Don’t forget to visit us this weekend at the Barrett-Jackson Auction !

A special message to our RSVP’d attendees of this evenings event:

We look forward to seeing you all tonight at the Children’s Aid Club Event, commencing at 6:30pm and dancing it’s way into 9pm with cocktails, hors d’oeurves and eye candy of glistening jewelry.

Raymond Lee Jewelers is devoted to giving back to our community. We have been committed to benefiting the Children’s Aid Club, having donated an 18kt white gold, diamond-by-the-yard necklace as part of the annual ‘Taste and Tell Luncheon’ for the Children’s Aid Club earlier this year. This event was held on Feb. 11th, 2011 at the home of Harley and Susan Miller, and ultimately raised over $50,000 in funds to help children of the community in need.

We couldn’t be more appreciative of your support and participation in this fabulous event. Raymond Lee Jewelers sincerely thanks you for participating in this entertaining evening. Proceeds will benefit the Children’s Aid Club, a non-profit-organization of volunteers that has done so much for our community of Palm Beach County, FL.

-Your Friends at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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