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Milla Jovovich is the New Face of Jacob & Co.- Watch Sell

Jovovich at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival.

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Fashion Icon: Milla Jovovich becomes Brand Ambassador for Jacob & Co.

Milla Jovovich is a model and actress that has seen her career sky rocket in the last decade. Many of you may know her from The Fifth Element and The Resident Evil series of movies. Milla Jovovich is not your typical Hollywood actress; she immigrated from the Soviet Union at a very early age and started to model at nine to help support her family. Since that early age Ms. Jovovich has worked exhaustively to get her modeling and acting career off the grown, by her late teens she had successfully found her way into many film sets. Today Ms. Jovovich is a multi-millionaire, business entrepreneur and the new face of the luxury jewelry company, Jacob & Co.

It is no wonder that Jacob & Co. chose Milla as their new brand ambassador. Her story of success strongly reflects Jacob and Co. modest origins, both started from humble roots and through hard work  rose to the top. Jacob & Co. was looking for the perfect personality that would closely fit their image: someone who was a sophisticated world traveler, self-accomplished and exudes an assertive feminine personality.

Jacob & Co.  was founded in 1981 by Jacob Arabo, this relatively new NYC based watch company has been a hit with celebrities and watch aficionados alike. Jacob Arabo grew up in Russia and immigrated to the United States as a young boy. Mr. Arabo has always had a strong interest for jewelry and decided to enroll into jewelry design school in order to flame his passion. He graduated top of his class and immediately opened a small both in New York City’s diamond district. His talents did not go unnoticed and soon he was commissioned to design pieces for a number of jewelry brands and private clients.

For over a decade Jacob Arabo was hard at work trying to enlarge his presence in the jewelry industry; he got his big break when he started to designing jewelry and watches for the music industry. Word spread quickly and soon Jacob Arabo was the top jeweler of the music world. Artists loved his unique style and his willingness to experiment with different styles.

Jacob & Co. most successful watch was the Five Time Zone watch, this piece proved very popular as many of Jacob Arabo’s clients often traveled around the world and needed a watch that displayed multiple time zones. Featuring a main dial set to local time and four smaller dials showing the time in New York, LA, Tokyo and Paris. Many models have been released often adjourned with diamonds around the bezel; the case is made in stainless steel, gold or platinum. Each model of this watch comes with different colored bands that can be interchanged easily. Newer collections incorporate Arabo’s singular sense of style and truly beautiful wristwatches.

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