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The Most Wanted Rolex Presidents- Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Rolex Super President

Rolex is one of the top brands in the luxury watch market and is known for their exceptional quality.  One of Rolex’s most popular models is the President or Day-Date; popularized by both politicians and movie stars, the President has become a symbol of wealth and power. The President has undergone only slight changed over the years. The  hack feature was introduced which allowed the second hand to be stopped instantly. Another feature that was added over the years was the “Quickset” feature, this allowed the wearer to change the date by pulling the button out half way and turning it. A great improvement over the old method where the crown would have to be turned round and round in order to manipulate the date.  Besides these internal changes the President is still holds the classic beauty that originally made it a hit among consumers. Watch Repair.

Raymond Lee Jewelers has always had a hard time keeping our Rolex President in stock especially since our Rolexs on sale are far below their retail value. Here are the top five most popular Rolex President models:

1. Men’s silver dial beadset bezel Rolex Datejust Super President
2. Men’s champagne dial Rolex Day Date President
3. Men’s champagne stick dial Rolex Day Date President
4. Ladies champagne dial Rolex Super President
5. Ladies mother-of-pearl dial Rolex Super President

-Carlos at Raymond Lee Jewelers

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