Colored Gemstones Rising in Popularity- Collateral Loan

Every season we here at Raymond Lee Jewelers get a first hand look at the different trends that are sweeping through the jewelry market. This season we are seeing customers flock to our wonderfully priced colored gemstones. Our 3200 square foot showroom has a wide verity of new and vintage jewelry pieces that are set with exquisite colored gems. Lots of our customers are buying sterling silver pieces adorned with either radiate blue sodalite, rich red garnet or vibrant green amethyst gemstones. Rose or pink gold looks great with colored gems as well, a rose gold ring with a large colored gem has a great classic look. These popular gems are very affordable and can really make your favorite spring outfit pop. Collateral Loan.

Collateral Loan

Princess Dia's Ring

The popularity of this new trend can be attributed to the recent actions of a few celebrities, most notably Kate Middleton. The princess-to-be was proposed to by Prince William and was presented with Princess Diana’s old ring. This ring features a brilliant 18 ct. blue sapphire center stone surrounded by colorless diamond accents in platinum. Some other celebrities that are using colored gems in their engagement rings are Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson whose engagement ring has 4-carat, oval-shaped ruby stone flanked by two diamonds. Many brides to be are rushing to get their own custom-made rings with colored gems; a service that we offer here at Raymond Lee Jewelers!

Collateral Loan

From Chanel's Mademoiselle Line

Designers have taken note and are starting to incorporate colored gemstones into their newest collections as well. Brumani Melange released an 18k gold ring with diamonds, pink quartz, rose de France amethyst, citrine and garnets. David Yurmans new Confetti necklaces have blue topaz, citrine and many pieces featuring Tiger’s Eye. Chanel’s Mademoiselle and Coco collection has many pieces that uses colored stones in its pieces. One such ring from this line is 18K pink gold and has colored sapphires, colored stones, a fresh water pearls and a diamond. Raymond Lee Jewelers is one of the largest buyers of pre-owned jewelry so there is a great chance for you to get the these same designer pieces at a fraction of the price.

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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