Bedat & Co. No 8 Limited Edition Watch- Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Earlier today I wrote an article describing the growing trend towards more classic and slimmed down watches. In the past we have written countless articles on larger and thick cased timepieces, today instead I wanted to shine a light on a magnificent midsized watch. Bedat & Company have  released a limited edition watch called the No. 8 model number878.410.313.

This is truly a beautiful watch it has an 18 carat rose gold case, a unique black sunburst patterned dial, and rose gold markers. Like many classic midsized timepieces the dial has only a few features; there is the name of the brand on top with the, “Geneve” underneath it. The dial also has a seconds sub dial with the words, “limited edition” in the middle. My favorite feature of this wristwatch is the hand-woven alligator strap which you rarely see anymore and makes this watch really stand out.

Bedat & Company is a relative newcomer on the Swiss watch market that specializes in feminine luxury timepieces. Bedat & Co. is well known for mixing a contemporary modern look with a traditional art deco spirit. Many of their watches are crafted from stainless steel and feature diamonds set in the bezel. Founded in 1996 by Simone Bédat and her son Christian Bédat, Bedat & Co. has had a roller coaster story of success. Watch Repair.

Simone Bedat started her career at Lang SA a watch case manufacture in Switzerland; it is here that she gathered the majority of her expertise and experience that would eventually lead her to open her own company. Simone Bedat was head clerk at the age of 18 and worked for Lang SA for ten years until she moved on to Camy Watch Company in Geneva.

While working for Camy Simone Bedat worked closely with fellow entrepreneur Raymond Weil, they eventually both left Camy to create Raymond Weil watches in 1975. In 1996 Ms. Bedat decided it was her time to branch off on her own and created Bedat & Co. with her son, Christian. Their first collection featured classic timepieces that were made with Swiss precision and parts.

The models N°3, N°7.Ref. 304 and Ref. 314 were big hits and solidified Bedat & Co. place in the Swiss watch market. They only grew over the next four years attracting the attention of Gucci who acquired 85% of the business in 2000. Today Bedat & Co. is owned by a Malaysian based company called LuxuryConcepts Timepieces and continues to release beautiful watches with Swiss parts at a reasonable price.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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