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Most Stunning Jewelry at the Oscars?- Sell Gold

Sell Gold

Sell Gold

This year’s Oscars was pretty lackluster compared to previous years; between hosts James Franco’s barely disguised disdain for the entire event,  no surprise wins (Social Network was largely ignored) and the painfully middle of the road jokes, this year’s Oscars was one of the worst in recent memory. It seem the red carpet is one of the last vestiges of hope we have for actual entertainment on Oscar night. Luckily Hollywood’s top celebrities did not let me down as they were wearing jewelry that was truly stunning and was definitely worth watching. Sell Gold.

Perhaps the most stunning display of jewels was worn by actress Amy Adams, who is famous for her role in Enchanted and Julie & Julia. Ms. Adams was wearing an amazing $1.35 million dollars worth of gems from Cartier. On her wrist was a platinum, diamond and emerald haute joaillerie secret watch bracelet, worth $1.025 million. On her  other wrist she was sporting a 30.75 carat carved emerald bracelet adorned with 575 diamonds. The final touch on this masterpiece of decadent jewels was a pair of of platinum and diamond 2 carat stud earrings, worth approximately $35,000. Amy Adams was definitely channeling her princess character from Enchanted.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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